Three Times Three

in fiction •  5 months ago

I was waiting for her while she was getting ready to visit the countryside with her friends. We planned to spend the weekend in a cabin with them and their couples. I actually didn't like the idea, I didn't like her activist friends at all, but as a new boyfriend, I couldn't refuse. I accepted without enthusiasm.

As she was taking a bath, I walked from corner to corner of the room, impatient. Turned on the TV, stared at her unsuccessful sketches of naked bodies on the table, waiting. I looked at her library books, pink novels, old poetry. Bored, I threw myself in the armchair.

As I fell with all my weight, a loud knock sounded. I got up suddenly, thinking I had broken the chair, but it was intact. I looked under and a huge leather-bound book appeared before me.

I hadn't seen it when I came in, so it must have been hidden, glued under the couch. I picked it up, sat down again, put the book on my lap and opened it. The yellow pages seemed empty, I passed many blank pages until I reached one where a desperate writing advanced to the rhythm of my eyes. Here's what it said:


Hey you, the one who reads, be careful, I'll tell you what happened to me. I remember having my back to the bar when I saw them. It was a group of three women on the other side of the place. They stood out in the crowd of the party, three women alone, isolated from the rest. The first one was tall, corpulent, with round breasts and short purple hair. She wore a military jacket and black jean trousers, a broken t-shirt barely contained her not very feminine humanity.

Next to her, a thin woman looked nervously at everyone around her, not too tall and with damp skin, very straight blond hair tied in a sloppy bun, dressed in a long dark skirt and sleeveless T-shirt that showed an unshaven armpit. She sipped from her glass as she seemed to crave the protection of her great friend, or perhaps, couple.

But the third was beautiful, with delicate features and porcelain skin. Her harmonious face framed by black hair made her deep eyes stand out. She danced sinuously, absent, unaware of the eyes attracted by her body, wrapped in cotton and black leather. She moved sensually, following the rhythm of the music that resounded in the place.

The DJ broke the spell, changed the rhythm and she came out of her trance, looked around and our eyes met. I smiled, guilty of admiring her. She smiled as well. She continued dancing. I looked next to me, elbowed Joe and pointed at them. Joe did the same with Manny. They both shouted a couple of words in their ears, laughed and denied each other with their heads. I was alone.

I went back to the bar and ordered beers. Picked them up above the crowd and went into the jungle. Between rubbing and pushing I advanced along the dance floor, looking for her. She was dancing. I was a couple of meters away when, as if someone were notifying her, she noticed my arrival. She looked me in the eyes, I extended my hand, offering her a beer, she took it gratefully without stopping dancing, tempting.


We danced, unaware of everything except us. Little by little the crowd and desire pushed our bodies together. Following the music, we danced slowly, accelerating little by little to unbridled rhythms, then stopping and resuming the ascent. It was natural, predestined. Without realizing it, our lips touched, our tongues searched and our bodies found each other.

The music stopped, we were separated, we stared at each other, she smiled at me and without saying anything, she walked away. I was astonished, not knowing what to do. I waited a moment, out of sight. I resigned myself, frustrated, shrugged my shoulders and walked back to the bar.

We drank beer after beer. There was no luck that night and we left. We were walking dizzy, a little drunk, when we left the place.

Joe took out a joint, lit it up, passed it on after a couple of deep draughts to Manny. He passed it to me, I turned it down. I had already told them, but with the noise I doubted that they would listen to me, so I started again.

- I swear it! Without saying a word we were already dancing, little by little we got closer and there I was, touching this beauty, kissing her, I was badly hot, it was as if that woman was a magnet, as if I could not stop dancing with her and so, without more, after so many kisses and touches she goes, leaving me, without saying anything. I told them, exaggerating a little my luck, and bad luck.

- Bah, Nick, you don't even believe that yourself, I saw how you went with the beers, how you gave her one and started dancing, you had to see yourself dancing there, alone, like an overweight stripper, while she looked at you laughing -. Said Joe, Manny nodded amusingly, he continued almost drowned in laughter-. You had to see her, she drank the beer laughing and went away, leaving you there, dancing alone.

- Yes, you had to see yourself dancing, you looked like the fat dude from that old movie, that of some workers who learn to dance to do a strip show. The Full Monty or something like that. Where'd you learn to dance like that?, are you wearing those underwear that leave your ass in the air? -said Manny, laughing out loud.

- Don't fuck with me, I'm not bullshitting you, besides, what are you laughing at? You spent the whole night there looking like fools, at least I danced with her-. I said, already annoyed at the mockery- What's more, I don't know why you didn't come, there were three as us.

- What, are you crazy? Didn't you see them? Ok, perfect, yours was great, but didn't you see the others? One looked like a lumberjack and the other was looking suspicious at everybody. If I approach them, the big one hits me and if I talk to her, the other one shouts: Rapist! -said Joe, quite rightly.

- But you had to support me, it was your duty... Manny, how many times haven't we had to sacrifice ourselves for the team, remember when you got the negrita?

- Yes, but, what can be done? One sacrifices oneself for the cause, but I liked that girl, she was darker than my soul but, God, what a butt! Her ass was like two twin, firm, round, sublime dark chocolates. And the contrast - he interrupted a moment to laugh - was funny, her ass black as night bouncing and... -. said Manny as he made eloquent gestures with his hands.

The cold of the night and the conversation had cleared my drunkenness a little so I decided.

