Short Sci-Fi Story - Sky People (ENGLISH/TURKISH)

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The Indian girl who reached me on Linkedin stated that a businessman named Hugh Grosvenor Jr wanted to meet me in London. We started texting with the girl.

-What will our meeting be about?

-He wants to consult with you about the sky people.

-Wouldn't it be possible for him to come to Istanbul?

-Such a thing is not possible.

-My medical condition is not suitable for long journeys. Let me not give you a clear answer for now. I'il evaluate the subject and let you know in a few days.

-Yeah, I thought I was.…

-You seem so surprised, may I ask why?

-I'm guessing you'd be offered a very generous offer, and I thought you'd be happy to welcome the news.

-I don't know Hugh Grosvenor Jr. Is he famous?

-Yeah, he's one of England's most successful business people. He is considered to be one of the fathers of artificial intelligence.

-I'd be honored to meet him. You can report to Mr. Grosvenor that I will visit him in London.

I didn't go to London using the hyper tunnel because the thought of being under the ground didn't make me feel good. A three-hour plane ride was a preferable option. Still, as soon as I stepped on the plane, my heart was pounding. I was dizzy. I barely pushed myself into my seat. At least I didn't faint, I'd probably love it if I went into the hyper tunnel. I'd like to take a selfie with one of the richest men in the world, Mr. Grosnevor, and send it to my mother. Although I had my own place in the intellectual environment by writing seven books about sky people, nobody in my family appreciated me, especially my mother. As one of the country's well-known authors, I barely feed my stomach with the money I earn. What a brilliant student I was once, if I was a faculty member at a university, at least I'd be a professor by now my mother argued.


Fortunately, there were people in the world who valued information like Mr. Grosvenor. It would be nice if these wise people were in Istanbul and I didn't have to travel. As soon as the wheels of the plane were hit by the London Heathrow Airport, I took everything I had eat and drink. Because I knew myself well, I had my bag in my hand, hoping that I'd give the environment less discomfort.

Mr. Grosvenor, who met me at the door of his office, was a man with red hair with sharp facial lines. He looked too tired not to be expected of a billionaire, with purple circles under his eyes. “Thank you for accepting my invitation,” he said. “Thank you for taking care of my work,” I replied. “I have a problem that I need to solve urgently: my son is sick, he is dying. I haven't been able to solve my son's illness. I'm running out of time. Despite my generous donations, the clinics that specialize in the subject can't cure his problem." He projected his son's picture on the wall of the office. Junior Grosnevor, a 10-to 11-year-old child, was a copy of his father.

-I'm sorry.

-It's meaningless to be sad. We have to solve the problem.

-I can't make the connection.

-What do you think is the only key that unlocks every door in the world?

-Intelligence, of course.

-Bravo, if the doctors and researchers I've supported for years with generous donations were more intelligent, they would have taken care of my son's illness.

-It will take a long time to educate any of the sky people about this disease, and they are not interested in practical matters.

-Computers can be trained very quickly, but they're not creative.

-With the help of sky people, you want to find a cure for your son's illness through a new artificial intelligence developed. You expect me to help you convince one or more of the sky people.

-Yeah, we're going to orbit with you tomorrow and visit Petra.

-My health doesn't allow me to travel long distances. I can only help you with remote access.

-The whole plan was based on going to Petra with you.

-I pass out when I push myself too hard on the trip.

-I knew your situation, we're ready, don't worry.

I had not even been half an hour since we met, and I had been able to drink some colorful liquids from Mr. Grosvenor's doctor's hand, which I didn't know what it was. The doctor told me how he prepared each of the active ingredients contained in liquids, like a cooking program server, and how to get benefits from them. As the doctor's narrative progressed, I learned that there were a large number of substances in the liquids used in the treatment of psychotic disorders that I happily roused because they were presented in small shot glasses. I was wondering how all the drugs I drank would have an effect on me.

I didn't have to wait long to feel the effects of the drugs. First, I felt a wave of power rising from my spinal cord to my shoulders. Then, accompanied by a slight tinnitus, my vision became sharpened. A few minutes later, my mind began to engage in crazy daytime dreams. I asked the doctor to show me a place to lie down. I fell asleep on the stretcher in the infirmary, making a soft transition from day to night dreams.

The next morning, Mr. Grosvenor and I were in a vigorous and restful state. The drugs I took the other day made me nervous and made my mind sharp like a knife. “Can I get information on our schedule today and my duties?” I asked him. “Soon we will fly to Virgin Galactic's space port in New Mexico, USA, on my private jet. A space shuttle will take us to Petra.” “Petra doesn't accept visitors as far as I know.” ”They didn't turn anyone out the door until now." "No one has ever been on their doorstep without permission. You have an original way of thinking”. ”I take this as a compliment."

As soon as we left London to fly to the United States, Mr. Grosnevor kept asking me about the sky people. It was obvious that he didn't want to waste a minute of the trip.

