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The Stone Fish of Antioch.

Twas a darkened evening in late November when we found ourselves riding shoddily along in a horribly retched carriage. I wasn't sure the name of the outdated town through which we careened wildly over mountain pass, surely coming ever nearer to our deaths.

Tommy, Rostald, and I bounced back and forth on the red plush cushions. A fourth passenger.... a young lady of some questionable heritage, banged her head loudly and quite accidentally against the cracked and dingy window.

"These horses are out of control!" someone shouted.... it might have been me.

A Scouting expedition.

100 gold Francs to whomever could secure more life for the king.

More life? Foolishness. Still, an adventure was ever to our liking, and I needed a vacation.

"They say the Great Fish of Antioch swims in yonder river, waiting yet to be caught." a wide grin from our illustrious lady. She was 40 years if she was a day. At least 5 teeth were missing from her crooked yellow smile. Damn but she smelled something awful.

"Are we almost there?" said Tommy, gasping into his long black coat sleeve.

I sat perfectly still, staring into the night. The year was 1835. I'd have that fish and I'd have that money.

"I'll tell you what else, I'll probably sleep with the stinking whore too!" I thought to myself, almost vomiting in laughter.

We arrived just before 8:00 p.m. A large manor, rented just for us adventurers. A meal of turkey and chicken giblets was already prepared on a large wooden table. We shoved it down our gullets with a few fingers of whiskey, and got ready to rush into the night.

Only two horses waited in the stable. Charlotte took the white mare, and I the black stallion. Tommy and Rostald would have to walk.

It began to rain as I rushed towards the river's edge. Although I could barely see the Earth in front of my own two eyes, the horse seemed unfazed tumbling along at great speed. Quite suddenly we were there. I expected the others to show up at or near this very spot, but I found myself quite alone.

I had no fishing gear. What exactly was I planning here? I waded into the water up to my hips.

"You're a fool James Haggerty!" I screamed out loud. "A fool and a drunkard!"

It mattered not. A free trip at any rate, to this horrible hellhole. I was drenched from above and below.

"A fish, a fish, my kingdom for a fish!" My voice deep in the night.

A FISH. It rang.

A FISH. Again.

And then there was one.

Staring at my very face. A beast of 10, neigh, 20 meters. His eyes bearing deep into my soul.

I doggy paddled slowly. Frozen in place. Frozen in time.

ANTIOCH. Softly whispering.


I could feel myself changing.



ANTIOCH. The voice in the night.

And then I was gone. My mortal coil shucked off in the beast's belly.

They found this statue washed ashore that very morning, among the White Sands of Mertarkle Beach.

"What a beautiful figurine!" Tommy clasped his clammy hands around my waist. My waist?

"Aye, that's mine, it is!" Rostald grabbed me by my now rigid tail.

Nearly 200 years has past, and I've traveled from home to home. A store shelf, a trash can, an alley way, another house. But I feel not the passing of time. Not the same as the others, for they are dead and I'm alive.

I try to scream aloud from my mantle piece,



No one hears me. How much longer will I suffer here? I hope one day to shatter into a thousand pieces, to live no more in boredom on this horrible planet.

Would I die even then?

The dream that never ends.

More life? A nightmare.

The worst part is, I never even got to sleep with that old stinkin whore.

Original content by @jeezzle written exclusively for @dreemsteem

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Very good entry, Good luck in the contest.

so the other day - i got the notification from GINA about your entry... giggled about the name misspelling - sent you a comment and didn't get a chance until JUST NOW to read your entry.

this was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i laughed - i was surprised - i LOVED absolutely LOVED this!!!!!!!!! wow wow wow!!!!!!!!

I didn't see that ending coming! hahahahaha my goodness - and now 200 years - poor James! LOL

@anutu - you HAVE to read this entry!!!!! isn't it amazing?!?!?!?!


I'm really glad that liked it.


I really really did!!!! :) I left you some encouragement (hopefully) on the last comment.. hehehe

You seem to be doing well with your posts financially - why do you think your comment engagement is low?


Everybody left when the money dried up.

Did you know that my vote used to be worth $4.52? One vote.

Actually though, I post two kinds of content.

1 - Standard motivational blogs, and I do get some pretty good engagement on those. Easy reading.

2 - Fiction stories. I don't get a lot of engagement, because it takes a lot of effort to read a long fiction story, and aside from my upvote there isn't much of a reward. I had to stop on chapter 4 of my last story because no one was reading it. I even began to offer large upvotes to any good commenters, but I couldn't get many.

I would love to start a large fiction Community but it would require some sort of the delegation. People love to read about everyday lives, and they will go out of their way to stay up late reading about something that they can connect with easily like that. However, reading fiction is a very subjective thing. Even if it's good.... your reader may not like it.


Of course I did ... then became distracted by a call and my other windows .... hihi ... staring out of the window :) @dreemsteem ...

Wow ... felt like I traveled back in time ... so amazingly beautiful ... I was right soaked into the fish's story.
Yes, and the ending ... me too ... I was so surprised!!! ... love love love it!!!!

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