- Guys, I'm going back -I said-, if you want, come or leave, but I'm going back.

- Hey, I'll pass, I'm drunk and tomorrow I'll work. -said Manny.

- I'm going too, Nick, you should come, you're very drunk. -Now it was Joe who deserted.

I didn't listen to them. I walked back to the place, passed a couple of dark blocks distracted, ready to go back into the crowd as soon as I arrived to find her. It was not necessary.

She was at the door, with an unlit cigarette in her hand. I approached her and she smiled, lit her cigarette.

- So here you are. - She said with a mischievous smile on her face, took a puff and continued - I thought you were gone, my friends left and I was all alone.

- I was gone, but I came back hoping to find you. - I said, already launched, amused, she laughed mischievously.

- What makes you think I wanted you to find me? - She said, Challenging.

I didn't answer, I had nothing to say. I shrugged my shoulders and kept looking at her, longing for her lips. A moment later she approached me and kissed me, at first soft, she separated for a moment, looked at me with her obsidian eyes and kissed me again, this time, burning.

We continued united in a passionate kiss, I held her tight, my hands rested on her hips, wandered on the leather of her trousers, began to climb. She stopped me, holding my hands before reaching her breasts and whispered:

- Not here. - She took my hand, guiding me.

We walked, stumbling between kisses and touches. Laughing, drunk with desire. We passed through a doorway and went up some stairs. We entered a chaotic apartment.

I undressed her in the act, desperately kissing her body. Impudent, naked, she sat down on a disordered bed, laughing as I admired her stuning body. I approached and finally we met, it was brief, an uncontrolled flight, a descent to infinity as I lost myself in her half-closed eyes.

We laughed, we smoked. We shared a cigarette with entangled legs. Her hand extinguished the cigarette in an ashtray by the bed and went down, anxious. She grabbed me between her smiling fingers as her mouth searched mine. She bit my lip, I squeezed her nipple, she stop the kiss and went down. She bit my nipple, I held a groan. I sighed.

We split up, I laid her down. I kissed her lips, licked her neck, went down her chest tracing paths to her nipples, once there, I drew hundreds of concentric circles. I delayed a moment in her navel, to continue descending, guided by her sighs. I stopped there; soon, the pressure of her hands on my head gave way and her hips shook compulsively. Without further ado, I went in again, following the swing of her hips, now accelerated, now slow, we experienced together the small death, to be reborn pure, perfect. I ended up happy but exhausted, I fell asleep next to her.

It was still night when I woke up. The once dark room was now lit with hundreds of candles. I tried to get up but I was tied. The bed was now in the middle of the room, at my feet, herself, upstanding, beautiful, naked. Although I could not see them, two female voices chanted something unintelligible behind me.

The floor formerly covered with clothing now showed its polished wooden surface, drawn in chalk patterns. In one corner, a cauldron smoked a dense, sweet steam that flooded the room. I looked at the ceiling to discover a mirror, in it, I saw myself naked, tied and covered with a thousand red arabesques. I tried to scream, I couldn't.

Leaning on the far wall, bound, gagged and with eyes opened by fear, Manny and Joe struggled. The psalmody fell silent. I heard smooth footsteps just before they appeared in my field of vision. Both naked, armed with daggers, the other two women were relentlessly advancing toward my defenseless friends.

They arrived at the same time, coordinated. They held their heads with the left hand and as they looked at each other in rapture, their right hand with a skillful movement, slit their throats. Then they bowed down to my friends. Anxious and holding hands, they sucked on the wounds as they died. I saw them leave, horrified.

It ended soon. The three got closer, they kissed. Then she separated and approached me, I twisted my ties but it was impossible to escape her contact. She climbed on me, caressed me sinuously, rubbed her body on my lap. Fear had me frozen, she tried to break my reluctance with her lips. I glanced at my horror on the reflected ceiling.

Frustrated, she sat astride me, her splendid breasts touching my chest, she approached my ear, tempting, licked and bit my lobe. She blew softly in my ear, her warm breath kissed me, she whispered:

- Have you ever heard three times three? There's only one left, come on my sacrifice, be the three.

I was shocked to find how, obedient to her will, my desire betrayed me.

I closed the book, frightened. I realised that time had flown by, the luminous afternoon gave way to a cold night. I raised my gaze, looking around. Suddenly, without having noticed it, I felt her presence looking over my shoulder, her breath caressed my ear:

- Oh, I see you met Nick, I hope you can be great friends.- she said.

The door opened, her friends came in, she licked my lobe, her hand came down and against my will, my desire betrayed me. I tried to scream but I couldn't

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Interesting piece.


I hope you liked it, it was an experiment for me, first time I tried some eroticism in my stories. Could you please give me your honest opinion?


I am contemplating the addition of a workshop room in the Speculative Fiction Writers of Steemit Discord group. Is that something you'd be interested in?

I like the intersection of desire and death in this one. You could really glean a lot off of that.

I also like the inclusion of the classic "three witches" set up, whether it was intended or not!


Yeah, it was intended. The idea of the argument came from some questions I asked myself: What would it be like to be a victim of witchcraft? How to place a character in the middle of a coven? How to make the character tell his story even if he is the victim of a sacrifice?
Anyway, I think I was able to get more out of the plot but still I think it didn't go so badly, I hope you enjoyed it.


I did! Thanks for sharing :D

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