“First of all, let me draw you a general framework. As you know, we call individuals with extraordinary mental abilities as sky people. Sky people can have features such as communicating through telepathy, imitating someone else's personality, making prophecies, detecting minor changes in emotions. Of course, some members of sky people doesn't have any of these features. Three years ago, all of the sky people moved to Petra, which was founded near the top of the Shanghai space elevator.” Mr. Grosvenor intervened and asked, “Didn't anyone object to this forced migration?” . “Sky people need each other to socialize. Interacting with ordinary people doesn't satisfy them. Even if there was such an objection, it was not reflected to the public. As you know, there are nineteen sky people in total and all of them have been transferred to Petra.” “Who selects sky people, what kind of choice are they subjected to?”. “The first choice was made by the Future Foundation. They have not received any new members yet, the oldest of the elected members was 37 years old. The selection was based on G, the common denominator of multiple intelligence types and the ability to perform extraordinary work requiring superior creativity.” Mr. Grosvenor approached the information with the appetite of the lion who wanted to smash his prey and bring it down to the stomach as soon as possible. “You have spoken of telepathy, prophecy, imitation of self, perception of tone differences in emotions, how are these things happening?” he asked me. “Just as through our neocortex, we have abstract thinking and conceptualization skills that animals do not possess, sky people can have extraordinary features as a byproduct of their higher mental capacities.” "How did they reach that mental capacity?”. “There are various narrations in this regard; In China, in the 2020s, a program created containing elements such as the artificial fertilization of eggs and sperms from distinguished individuals, the regulation of gene sequences in the early embrio stage, supporting the formation of grey matter in the brain during pregnancy with chemicals. In addition, gifted young people who are candidates for celestial people are being passed special trainings in sky academy"

When the wheels of the jet touched the runway of the New Mexico space port dedicated to private planes, I emptied the liquid in my stomach onto the mahogany lined coffee table in front of me. Mr. Grosnevor asked the hostess to clean up. I said, “I'm sorry to contaminate your jet, I didn't take precautions because I thought the drugs were working.” "The drugs were to convince you to travel, " said Mr. Grosnevor. “We see that they're not working, can I go home now?”.“People are paying half a million dollars in their pockets for the journey we're about to leave,” Mr. Grosnevor said in a determined statement on his face. “I can't come with you, I can die,” I said. “I would do anything to heal my son. Please don't make me take any other precautions.” It was understood that Mr. Grosnevor was very determined to take me away.


I was trembling as if I had malaria while I was holding up to the elevator to get to the space shuttle. I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror. My shoulders fell down, my face was white like paper, and I clung tightly to the railing of the elevator. We went straight from the elevator to the shuttle's passenger lounge. There were two large seats in the hall that were placed at ninety degrees angle with each other. I was so glad I could throw myself in one of the seats before I fainted. Mr. Grosnevor didn't seem very interested in me. He was transmitting some information I didn't know about on the tablet in front of him through his head cap. In half an hour, the rocket beneath us exploded with a huge noise and we began to be pushed upwards with a very strong acceleration. The last thing I remember about the takeoff was that I felt like I was queasy, and then I fainted. When I woke up, I said to Mr. Grosnevor, “I wish we'd gone in a space elevator, at least there wasn't a blast from the rocket and a tremor”. "The elevator is in maintenance", said Mr. Grosvenor.

I was so excited to see Petra from the spaceship's passenger monitor. The city in the form of a flattened hemisphere was resembling a gigantic ghost in the dark space. As Mr. Grosvenor predicted, we had no difficulty entering Petra. When we approached the city, we entered a giant hangar with various spacecraft in it through the big door that opened itself. All the work was done by androids in the hangar. Since the artificial gravity in Petra is less than earth, they put magnetic boots on our feet so we could move easily. A white-bodied Android with a long neck resembling the swan accompanied us to the sterilization room. Mr. Grosvenor asked how the sky people spent their days when necessary procedures were being carried out on us. "Sky people are not subject to a compulsory day schedule. They don't try to make money or innovate in a specific area of expertise. It is thought that their expertise on any subject will kill their creativity, and their numbers are too small for such a division of labor. Nobody tells them what to do. As far as I know, they are expected to produce new questions rather than answers”. "They would be very useful in the field of artificial intelligence which is my specialty," Mr. Grosvenor said in a thoughtful voice. After the sterilization procedures were completed, we went to a ground-level by elevator.

