Feminism Sunday: Feminists on the Blockchain

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As a dude who is a feminist, one of the most useful things I can do is help amplify the voices of women fighting for equality.


So this week's Feminism Sunday is about some amazing feminist women I have gotten to know here on Steem and on Discord. This is not meant, by any means, to be a comprehensive list.


I am constantly amazed by Shawna's output here. Her activism, her talent, he kindness and compassion. She is, right now, the only person I don't know IRL who I autovote. Because literally everything she posts is great. Poems, essays, spoken word, podcasts.

Sample feminist post:

She Could Love Herself

I remind her they are seeing just one piece of her self puzzle. They believe they are seeing her all. What they are is in error. I tell her it is not her job to correct them.


The winner of my first ever contest is a terrific writer about feminism and everything else she writes about.

Sample feminist post:

Feminism is for everyone

There is no one way to be a feminist. There is no uniform, no handbook, no guidelines to follow, other than respecting women. And if you say you respect women, then you should respect all women, irrespective of their choices.


Lily is an artist, a teacher, and an activist. Her posts about working and teaching in prisons are an inspiration.

Sample feminist post:

A Man’s Guide to Approaching Women on Steemit

But here’s the thing--women running great accounts on this site are here because they are professionals. They are artists, they are business-owners, they are writers, they are smart human beings who are taking their career and lifestyle into their own hands.


Lima is the founder of #TeamGirlPowa, the explicitly feminist Steemit group and discord server, and the associated @teamgirlpowa Steemit account.

Sample feminist post:

Beyond the Bechdal CON(test) - My Favorite Films of Black Women Being Awesome

And guess what? They were all lead by Black American women. Is this a coincidence or is it just a fact that white feminist can learn a lot from ideas, expertise, and the pure voices of empowered women of color? You decide.


Rosanne is a fellow mod and greeter in #teamgirlpowa. Much of her blog is essays and photos of her travels, but she'll occasionally dip into feminism as well.

Sample feminist post:

Bechdel Test Contest - BRIMSTONE

The main character is one of the strongest women you will ever see on screen. Her daughter? Well, she might be even stronger. I will not spoil it for you, but basically: yeah, they both have to survive in more ways than one.


No list of feminists on the blockchain could ever be complete without the creator and curator of @ladiesofsteemit, dedicated to highlighting the women of Steemit.

Sample feminist post:

We Are the Ladies of Steemit, A Proper Introduction

The Ladies of Steemit curation initiative exists to showcase the diversity of unique voices that females and femme-identifying individuals bring to the blockchain.


My Steemit mentor, my very good friend, my partner in all sorts of things (including a Thing to come here on Steemit). She's less likely to write about feminism (which is why there's no sample post), but she is truly all about empowerment.

Who are your feminist faves?

Now, it's you're turn. Tell me about the Steemit feminist who inspire you! Give me more amazing people to follow!

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women fighting for equality

I don't fight for it, I claim it. Just pointing out.


Nitpicker. <3


You two 😜😘😘😘😘😘

That’s a great list of awesomeness!!! I’d say we are the new rulers of the world :-)

You’re one of the most supportive people I’ve met on Steemit, thank you for being here @didic! :-)


It's a genuine pleasure to support supportive people such as yourself, @soyrosa.

@didic, this is awesome! I also consider myself a feminist, but I hesitate actually calling myself that, because I don't think it's my right to give myself that label. It's a weird mental conundrum I have. Like I want others to know that I support women, but I don't want to claim that word unless women actually agree first. Kind of like how you can't give yourself a nickname...lol. Sorry if this doesn't make any sense, it's just a thought problem I've had for the last couple years.


It makes tons of sense, and I've had those questions myself. But in the end, it doesn't matter if you label yourself a "feminist" or a "feminist ally." What important is that you're willing to do the work.


That makes sense. I'm not religious, but the quote "Faith without works is dead" rings true in many situations.


Fun fact: In Judaism, works are the only part that matters. Faith isn't required. Following the rules is. But I fail on both, so :shrug:.


Yeah, being Jewish is about questioning everything, and making the world a better place. In that sense, I don't think you're failing at all!

Whoa. Such good company. O_o


You belong in it.

<3 <3 <3 Just saw this and love it! Honored to be listed with some of these other amazing ladies! Thank you for writing this. :) See you around soon!


Thank you for everything you write.

Didic YOU are a feminist champion on the blockchain. I’m proud to know each of these gals in some capacity or another, but let me add just a couple more:
@katrina-ariel who is Mama Lion to all and who pioneered #WomenSpeakOut
@phunke writes unabashedly about femininity, motherhood, and misconceptions of female livelihood in general, raising awareness and being fearless
@meanmommy33, creator of @steemsugars and an abundant light beam of lady love 💕


@katrina-ariel is great but I'm not sure if she identifies as a feminist? I'm only starting to get to know @meanmommy33, but she seems awesome. I didn't know @phunke. Following now. Thank you!


Hmm, good question. Tbh I didn't identify as a feminist until our conversation in which I said I didn't love the word feminist and then went to bed. I woke up and read the conversation between you and (Lima, I believe?) and started to think about whether truly wanted to split hairs over linguistics or if I should just STFU and keep doing the feminist stuff I already do.

Whether or not she identifies as a feminist, and I know this is feminist Sunday she inspires me with her girl power and is a stand for equality for all. 💓


Whoop whoop! Thanks for the shout out, honey! Some fantastic women and posts in this curation effort, though. I'm happy to let them take the spotlight.

I guess everyone's definition of feminist is different. I'm all for equality, and for raising awareness of the issues that keep coming up (again and again), but I can't spend the emotional effort to fight for feminism in most instances. For my mental health, I just have to disengage and go somewhere else with my energy, if at all possible. I'll march, and raise my voice, and speak my truth, but I'm not into fighting. So yeah, I don't necessarily call myself a feminist, but I think I am one on several levels.

Peace and love, y'all!


I am so very happy to hear this! 💓

this is a great post @didic, I have really enjoyed getting to know these amazing women on here. One woman I would like to add to that list is @solarsupermama x

Lovely amplification, @didic and congratulations to veryone featured here!

She helped me a lot in poker doing a great job

Thanks a lot for sharing! I will check out some of the posts!

Good post, good luck and have a good day :)

I don't really know all but I know @lilyraabe love her posts. She is a good teacher and writer.


True story. Lily is awesome.

Keep these lists coming. And good to see I'm not on it... still undercover feminist here on Steem to keep up the good work (NOT fight) in a different way ;)

Lots of All-Stars you have here! Team Girl Powa rocks!

These all sound like women I would be proud to know.
Thank you!

Thank you for this wonderful list of wonder women! I'm just starting to figure out who I really want to follow and this helps a lot! It takes a while to sift through everything out there. I guess it could have occurred to me to search the tags a little more, but I like getting recommendations. :-)


I love giving recommendations! It's pretty much my favorite thing! :)

What a fabulous list, thank you so much for sharing!