The October Murders :: 50 Word Short Story

in fiction •  2 months ago

And in the midst of a multitude of distractions, @jayna wields her multitasking skills to offer us a new prompt in her 50 Word Short Story Challenge.

This time around, we're offered the prompt of: pumpkin



It's hard to carve a pumpkin and not think of the brutality of the act of cutting clean flesh and removing soft guts. It's dark and gruesome. Won't someone think of the families of pumpkins broken apart by our fleeting seasonal attraction to their murders?

Hypocritical disclaimer: I love pumpkin pie, and would eat it even if the pie was crying and its tears soaked the sweet graham cracker crust.

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I, for one, find it faster to just cook them whole in a hot oven, listening to the little screams as the steam of their boiling innards jets out of their crisped skins.

Behold, my innocent victims, helplessly awaiting their demise...


sets down his forkful of pumpkin pie and backs away, crying

I'm glad you included the pumpkin image, because you were going down a road filled with all kinds of wrong up to that point.



Augh!!! Pumpkin murder!! Oh @negativer, thank you for your sardonic wit. This is completely nuts, and I love it.


Ha, thanks @jayna! I need to get back into the habit of doing these. I think the minor bits of brainstorming for these little stories helps keep the imagination arteries of the brain from becoming clogged and atrophied.


Yes, they are the statin drug of the writing world. Ha ha. I'm glad you're back! The really neat thing is that several people have developed ideas for longer stories in this process. I love that!

Well then, now how am I suppose to go pumpkin craving this weekend?


Just close your eyes and look away from the horror, and pray you do not dream.

Hah. I love it. I swear I wrote mine before yours--mine was in for edits this morning but won't go out until tomorrow.


Death fills our hearts this week. Pumpkin death, that is.

You are such great storyteller and a visual artist @negativer, even with just 50 words. Great job!


Thanks! :)

Lol poor pumpkins :'( Now I want the story of the pumpkin uprising...


Maybe jayna will give me the opportunity next week so the pumpkins can have their revenge :)

Genius!! I especially loved the line in your follow up " I love pumpkin pie, and would eat it even if the pie was crying"

Great take on the prompt!


Ha, excellent, thanks for reading!

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3


A brutal story with a happy ending!

I think you're on a (pumpkin) roll... ;)



Hard to put oneself on someone else's shoes, especially if that someone else is delicious.


lols. That's probably the same justification that cannibals use :)