Petra's artificial sky resembled an art gallery with colourful clouds of paintings on them. I took my cell phone off and threw my hand over Mr. Grosvenor's shoulder and pulled a selfie with clouds in the background. Mr. Grosvenor has been very disappointed in my behavior, but he didn't make a sound. Moving through the trees, we came to the front of a building built in Renaissance architecture. White-bodied Android has left us saying "Belinda waiting for you upstairs,". Belinda was a pale-skinned woman with the icy blue eyes. Her long blond hair was messy. In spite of the plain clothes and the skinny body, the insightful expression on her beautiful face made her attractive. Silence was not broken for a long time after we entered the room and sat down. Even though Mr. Grosvenor and Belinda did not mention anything at all, their facial expressions were constantly changing. After a while, I realized they were communicating through telepathy. Mr. Grosvenor took out his cell phone and showed Belinda a picture of his son. Belinda's blue eyes were full of tears. It's the first time I've seen a light of hope in Mr. Grosvenor's eyes. Whatever Belinda told him, he pointed outside with his finger. Before we left, I said to Belinda, “thank you for accepting us.” She probably red my mind, nodding her head, said she accepted my thanks. Mr. Grosvenor was in a hurry, he pulled me out of my arm and said, “We have to go now.” As soon as I got out of the building, I said, “I didn't know you had telepathy skills.” “I didn't know either, I've never met a person on this frequency before.” “Will she help?” "I don't know." “Sky people have developed Petra's mainframe computer so much that they have become dysfunctional compared to it. As I understand it, this computer named Aristotle is making decisions now.” ”He can take care of your son's illness." "Yes if we can persuade him."


The servers where Aristotle's main program code was located were in the building called the sky academy. We passed through a small grove surrounded by flowering gardens and reached the courtyard of the sky academy. Mr. Grosvenor began to speak through telepathy with the sphere flashing hundreds of thousands of colored pixels in the top of the building. Unlike what he did with Belinda, this conversation lasted a long time. I understand from his face that Aristotle refused to help Mr. Grosvenor. At one point of the interview, Mr. Grosvenor sat on the ground. So I imitated him. Mr. Grosvenor should still be trying to convince Aristotle to treat his son. In about ten minutes, he pulled me out of my arm and said, “we can go.” "Will he work on the treatment “ I asked. Mr. Grosvenor then hugged me and said, “Thank you, my friend.” "How did you convince him?” I asked. ” I told him that because of my inventions in the field of artificial intelligence, I could be considered his father. “

As soon as I got to the internet on my way back, I sent my mother the selfie I took in Petra. She should be proud of his son. I've decided that my new book is called The Celestial God, Aristotle.

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Kısa Bilimkurgu Öyküsü: Gök İnsanları

Linkedin üzerinde bana ulaşan Hintli kız, Hugh Grosvenor Jr ismindeki bir adamın benimle Londra’da görüşmek istediğini iletti. Kızla mesajlaşmaya başladık.

-Görüşmemizin konusu ne olacak?

-Gök insanları hakkında sizden danışmanlık almak istiyor.

-Onun İstanbul’a gelmesi mümkün olmaz mı?

-Böyle bir şey söz konusu olamaz.

-Sağlık durumum uzun yolculuklar yapmaya uygun değil. Yine şimdilik net bir yanıt vermiş olmayayım. Konuyu değerlendirip size kararımı birkaç gün içinde bildiririm.

-Öyle mi, ben sanmıştım ki…

-Çok şaşırmış gibisiniz, nedenini sorabilir miyim?

-Size çok cömert bir teklifte bulunacağını tahmin ediyorum, haberi sevinçle karşılayacağınızı düşünmüştüm.

-Hugh Grosvenor Jr’ı tanımıyorum. Ünlü biri galiba.

-Evet, kendisi İngiltere’nin en başarılı iş insanlarından biridir. Dünyada yapay zekânın babalarından biri olarak kabul edilir.

-Kendisiyle tanışmaktan onur duyacağım. Bay Grosvenor’a kendisini Londra’da ziyaret edeceğimi bildirebilirsiniz.

Toprağın altında olma düşüncesi bende iyi duygular uyandırmadığı için Londra’ya hiper tünelle gitmedim. Üç saat sürecek bir uçak yolculuğu daha tercih edilir bir seçenekti. Yine de uçağa ayak basar basmaz kalbim hızla çarpmaya başladı. Başım fena halde dönüyordu. Düşmemek için sağa sola tutunarak kendimi koltuğuma zor attım. En azından bayılmadım, hiper tünele girsem kesin bayılırdım. Bu zorlu uçak yolculuğunu göze almamın sebebi, dünyanın en zengin adamlarından biri olan Bay Grosnevor ile bir selfie çekilip anneme göndermek istememdi. Gök insanları hakkında yedi kitap yazarak entelektüel çevrede kendimce bir yer edinmiş olmama rağmen, başta annem olmak üzere, ailemde kimse beni beğenmiyordu. Ülkenin tanınan simalarından biri olmak şöyle dursun, kazandığım parayla karnımı zor doyuruyormuşum. Zamanında ne parlak bir öğrenciymişim, bari bir üniversitede öğretim üyesi olsaymışım, şimdiye en azından profesör olurmuşum.

Neyse ki dünyada Bay Grosvenor gibi bilgiye değer veren insanlar da vardı. Bu insanların tamamı İstanbul’da olsa ve ben seyahat etmek zorunda kalmasam ne iyi olurdu. Uçağın tekerlekleri Londra Heatrow Havaalanı’nın pistine değdiği anda yolda yiyip içtiğim her şeyi çıkarttım. Kendimi iyi tanıdığım için torbam elimdeydi, torba sayesinde çevreye daha az rahatsızlık verdiğimi umuyorum.

