Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Architecture

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   Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Architecture:-

 In this section, I will explain ASP.NET MVC Architecture. MVC is an architectural pattern not any programming language. It was designed in 1970. It widely adopted architectural pattern in web worldwide. Let’s understand what is ASP.NET MVC. MVC stands for Model, View and Controller. The idea behind MVC is separation of concern.  

  • Model:-  A set of classes that represent the business logic of the application independent of the user interface. 
  • View:-  It is a user interface that display the data of the application and decides how the design of the application looks like.
  •  Controller:-  Controller is set of classes that acts the brain of the application. It handles the overall application flow. 


  How it works in the Background:-  

When a user enters a url in web browser, the request gets routed to controller. The controller decides what is return to web browser either a simple view, model etc. depends on what user requested through HTTP request in the browser.   


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