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RE: Feathered Friday - Peafowl family

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I just love them and the noise they make. My mom had a friend that had Peafowl and when she found out I was tying flies out of the hurl on the male tail feathers she saved them for me. Gave me a bundle of maybe 50.

You might be able to get 200 flies per feather, I had more peacock hurl than I could ever use.

Thanks Lizelle!


Gosh that's a whole lot of flies! What do you normally catch your way, any trout? They make such a funny noise but I also love it:) Thank you so much for your interesting comments @bigtom13!

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I gave up completely on the fly fishing when I moved to Arizona mostly because the nearest trout are at least 300 miles.

I traipsed all over the high country in Washington, Oregon and Idaho fishing for trout.

My favorite fly of all time a 'Renegade' used the Peacock hurl for the body. It was almost inevitably the first bug on my line, and often the only one.

What great memories.