Beni çalışma odasının kapısında karşılayan Bay Grosvenor keskin yüz hatları olan kırmızı saçlı bir adamdı. Bir milyarderden beklenmeyecek kadar yorgun görünüyordu, gözlerinin altında mor halkalar oluşmuştu. “Davetimi kabul ettiğiniz için teşekkür ederim” diyerek söze girdi. “Çalışmalarımla ilgilendiğiniz için asıl ben teşekkür ederim” diye cevap verdim. “Acilen çözmem gereken bir problemim var: Oğlum hasta, ölüyor. Oğlumun hastalığına ilişkin problemi yıllardır çözemiyorum. Zamanım çok daraldı artık. Yaptığım cömert bağışlara rağmen konunun uzmanı olan klinikler derdime çare olamıyor”. Oğlunun resmini çalışma odasının duvarına yansıttı. 10-11 yaşlarında bir çocuk olan oğul Grosnevor babasının kopyası gibiydi.

-Çok üzüldüm.

-Üzülmenin faydası yok. Problemi çözmeliyiz.

-Aradaki bağlantıyı kuramıyorum.

-Dünyadaki her kapıyı açan tek anahtar nedir sizce?

-Zekâ elbette.

-Bravo, yıllardır cömert bağışlarla desteklediğim hekim ve araştırmacılar daha zeki olsalardı, oğlumun hastalığının çaresini bulmuşlardı.

-Gök insanlarından herhangi birini bu hastalık konusunda eğitmek çok uzun zaman alacaktır, zaten onlar pratik meselelerle ilgilenmezler.

-Bilgisayarlar çok hızlı eğitilebiliyorlar, ama yaratıcı değiller.

-Yanlış anlamıyorsam gök insanlarının yardımıyla yapay zekâyı geliştirmek ve geliştirilen bu yeni yapay zekâ aracılığıyla oğlunuzun hastalığına çare bulmak istiyorsunuz. Benden beklentiniz de gök insanlarından biri ya da birkaçını ikna etmenize yardımcı olmam.

-Evet, yarın sizinle birlikte yörüngeye çıkıp Petra’yı ziyaret edeceğiz.

-Sağlık durumum böyle bir yolculuğa elvermiyor. Size ancak uzaktan erişimle yardımcı olabilirim.

-Tüm plan Petra’ya sizinle birlikte gitmemiz üzerine kuruldu.

-Kendimi yolculuk konusunda çok zorladığımda bayılıyorum.

-Durumunuzu biliyordum, hazırlıklıyız, merak etmeyin.

Tanışmamızın üzerinden henüz yarım saat bile geçmemişken, Bay Grosvenor’in özel doktorunun elinden, ne olduğunu bilmediğim rengârenk sıvılar içer duruma gelmiştim. Doktor bir yemek programı sunucusu gibi, sıvıların içerdiği etkin maddeleri, her birini nasıl hazırladığını ve onlardan ne gibi faydalar elde edeceğimi ballandırarak anlatıyordu. Doktorun anlatımı ilerledikçe, küçük shot bardakları içinde sunulduğu için keyifle yuvarladığım sıvılarda, psikotik hastalıkların tedavisinde kullanılan çok sayıda etken madde bulunduğunu öğrendim. Rengine, tadına, sunum biçimine kanıp içtiğim onca ilacın bende nasıl bir etki yaratacağını çok merak ediyordum.

İlaçların etkisini hissetmek için uzun süre beklemek zorunda kalmadım. İlkin omuriliğimden omuzlarıma doğru yükselen bir güç dalgası hissettim. Ardından hafif bir kulak çınlaması eşliğinde görüşüm keskinleşti. Birkaç dakika sonra zihnim çılgın gündüz düşleriyle meşgul olmaya başladı. Doktordan bana uzanacak bir yer göstermesini rica ettim. Gündüz düşlerinden gece düşlerine yumuşak bir geçiş yaparak revirdeki sedyenin üzerinde uyuyakaldım.

Ertesi sabah Bay Grosvenor da ben de dinç ve dinlenmiş bir haldeydik. Önceki gün aldığım ilaçlar sinirlerimi yatırtırmış, zihnimi bir bıçak gibi keskin hale getirmişti. “Bugünkü programımız ve üzerime düşen görevler konusunda bilgi alabilir miyim?” diye sordum. “Birazdan özel jetimle Virgin Galactic’in ABD New Mexico’daki uzay limanına uçacağız. Oradan kalkacak bir uzay mekiği bizi Petra’ya taşıyacak”. “Petra bildiğim kadarıyla ziyaretçi kabul etmiyor”. “Bugüne dek kimseyi kapıdan geri çevirmediler”. “Daha önce kimse izin almadan kapılarına dayanmamıştır. İlginç bir düşünce yapınız var”. “Bunu bir iltifat olarak kabul ediyorum”.

ABD’ye uçmak üzere Londra’dan havalandığımız anda Bay Grosnevor beni gök insanları hakkında soru yağmuruna tuttu. Yolculuğun bir dakikasını bile boş geçirmek istemediği her halinden belli oluyordu.

