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Daddy Peacock prancing about in his iridescent blue plumage showing off and looking for tidbits.

Although we generally call both male and female Peacock, their true name is Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus).
Males are known as Peacocks and females as Peahens.

Mommy Peahen does not look enticing at all, no pretty feathers like her male counterpart! She's smaller in stature and her dull plumage gives her an advantage in the wild as it's easier to camouflage herself.

So what are Peafowl babies called? Peachicks of course!
Seven little brothers and sisters for Mommy Peahen to take care of while Daddy Peacock is out and about probably looking to attract another Miss Peahen with his brilliant plumage.
Peafowls are typically polygynous birds which means that a dominant male could mate with several females in one season, quite the Casanova!

A cheeky Rooster checking out the scene while old Casanova is filling his belly, totally at ease with his other feathered cousin.

I do hope you enjoyed this little Peafowl family, a big thank you to @keithboone for #featheredfriday, giving us the opportunity of sharing our love for birds here on Steemit. Check out his Post for the guidelines.

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I just love them and the noise they make. My mom had a friend that had Peafowl and when she found out I was tying flies out of the hurl on the male tail feathers she saved them for me. Gave me a bundle of maybe 50.

You might be able to get 200 flies per feather, I had more peacock hurl than I could ever use.

Thanks Lizelle!

Gosh that's a whole lot of flies! What do you normally catch your way, any trout? They make such a funny noise but I also love it:) Thank you so much for your interesting comments @bigtom13!

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I gave up completely on the fly fishing when I moved to Arizona mostly because the nearest trout are at least 300 miles.

I traipsed all over the high country in Washington, Oregon and Idaho fishing for trout.

My favorite fly of all time a 'Renegade' used the Peacock hurl for the body. It was almost inevitably the first bug on my line, and often the only one.

What great memories.

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Excellent photos of the Peafowl family! Thank you for using the Feathered Friday tag. Voted & resteemed :-)

Thank you for this tag @keithboone, I just love our feathered friends!

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I think we're all having fun with the birds ;-)

Such great photos I completely forgot feathered Friday this week

Oh look at those little peachicks! I don't think I have ever seen babies! Great info, too!

I did not know that either, used to think they were all called Peacocks, that a load of little babies:)
Thank you for your comments @melinda010100, appreciated!

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Now I'll know what I'm looking at the next time I'm around peacock families!

Howdy there lizelle! wow that female doesn't even look like what we or I anyway, think a peacock looks like! She's downright homely. lol. Very interesting lizelle, great job!

Poor mrs Peahen is not a pretty bird at all, I like how you call her looks homely LOL!
Thank you for your comments & the chuckle @janton:)

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haha! howdy again lizelle! yes Ma'am I hate to insult the bird but man, she's a homely one! lol. At least compared to the male. I was shocked but it was an interesting post!

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Nice shots... I love the colours on the male bird, that green/blue is one of my favourite shades!

The males do look gorgeous, thank you so much for your support @bengy :)

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Beautiful creatures indeed.

Lovely looking birds indeed, but nasty and messy. The wife had some when we got married and I was really happy that her parents kept them instead of having them go with her to our place.

Lovely looking but messy, I would not want them in my garden as well! Thank you for your feedback Mr Papper, I didn't know that about them.

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