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An exciting new project for you all to enjoy!

Of course we all love being able to be instantly connected to talented and caring steemians all around the world. We also like to team up to combine our efforts and accomplish things that we could never do on our own. Today, we are pleased to present a new project.


For those of you who do not know. @papa-pepper has been releasing an original novel titled "LOVE, Like His" on steemit. I originally started the book many years ago, and still have a few chapters to finish. It has been some time since I posted a chapter, but steemians like @gregory-f and @verbal-d are really enjoying it.

I'll get the last few chapters out eventually, but today you are in for a treat. Recently, @verbal-d and @papa-pepper decided to combine our efforts and release an audio version of the book. Today, we bring you the first chapter.

For those of you who prefer to read or even to follow along, here is the link to the original Chapter One post from ten months ago.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy it. Stay tuned for the next installment, and for those of you who do not already do so, please follow @verbal-d and support his other efforts! He is a true Brother and friend of mine!

Until next time…

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Very cool. I was hoping you hadn't forgotten about this story with all your other projects. Looking forward to the next chapter.

I'll write up the last few soon enough! Thanks @gregory-f!

Thank you for your support, his story is indeed amazing

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and a book writer @papa-pepper ? How many tools on that tool belt you got? lol

He is multi-talented that's sir p.

Tools? LOL - Thanks @streetstyle!

I used to be a mechanic and still occasionally build things, so I look at abilities, trades, and/or skills as tools I guess.

I was more referring to the fact that I do not have any real skills. Skills and abilities are tools, so I understand that.

Thanks for everything @streetstyle!

Yeah he is a jack of all trades and skilled in many :)

Wow, subscribed to this for sure sir p.

Very cool, glad to hear it @destinysaid!

Thanks for the support, we are glad you liked the audiobook :)

Cool! Now I'll have to find and reactivate my Sound Cloud account!

I think you can just click on the link above otherwise. I do not have a soundcloud account myself.

I'll try that! Our lights just came back on... Big storm last night!!! They went off just after midnite... No computer Grrrrrr!

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That's perfect news to hear, thank you for your comment, we are glad you are enjoying the audiobook, I also have my music on

Do you also do music?

im gonna have to check this out man

Great. I still have to try to record my rap too!

We hope you enjoy this audiobook, I'll be sure to enter your next contest, super excited about the rap challenge.

@verbal-d im sure i will man, i took a quick listen it was sounding good. Thanks for doing stuff like this you guys are great, and i can't wait to hear you in the rap challenge! @papa-pepper came a lil late but his submission was bonkers, i hope he comes back ;-) ..

Tomorrow is the next one verbal, should be lots of fun. thanks for supporting brotha!

Oh that is exciting to hear! I can't wait to enter in, rap is a big part of who I am for sure, I would love to participate and share some positive lyrics and good vibes to your contest. You're most welcome! Thank you

Wow, that's fantastic @papa-pepper, so many hats on one head. Excited to read the chapter and great collaboration.

Thank you!

Thanks very much, so glad you are excited, his novel is amazing.

upvoted to the fullest! stoked on this!

Glad to hear! Thanks!

Thanks bro, so glad you are stoked, that's great to see :)

Very nicely done! I would definitely give that a read (the whole book of course). Very nice way to start a story! I hope to see more of it!

Cool, thank you man!

Yes sir!

Thank you very much for your nice comment, the entire book is a great masterpiece from @papa-pepper. Glad you enjoyed the audiobook reading :)

Of course. No problem. 😀 @papa-pepper is a jack of all trades. Lol.

Well, this is downright cool. So many projects happening on Steemit these days. Many inspired by this very channel.

Thanks man! I saw that song for your daughter too! That was great, good interaction going on here.

Yes, that was really cool what she did. Her post received lots of upvotes too. It's solid proof of what you can do on this platform with solid interaction and genuine kindness.

Thanks so much, glad you found this cool, the collaborative possibilities on here are indeed inspiring :)

It's the second and third principle of steemit at work...
*Second Principle: All forms of capital are equally valuable
*Third Principle: The community produces products to serve its members
You two have capital that is equally valuable. @papa-pepper has the story and your capital is the great voice you have. Together you two are producing very valuable content for the community. It's very awesome to see.

Thank you so much for you extremely kind comment, we are glad to give back to the community and share our ideas.

always proving us with good tips and interesting posts on a daily basis-thanks buddy.

Interesting random posts on the daily. You never know what to expect next!

keep up the good work, quite interesting

papa-pepper is a great man, glad you find our audiobook interesting :) thank you

I are welcome

I like the recording quality and the timbre of your voice. Nice work.

@verbal-d did an excellent job with the recording. I too was impressed.

Thank you very much I really appreciate you listening, @papa-pepper wrote a wonderful novel, makes it easy for reading.

mmm I will stick to the audio version

I am glad that you now have that option thanks to some help from my Brother @verbal-d!

amen. thanks a lot @verbal-d!

You are most welcome, thank you as well :)


Love you @papa-pepper you r amazing😘👍

Thank you so much!

That's very kind of you, thanks for checking out our audiobook, papa-pepper is such a good guy

Nice project you got in to your hands bro, 100% support for you!

Thank you so much for your support, we hope you enjoy the audiobook. :)

Now I know what I'll be listening to on my next trip ;)

Might want to wait for a few more chapters... or it will be one short trip (or just really repetitious!)

That's a very important thing to point out, thanks :P I will wait for at least a few more chapters then.

That is great to hear, we will be rolling out more chapters very soon, glad you are enjoying it so far. Thank you

I haven't actually heard it yet, I just have it in my to-listen list. I think I'll get to it when there are more chapters as @papa-pepper suggest, but I surely think it's a great idea.

That's so cool to hear, we hope you enjoy the audio book, we will be rolling out the chapters quickly, thanks for your support

Sure thing!