“Dilerseniz öncelikle size genel bir çerçeve çizeyim. Bildiğiniz gibi sıra dışı zihinsel yeteneklere sahip bireylere gök insanları diyoruz. Kastettiğim sıra dışı zihinsel yetenekler, çok yüksek IQ puanına sahip olmak, üstün liderlik özellikleri sergilemek türünden çok karşılaşılan nitelikleri işaret etmiyor. Gök insanları telepati yoluyla iletişim kurmak, bir başkasının benliğini taklit edebilmek, kehanetlerde bulunabilmek, duygulardaki küçük değişiklikleri algılayabilmek gibi özelliklere sahip olabiliyorlar. Bu özelliklerin hiç birine sahip olmayan gök insanları da var elbette. Üç yıl önce gök insanlarının tamamı Şangay uzay asansörünün en üst noktasına yakın bir yerde kurulan Petra kentine taşındı”. Bay Grosvenor araya girerek “Hiç biri bu zorunlu göçe itiraz etmedi mi?” diye sordu. “Gök insanları sosyalleşebilmek için birbirlerine muhtaçtırlar. Sıradan insanlarla etkileşim halinde olmak onları tatmin etmez. Böyle bir itiraz olduysa bile kamuoyuna yansımamıştır. Bildiğiniz gibi toplamda ondokuz gök insanı var ve tamamının Petra’ya nakledildiğini net olarak biliyoruz”. “Gök insanı payesini kim veriyor, nasıl bir seçime tabi tutuluyorlar?” .“İlk seçimi Gelecek Vakfı yapmıştı. Yeni üye almadılar henüz, zaten seçilen üyelerin en yaşlısı 37 yaşındaydı. Yapılan seçimde çoklu zekâ türlerinin ortak paydası kabul edilen G değeri ve üstün yaratıcılık gerektiren mükemmel işler çıkarabilme becerisi temel alınmıştı”. Bay Grosvenor bilgiye, avını bir an önce parçalayıp mideye indirmek isteyen aslan iştahıyla yaklaşıyordu. “Telepatiden, kehanetlerden, benlik taklidinden, duygulardaki ton farklarını algılayabilmekten söz etmiştiniz, bunlar nasıl oluyor?” diye sordu. “Neokorteksimiz sayesinde nasıl bizler hayvanların sahip olmadığı soyut düşünme ve kavramsallaştırma becerilerine sahipsek, gök insanları da yüksek zihinsel kapasitelerinin yan ürünü olarak sıradışı özelliklere sahip olabiliyorlar”. “Yüksek zihinsel kapasiteye nasıl ulaşmışlar?”. “Bu konuda rivayetler muhtelif; Çin’de, 2020’li yıllarda, seçkin bireylerden alınan yumurta ve spermlerin yapay yollarla döllenmesi, erken evrede gen dizilimi düzenlemesi, gebelik sırasında beyindeki gri madde oluşumunun kimyasallarla desteklenmesi gibi öğeler içeren bir program oluşturulduğunu biliyoruz. Ayrıca, dünyadaki Gök Akademilerinde gök insanı olmaya aday üstün yetenekli gençler özel eğitimlerden geçiriliyorlar”.

Bay Grosnevor’un özel jetinde yaptığımız altı saatlik yolculuk boyunca bir dakikamızı bile israf etmeden gök insanları hakkında konuştuk. Jetin tekerlekleri New Mexico uzay limanının özel uçaklar için ayrılmış pistine değdiği anda midemdeki sıvıları önümde duran maun kaplamalı sehpanın üzerine boşalttım. Bay Grosnevor hostesi çağırarak ortalığı temizlemesini rica etti. “Jetinizi kirlettiğim için özür dilerim, ilaçların işe yaradığını düşündüğüm için önlem almamıştım” dedim. “İlaçlar sizi yolculuğa ikna etmek içindi” dedi Bay Grosnevor. “İşe yaramadıklarını gördüğümüze göre artık evime dönebilir miyim?”. Bay Grosnevor yüzünde kararlı bir ifadeyle “Birazdan çıkacağımız yolculuk için insanlar ceplerinden yarım milyon dolar ödüyorlar” dedi. “Sizinle birlikte gelmem mümkün değil, ölebilirim” dedim. “Oğlumun iyileşmesi için her şeyi yaparım. Lütfen beni başka tedbirler almak zorunda bırakmayın”. Bay Grosnevor’un beni götürmek konusunda çok kararlı olduğu anlaşılıyordu daha fazla direnmedim.

