Everything was going smooth until...chapter 1

in #fiction4 years ago (edited)

When I started walking toward the main door, I felt a jerk in my body, like someone was pushing me. I controlled myself from falling down and somehow got out of the room. 

There, I saw my granny, and sister waiting for me, I felt more peaceful, After I saw them.

I was tensed, As I am orphan and only earning member in my family.

 Which include my grandma,my sister(jonna) and two dogs. Jonna was still studying. 

She was having her finals this year and her marriage, ,grandma was not well. I was heart broken. 

I don't want them to suffer and I was having this jerk type feeling since a long time. 

I knew something was not right. I was working in an reputed IT firm and we were financially stable. This job changed our lives and we were happy. I can't ruin this.

I saw both of them smiling. My granny was learning new things and I could see the excitement on her face.

Both my dogs Buzzo and Sammy were playing too.

 I was happy seeing them.but I was heavy deep inside.

 " Nooo... You can't be mean you can't leave this job Henry " I said to myself.

Soon, I heard a voice full of love and care. My sister was deciding dress for my birthday.

 I was filled with tears but yet I joked with her " umm... I am not going to be a joker this will look better on your fiance" I said. 

And she was pissed off and we had our another fight yet it was full of love and care. 

My granny called us for dinner and after that I didn't realized that I had any compilation or problem. 

Both of us slept while talking on my grandma's lap. It was peaceful, I didn't felt any pain but next morning had something else....to be continued

 Stay tuned for chapter 2 

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Hello Friend how are you? I just started this story and I got caught

It's going to be more interesting. I hope you will like the next one too 😊

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