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If you write fiction and you want to write it better, you need to get to the PALnet Fiction Workshop asap. We’re growing every day, with new authors from around the world popping in to lend a hand, and the workshop has been the incubator for awesome ideas.

Workshop Basics

As can be seen in the example I provided through my Red Ink Experiment, the Fiction Workshop has gathered an incredible team of willing volunteers, skilled in critique at the highest levels, and capable of both giving and receiving such feedback with grace. This is the true heart of the workshop. Every submission will receive at least two reviews. If the Red Ink Treatment is selected, there will be both a line-edit (to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors), and then a thorough Content/Macro Critique dealing with structure, originality, pace, flow, readability, etc.

What to expect

Most posts will receive more than the two reviews. Everyone submitting will be personally contacted by direct message on Discord, so they can let the reviewers know whether they feel they benefitted, or ask for clarification if something doesn’t make sense. Everyone is welcome to join in the review of others’ work, provided basic rules of courtesy are observed. Those who cannot follow basic rules of courtesy will be banned. Critique can be hard enough to take without some troll being a little bitch. We aim to provide a supportive but honest network for improvement, not a place to call names or insult others.


To submit a piece for critique, go to the all new Fiction Workshop Submissions channel and follow the directions there, or just go directly to our new Submission Form. Be aware that we greatly prefer to review work in a Google Doc as it allows us to all see one another’s comments and critique in one place. There are instructions with pictures at the submission channel for how to do this.


If you would like to see a critique in progress, or participate in critique, you are welcome to do so - again - provided you are courteous. At the Fiction Workshop proper (not the submissions channel) there is a pinned post, “Incoming Requests for Critique,” with a link to a Google Spreadsheet. On there you will find the list of links to open critiques, including such information as genres, word count, and whether English is the author’s native language. Please direct message me @jrhughes on Discord if you participate in a review so that your name can be added to the sheet as a participating editor.

A word of caution

We are not a free editing and ghost-writing service. The workshop is not there for people to get a piece shined up in time for a contest entry. The goal is to help you become better and - if you come there to work - you will. The improvements in my own and others’ writing over the course of just a few weeks there is astounding. But do expect it to be work, and don't expect us to return you a polished piece by a deadline of your choosing.

What Else is Going On?

  • SteemShelves: A website dedicated to archiving all of your favorite Steemit writing in an easily accessible, attractive library. Stop digging through your feed to share that awesome post from four days ago. Now you can share the link to your own personal Author Page, with bio, pic of your choosing, and all of the Steemit post links your little heart desires to pay 2 SBD each for. Trust me, it’s a damn bargain.

  • The Steemhouse Fiction Trail: The only curation trail dedicated to giving you publishing house quality in every post. Only three weeks in, @SFT has already generated enough funding to pay a 10 SBD reward to each of the authors curated, without ever compromising on quality. As SFT grows in funding, so will it grow in influence, with the eventual goal of rewarding quality fiction at the same level as can be achieved by showing up to Steemit with a huge following, or attracting the attention of a whale.

Final Notes


We are on the prowl for publishing house quality fiction. If you see a post or author you believe qualifies, please don’t hesitate to comment on the latest @SFT post with a link. Please support quality fiction on Steemit by resteeming the Curation Post each week, and following @SFT. By hosting your posts on, you also support curation as the 2 SBD per link goes directly to @SFT.


The Steemhouse Fiction Trail is in its infancy and could use a boost. All SP delegated to @SFT means more influence for supporting the curated authors. All SBD donated will be used either to reward authors or increase the influence @SFT can bring to support quality fiction on Steemit. Donations can be sent directly, or contact @Gmuxx to find out how to delegate.

Thank you so much for reading! Don't forget to Upvote, Comment, and Resteem!

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Another great article. Thank you, @jrhughes!

minnowsupport project is each day discovering different dimensions of supporting the minnows! Proud of being a supporter of the project! is there any way non fiction writers can contribute in the project?

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You're so right! MSP has been amazing 😊Upvoting and resteeming is a big help and I thank you for both! If you see some good fiction, get in touch 🤓

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Great program @jrhughes, I also like fiction, but for now I do not have any articel to include in this program. Maybe I will help by telling my friends.

Thank you for sharing this interesting information.

Greetings from Aceh

I have a short story I'm working on that would benefit from a few more eyes. I might give it a try. Thanks!

Awesome! I'll keep a look out for you 😊

This is a great idea - I will not take place because I am more of an enjoyer of eating food made by others or reading post by the people who can write and enjoys the effect is has on me - I will however resteem for others to join

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Nice article. From me apvote.

As one of the channel participants, I want to mention that we do expect you do clean up your work what you can before you hand it in. Yes, we will edit on it, but we expect you have tried spell checks and turn in a reasonably clean copy to the best of your ability. We expect you to study the comments and learn from them and we expect people also to contribute crit help to others. EVERYONE has a perspective that can help. Even if it is just a basic reader perspective on whether you could or couldn't connect to the story.

This is awesome! Way to go MSP! upvoted and resteemed help to spread this out. Thanks!