Uzay mekiğine ulaşmak için asansörle yukarıya çıkarken sıtmaya tutulmuş gibi titriyordum. Dönüp aynada kendime baktım. Omuzlarım çökmüş, yüzüm kâğıt gibi bembeyaz olmuştu; bayılıp düşme ihtimaline karşı asansörün korkuluğuna sıkı sıkıya tutunmuştum. Asansörden doğrudan mekiğin yolcu salonuna geçtik. Salonda birbirleriyle doksan derece açı yapacak biçimde yerleştirilmiş iki büyük koltuk vardı. Bayılmadan önce kendimi koltuklardan birine atabildiğim için çok memnun oldum. Bay Grosnevor pek benimle ilgili görünmüyordu. Kafasına taktığı başlık üzerinden önündeki tablete bilmediğim bazı bilgiler aktarıyordu. Yarım saat sonra altımızda bulunan roket büyük bir gürültüyle patladı ve çok güçlü bir ivmeyle yukarıya doğru itilmeye başladık. Kalkışa ilişkin son hatırladığım şey midemin çekilir gibi olmasıydı, sonra bayılmışım. Ayıldığımda Bay Grosnevor’a “Keşke uzay asansörüyle gitseydik, en azından roketten kaynaklanan patlama sesi ve sarsıntı olmazdı” dedim. “Asansör bakımdaymış” dedi Bay Grosvenor. ‘Bakımları batsın’ dedim içimden.

Uzay mekiğinin yolcular için ayrılmış monitöründen Petra’yı gördüğümde çok heyecanlandım. Basık bir yarımküre biçimindeki şehir karanlık uzay boşluğunda devasa bir hayaleti andırıyordu. Bay Grosvenor’ın isabetle tahmin ettiği gibi Petra’nın girişinde herhangi bir güçlük yaşamadık. Kente yaklaştığımızda kendiliğinden açılan büyük kapıdan, içinde çeşitli uzay araçları olan devasa bir hangara girdik. Hangardaki tüm işleri androidler görüyordu. Petra’daki yapay yerçekimi dünyadan az olduğundan, rahat hareket edebilmemiz için ayaklarımıza manyetik özellikli botlar giydirdiler. Uzun boynu ve beyaz gövdesiyle kuğuyu andıran beyaz gövdeli bir android bize sterilizasyon odasına kadar eşlik etti. Odada üzerimizde gerekli işlemler yapılırken Bay Grosvenor gök insanlarının günlerini nasıl geçirdiklerini sordu. “Gök insanları zorunlu bir günlük programa tabi değiller. Para kazanmaya ya da belirli bir uzmanlık alanında yenilikler yapmaya çalışmıyorlar. Herhangi bir konuda uzmanlaşmalarının yaratıcılıklarını öldüreceği düşünülüyor, zaten sayıları böyle bir işbölümüne yetmeyecek kadar az. Kimse onlara ne yapmaları gerektiğini söylemiyor. Bildiğim kadarıyla onlardan yanıtlardan çok yeni sorular üretmeleri bekleniyor”. “Uzmanlık alanım olan yapay zekâ işinde çok faydalı olurlardı” dedi Bay Grosvenor düşünceli bir sesle. Sterilizasyon işlemleri tamamlandıktan sonra asansörle yer seviyesinde ağaçlık bir alana çıktık. Petra’nın yapay gökyüzü üzerlerinde bazı resimler de bulunan rengârenk bulutları ile bir sanat galerisini andırıyordu. Cep telefonumu çıkarıp elimi Bay Grosvenor’in omzuna attım ve fonda bulutların da göründüğü bir selfie çektim. Bay Grosvenor bu hareketimi çok yadırgadı ama sesini çıkarmadı. Ağaçların arasından ilerleyerek Rönesans mimarisinde inşa edilmiş bir binanın önüne geldik. Beyaz gövdeli android “Belinda sizi üst katta bekliyor” diyerek yanımızdan ayrıldı. Belinda buz mavisi gözleri olan soluk tenli bir kadındı. Uzun krom sarısı saçları dağınıktı. Üzerindeki sade giysilere ve sıska vücuduna rağmen güzel yüzündeki anlayışlı ifade onu çekici kılıyordu. Odaya girip oturduktan sonra uzunca bir süre sessizlik bozulmadı. Ne Bay Grosvenor ne de Belinda tek söz etmediği halde yüz ifadeleri sürekli değişiyordu. Bir süre sonra telepati yoluyla iletişim kurduklarını anladım. Bay Grosvenor cep telefonunu çıkarıp Belinda’ya oğlunun resmini gösterdi. Çocuğun resmini gören Belinda’nın mavi gözleri yaşla doldu. Bay Grosvenor’un gözlerinde ise ilk kez bir umut ışığı gördüm. Belinda ona ne söylediyse artık bana parmağıyla çıkışı işaret etti. Çıkmadan önce Belinda’ya “Bizi kabul ettiğiniz için teşekkür ederiz” dedim. Muhtemelen aklımdan geçenleri okumuştu, başını hafifçe öne eğerek teşekkürümü kabul ettiğini ifade etti. Bay Grosvenor’un çok acelesi vardı, beni kolumdan çekiştirip “Hemen gitmeliyiz” dedi. Binadan çıkar çıkmaz “Telepati yeteneğiniz olduğunu bilmiyordum” dedim. “Ben de bilmiyordum, daha önce bu frekansta bir insanla karşılaşmamışım”. “Yardım edecek mi?”. “Gök insanları Petra’nın ana bilgisayarını o kadar geliştirmişler ki ona kıyasla işlevsiz hale gelmişler. Anladığım kadarıyla artık kararları Aristo adındaki bu bilgisayar veriyor”. “Oğlunuzun hastalığının çaresini bulabilir o halde”. “İkna edebilirsek evet”.

