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Layla walked down the stairs staring at the floor, with a joke I called out to her "what is so important on the floor than you seeing your best friend after a week". She looked up and I was taken back and shocked to the bone to see a red handprint on her cheek, her lips split open and a bandage on her wrist. "What happened to you Layla?" and she burst into tears.

Sitting at the back sit of the car while trying to comfort my childhood friend, I spoke to my driver, "Davies kindly drive around for a while please will let you know when I am ready with my destination."

"Now Layla, what happened to you". She has been crying since we left her house and has been sounding incoherent but I need to know and I am getting worried for my friend. She looked at me and replied Sam did it". She went ahead to give me reasons why which are baseless to me and then lowered her gaze.

"You can defend him a thousand ways but can you continue trusting your welfare to a man who constantly beats you broken and bloody?" This is abuse and it has gone on for too long, it has to stop before you get yourself killed and I end up losing my sister......

To be continued.....

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