60 Day Steemit Review

Family, Fun and the Future!

Running a little behind but all for a good cause.


This second 30 days has been even more amazing than the first. Learning so much and finding some incredible dedicated people here on this platform. Makes all of it worthwhile.


We all have our biological families but we also meet so many others along the journey that we can honestly call family. You know the ones. The ones we find to be like minded with common goals and striving every day to make the world a better place. How thankful we are for that!

One of my new families are those working with @familyprotection . A growing number of people that see children and families as a gift, not as a commodity. One of the most intriguing aspects of what I've found on this platform is the ability we now have to coordinate efforts and work towards solving problems, not simply complaining about them.

@familyprotection was created by @markwhittam as a means to raise funds so in the future we can help families fight the system and stay together. Governments around the world, are using "Child Protection Agencies" to take children away from loving families and placing them in foster care or group homes. THESE FAMILIES NEED PROTECTING.

I don't like listing people on here for the fear of missing someone but going to risk it so you all have an opportunity to join a family that is always working toward the best interest for the greater good. If I forget someone, please add yourself in the comments!

Big hug and a thank you to: @familyprotection @markwhittam @kryptocoin @canadian-coconut @enjoywithtroy @samstonehill @jockey @chron @apanamamama @article61 @crosheille @misslasvegas @crowd4good @karenfoster @endless.drugs

Steemit provides the ability to make a difference as @samstonehill is showing us. His desire to help families effected by the Bali Volcano Crisis is certainly touching people's lives. If you have a moment please check out the @charitysteemit account to read about the success he is having in helping others.



With all that is going on in the world today sometimes it is hard to remember and take time for fun. I've found the Steemit Community to be a bit of fresh air. I was invited to check out the MSP-Waves on DISCORD in PALNet (Peace, Abundance, Liberty). https://discord.gg/pKAdPbM WHAT A GREAT PLACE TO HANGOUT!

We had @globocop as the DJ giving us not only the top hits from 1960 but a little bit of trivia along the way. Hope you can join in each Saturday for a trip back to the 60's, check the time zones.

For a couple of weeks I was a bit stressed by not knowing how many votes or what voting power I had left at any given time. Steemians are quick to answer a call for distress. I've now found a way to have fun watching my statistics, voting power and more. Hope you find these links as helpful as I have.

https://steemstats.com/ (shows voting power, activity, transactions and more)

https://steemnow.com/(summary of daily rewards, voting power and how many
hours to reach 100%, latest upvotes, latest curation and author rewards and more)

https://steemd.com/@yourname (reputation, voting power, age, who
you voted for as witness, transactions, upvote, curation and more)

BIG THANK YOU to @roelandp for providing the ability for those that were not able to attend Steemfest2 to be able to share in the fun and learning with the videos. Great hearing the speakers give us an idea of what may be in store in the very near future. Exiting indeed! You can find more info here:

Here is something we can all participate in. @jockey has started a "New Steemit Community Series" called Named and Shamed where we can expose some of those creating havoc around the world. Hope you will check it out!


One of the best things I did in this past 30 days was to tune in to the Steem Growth Forum I got to listen to some of the top promoters here on the Steemit Platform, the ones that keep the wheels turning. If by chance you missed it @aggroed has posted the info and audios of that presentation here:



We know the future is hard to predict BUT we also know the future can be whatever we want it to be. I enjoy my time here on the Steemit Platform, the people I meet, the opportunities that show themselves each and every day and a new way of BEing.

I also look forward to meeting more of the witnesses in the future. Those giving not only their best but reaching for the next level at the same time. Here are 5 of those WITNESSES here that I have voted for thus far. I know there will be more. (We are allowed 30 votes each)


I look forward to whatever that future may hold. I've resteemed some helpful posts for anyone that may be new to Steemit on my blog. (These are posts that helped me) Feel free to use any info that can help you to be all you can be.

Here is a link to my first 30 day review of Steemit

Steem On and Let Peace BE the Journey!

#familyprotection #namedandshamed


Your post has been Resteemed and Upvoted by @familyprotection

Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes.

Funds are being raised so that in the future we can help families fight the system and stay together. Your UPVOTE of this comment will support this cause.

Thank you @vickiebarker for supporting @familyprotection

For me @familyprotection is a cause that should touch every heart. Nothing more important than children, especially those with no voice.

That is a well dressed up 60 days. You would be surprise how far I have gone to treasure people here and met beautiful souls in a so much short time. A family indeed and great friends at heart!.
Peace would be the journey, now, always and forever!.

There certainly are some great people here with wonderful spirits. Finding them is part of the journey as well :)

60 Days and counting more
A bright future there is in store
a cause where friends will join as one
For Dads, daughters, mothers and sons
Protect, defend and strong to stand
For family and freedom in every land
A voice for those who cannot speak
a strength for those afraid and weak
A cry for kindness, compassion and care
Let justice prevail its trail everywhere.
Till tears of sadness turn to joy
as smiles await each girl and boy
60 days and counting much more
A bright future there is in store.

@enjoywithtroy you work such magic with words. I hope you realize this! You will touch many hearts.

What a great family thank you post - not least because of the importantt work in this community on true family and child protection, not the state sponsored type that is often drenched in corruption and criminality.

Of coursee, MSP-Waves, the amazing Radio station for Steemians offers programming of a amazing variety - personal - relevant - fun!

Thanks Vickie!

It really is @globocop amazing variety, personal, relevant and fun. I miss not being able to tune it these past 2 weeks. I have a couple of things working against my time of being able to tune in, but keep you on my laptop for that moment when I can. Thank you for all you do here for us on this Steemit platform. I am excited to watch it all grow.

Thank you @vickiebarker. It's Steemians like you who make it all worthwhile. :)

🎵 Woooot!!! 🎶
This post has been manually curated by @msp-waves - the amazing broadcast station for Steemians, courtesy of @globocop.

Listen to MSP-Waves Radio on MSPWaves.com

I see the opportunity we have here with MSPWaves available. It is under-utilized because it really is a valuable resource and am looking forward to watching it grow as more find out the wonders that can be found there. Thank you for all you do!

Essentially the family is the most beautiful paradise that ever existed on earth.

In a perfect world, yes @mime family is our paradise. Unfortunately some powers in this world do not understand that as yet. We do hope to see the day when all children have the opportunity to know their families and the love they so deserve. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Thanks for the mention. Looks like you've done a lot in 60 days! Nice! :) I enjoy being a part of the steemit community and I see you do as well!

What a great 60 day write up @vickiebarker! Thank you so much for that warm and sweet mention. I have been blessed to come across some of the most generous and passionate people on this platform. I am delighted to be apart of this loving family and working together with them to spread awareness. I am so glad that we met and I look forward to sharing and hearing more from you. Many blessings~ 😊