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Dönüş yolunda internete erişir erişmez anneme Petra’da çektiğim selfie’yi yolladım. Oğluyla gurur duymalıydı. Yeni kitabımın adının Gök Tanrısı Aristo olmasına karar verdim.


Well done on the story
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

really great post i like it

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Is this a fiction story or it was really happened to you to meet Mr. Grosvenor who is the father of AI and a successful businessman in England?

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@muratkbesiroglu i read all ur story these one about an indian girl it preety intrested love from india

I am from India and glad you wrote a story keeping India in mind @muratkbesiroglu

@pankuvirat really nice post. I upvote your post and comment. upvote and follow my post I will be thankful to you.

This is good story of history

why do you think it is fictional story.

Yes you are right

I like your history congratulations 👏

@muratkbesiroglu : It's really well written. All the while I felt it was a real story. Great work at Fiction. Keep up! ☺️

Süersin hocam.

Süpersin demek istedim. Afedersiniz.

Thise post is good

soy nuevo en la plataforma de steemit me parece muy interesante la historia de ciencia ficción, en virtud que transmite un mensaje positivo e inductivo para el lector

it is fictional story...

Interesting story... What do you think?

It's great to read your post, it has given me double energy to increase my depth in this area.

Grosvenor (/ˈɡroʊvənər/) is a surname derived from Hugh Le Grand Veneur, a member of a Norman French family that aided William the Conqueror in 1066. "Le Grand Veneur" literally means "the Master Huntsman" in French, an elevated title in William's 11th century French court.

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It needs Peter Pan in it since it is London, formally.

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it is a fiction story...

@elizahfhaye really nice post. I upvote your post and comment. upvote and follow my post i will be thankful to you.

Yes it is fictional story

It's a real or fiction story? Please tell me because i saw it two months ago in a newspaper paper

I was going to make a comment on some odd word choices and grammatical mistakes, but then I noticed you are bilingual, and English likely isn't your first language. In that case, absolutely fantastic job on this. It flowed really well, and there were precious few times I had to reread a section to understand what was being said.

The one thing I suggest that isn't completely related to the grammar is your formatting for dialogue. Initially, you use lines preceded with a dash to indicate a text conversation, which works well enough. But later, you reuse this in a face to face conversation, which threw me off a bit, but I decided maybe this was just how you handled conversations without actions in between the dialogue. However, you later embed these exchanges within paragraphs, again changing your approach.

For conversations, I typically have a new line for every time the speaker changes. This helps keep things from running into each other. Having a character take a minor action right before a line can also establish who is speaking, or even just having a "character said" or "character spoke out" line before their actual line to help anchor the reader. But again, really good job overall.

Thanks for your feedback. I would appreciate if you state odd word choices and grammatical mistakes next time. I am not fluent in English, I use yandex translator and microsoft bing translator to translate my stories into English, then work on the translated text.

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Great story... and I think it is a fictional story but the content u used to write was appreciatable and the next future is of AI and we also know the AI Robot Sofia which was awesome and I hear all her interview....

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such a beautiful post from you

Beautiful 1st and 3rd photos - I want them on Tee Shirts!

This is an interesting story!

Ya right ........very interesting story!

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@bammbuss you are right sir, this story was lengthy but it was even more interesting after completing the story. Indian girl mentioned in this story i know her, i am also an indian, what you think sir?????

@bammbuss.. yes it is very interesting story......

From your post I can take some conclusions that will be my own application, there is also things touched seoarang father fight for his sick child. this is a great post.

Hello Murat Bey. On June 10, 2018, I discovered this famous site STEEMIT.
I signed up and started reading you.
I love your writing, I like this article too.
You are the first person I am looking for his articles.
This is my first comment too ;-)

Hi quality engaging content and story!!

I relly think that you have a capacity to create stories I see very talent in you, I invite you to develop it and it will surely be a success, that imagination too much potential, you should have called it the first part, great post as always friend good luck.

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@muratkbesiroglu sir you are really writing stories which are interesting and i spend some time in reading your stories and blogs and i really love your content as there are many post coming daily but i love your post and read each and every line of your story its quiet impressing us and thank you very much keep sharing keep motivating sir

this is a fiction story and anyone can understand that but does not matter that a fiction is a unreal thing. it is the imagination of a real existing living mind that then how come it can not be real........good one and i really liked it

Nice Story :) & I must admit your're an amazing storyteller! I am from India & to me this appeared like history's unfolding itself. We have a lot of mythological stories which date back centuries where there are episodes of people contacting extra terrestrial life! This idea of "We are not alone" intrigues to find out more :)

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Right.......very interesting story!!

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favourite story words.....................

correct but if it had happened in real life then it would have had a greater impact

Really this story is like a basket of rich conversations, highly scientific image, authentic feelings and a walking shadow of fantastic reality go on and on.

@muratkbesiroglu Though its a fictional story but you can make it come true through your belief...because if your belief is strong enough then no one can stop you to make your dream come true...Always believe in your self and if your thoughts are always positive then everything in life will come positively...So be positive and Think positive...Always believe in your self that you are the best....better than the rest

Nice comment...

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@muratkbesiroglu >>-Great fictional story.It's great to read your up.

unbelievable, heart touching mind blowing superb
if it is true story then amazing,
it is just like a Indian movie

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@muratkbesiroglu your history is very good, are you Indian? i love travels, i think you also love travels?

are you indian bro

@aabidlone No bro i am not indian

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Sir very interesting story............!!

I read it carefully. At first I thought it was just an ordinary story .. But the story is very interesting can make people read carried away feelings. And I really like the story.

non fiction is mostly about how reader connect with what writer wants to say man

@muratkbesiroglu is this the fiction story or it was really happen to meet Mr.Grosvenor and this was an fiction and your content are really good

You know what..i am new in steemit . I am really very amazed after reading your post. i hope you will bring new such stories for us in future. Best of luck for your next journey😄

@muratkbesiroglu intersting story ..Are u fond of these type of stories? bcoz readind ur blogs my interst increasing day by day in fiction

Sir. you write in very difficult english
and the blog is very long to read

Can we have more of this @muratkbesiroglu

Thank you. I will post new stories☺

@muratkbesiroglu I think excessive use of artificial intelligence can leads us to a world full of machines without humanity so use of AI should be stopped right now what is your take in this matter??
Eagerly waiting for your answer.

I think it is impossible to stop due to the competition. If one company or country stops the others continue

So then we have to find another planet to leave.Because I think mankind and AI cannot survive simultaneously.What do you think??@muratkbesiroglu

We Indian know that Every girls are positive and brave.

@muratkbesiroglu Sir, I liked your article very well, can you tell me where is Linkedin located?

hi there!
let me tell you something, your story it is great, because it is not easy for everyone to write awesome things like you do.

good luck!!!!

have a great day!!!!

muratkbesiroglu is this really happened to u?

I think today's science fiction stories always our future....everything is possible... just think how was the world before 200 years and think next 200 years..

interesting story, thanks @muratkbesiroglu already shared a very useful experience 👍

Hey @muratkbesiroglu I found your story looking good but pls upload story like this in English so we can understand it properly . Thanks

@muratkbesiroglu... Sir India have many talent.. due to lack of policy in India this is only a piece of big Himalaya... If right policy will be developed in India we can c huge number of stones rocking the world.. n INDIA will sure become Great INDIA in whole world

Are u read a lot of story stuff?
great article

To write a good post, we should take note of what balance we need to keep and take news from.
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I couldn't understand the question🙂

@muratkbesiroglu Hey this this is the first time i have been throught your post and i have to say it was really a very nice story. Really appreciate your work. God bless you Man. ☺️

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@muratkbesiroglu its a real fiction story.. keep it up I am following you....

@muratkbesiroglu as an indian guy i personally like your blog very , i has some extended of reality mixed with technology superb post .. i really like it

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Nice post. What a science fiction story

That's great fictional story.You wrote it or took it from somewhere ?

@muratkbesiroglu really a good story. i am really very like your story. will u write again good story like this?

Wow Great and Very Interesting Story . Ist Linkedin is Great Social site for Professional. Mr. Grosvenor is a Famous Businessman I Will Support Him.

I like this line '-Yeah, he's one of England's most successful business people. He is considered to be one of the fathers of artificial intelligence.


@muratkbesiroglu dear sir it was a very affective,nice of you..from today i will try to follow your all post

is this a really story or jst its a fiction story yes/no @muratkbesiroglu

This is quiet different and refreshing from things i have been reading recently. Thank you for writing such a short yet wonderful story!

It's a really nice story for all and I feel really good

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This is good story of history

very fantastic story ,but as i have gone through ,it seems a presumption only in dream .

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This suppose be a short story. It is interesting but long.

It's really your won story??? U search not copy that story. Bythe way ur story is so good i like it👍👍👍✌✌✌

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I can say that you are a great storyteller. The way all the scenes have been narrated are remarkable. Are there books that you already have published that can be bought?

👌👍 very good and interesting story i likely dear.muratkbesiroglu

14231756_1371508412863792_908461393491192521_o.jpg nice post this is my gift

wao sir, very very nice art by you...keepit up

So, do u think that Aliens is in real? Basically I think that YES. Because Earth us just a very very small. There are lots of billions Planets.

ofcourse , I believe in aliens..... But we need a very fast and modern technology to reach them and communicate with them...But one day it will be happen for sure....

Yes I do. But I don't think that they visited earth

Read this book "Humans are not from Earth", by Dr Ellis Silver .

According to this US professor , We all are Aliens 😛

I think the mother should appreciate for seven books about sky people what do you think

@muratkbesiroglu in what year this story is set in?
an amazing story also expect the next part of will you continue this story further?
how many of you steemians wants next part of this story, comment 'yes' or 'No' below !

@muratkbesiroglu story is fiction but imaginable when dived deep...