All SteemFest presentations chunkified and ready for sharing, TRFund paid and more.

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After 1 week of chilling in Portugal, spending time with the family we are now about 1.5 weeks back in Netherlands.

It's (almost) freezing here, but it is also great to be back. I handed in my computer on warranty so my little beast and workload was downscaled to a barebones raspberry pi for a little web browsing and my witness duties / server management, for which those little devices are actually great. Additionally I spent time to do some Zigbee light hacking on the same device, so we can now turn our toiletlight into a disco thanks to an IKEA tradfri LED color bulb.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 23.35.01.png

35 Presentations of SteemFest now available on Youtube.

Via the Raspberry Pi minicomputer I also managed to cut up the 4 single file recordings of 20 GB each (2 days, 2 rooms) into 35 presentations / shareable youtube videos of all presentations at SteemFest.

For this task I had some help from a more powerful devices: I installed FFMPEG on a server, downloaded the four 720P original recordings / videofiles from @shourai's (livestreamer) CDN and had the videofiles timecoded via OMXplayer network streaming on the Raspberry Pi, and writing down all the starts & stops. Next, put all those starts & stops in a Gsheet, exporting that to TSV file, ready to be munched by a small bash script to handle 'input & output' file with timecoded start & stop:

IFS=" "
while read id room day infile outfile timestart timeend venue title users timetabletitle img;
echo "/usr/bin/ffmpeg -i ~/steemfestvids/$infile -ss $timestart -c copy -to $timeend ~/steemfestvids/$outfile"
done < sfvidsched.tsv

This resulted in 35 presentations. Then I spent a couple of hours trying to add a preroll, without the need to re-encode all individual files, which I somehow managed last year, but forgot how, (hence I am now documenting this :P) so I gave up because it was just grabbing to much time. I tried to cat, I tried to cat with ffmpeg, I tried ffmpeg's concat feature but all ended up with having the audio being lagging. I really didn't want to go the 'reencoding' way as that would take up so much processing power.

After the cutting I had another nifty cmd line tool installed: Youtube-upload which does exactly what it says. I used the TSV file again, to auto add the titles and descriptions (taken from the SteemFest mobile app) to the individual video files.

Here are all presentations in 1 playlist on youtube:

@T-R-F paid out. 4000 SBD and 5000 Steem distributed.

Additionally after a reminder 1.5 weeks ago I wrote the script to pay out all t-r-f funds, there is just one person not being paid out, medicine man, as there is no such user on Steemit. There were many more applicants then last year and a little less funds to share, and many more people from far away applying, so in the end the per-person and per-mile returns where lower for all, but still we managed to distribute about 5000 steem and 4000 SBD to about 135 people if I am not mistaken.

Anyone who received funds should thank: @knozaki, @benjojo, @blueorgy, @edb, @hitmeasap, @walterjay, @ausbitbank, @jesta, @ericvancewalton, @kevinwong, @firepower, @lichtblick, @mariandavp, @skapaneas, @shenanigator, @gtg, @timcliff, @good-karma, @gringalicious, @arcange, @furion, @ballinconscious, @steemfest and @roelandp for their donations to the reward fund.

Steem talk @ National broadcaster BNR (business news radio) - 1 hour podcast (dutch)

About 2 weeks before SteemFest I was for a good 7 minutes live on national radio talking about the event and Steemit and the presenters asked me back for their async hour long dedicated podcast when I had more time. I figured I would have some after the event so you can now download and listen to me talking 1 hour in dutch about Steem, Steemit, Vests / SBD / Steem and rewarding content.

One of the main takes / feedback I got from one of the presenters was: Medium is really great for content discovering, 'staff picks' works wonders, and he missed that on Steemit. In the talk I give extra attention to SMT and a shout out to as well as Steem World Map.

Podcast recording (in dutch)


other news --- still need to find time to go out for a kitesurf. Has been 5-6 weeks now since my last surf session... But the water is very chilly already now, and especially outside. But hopefully this week!

Ps. Did you attend SteemFest? Please find a request for feedback (via a form) in your email inbox pretty soon.

Thanks, have a great week, Roeland.


Way to go Roeland! Can't wait to work together at the next event! :)

@firepower Well you have chosen the right partner 👍 I am also a fan of it .🙄
Respect @roelandp

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I did a video of my short talking. It was not so good so I added the text to the video.

Thank you sir @roelandp for the videos. It will surely help us for our upcoming Second SteemPH UAE Meet and Greet on Sat, 28th April.

More power and God bless! ☺️

Hello sir i made something that's looked beautiful and eye catching please watch my art

I will quickly learn Dutch because I really want to listen and understand that podcast :-) Great job promoting the platform and relevant projects, Roeland!

Also thanks for putting all the presentations together! After Steemfest I've been talking to a lot of people about the content, and sometimes you just want to jump over to one of the speeches and quote a statement that especially touched you. Now that's much easier - cool! :-)
Loved and resteemed

A great day to everybody!

Really nice and correct information but want to know how you really you can be exponential in your growth.After reading your article didn’t find how to fix and have win situation

GREAT JOB @roelandp!!!

Thanks a lot for sharing this information that is now going to be part of our common history. Looking forward to meeting you next year for SteemFest 3.0!!!

Namaste :)

I agree with @firepower. I totally agree and I can't wait until the next one.
And, I look forward to the possibilities of contributing more. Again, thanks for everything @roelandp

I couldn't believe what I was reading. ALL THAT on a raspberry pi? Really?

I think I'm impressed as much as you were when you did it all. I don't think most people would have even attempted to do that..

Sure, browsing, checking email, no problem on a pi...

I had some help from a more powerful devices: I installed FFMPEG on a server,

...yes, you did.. but the Raspberry Pi was your command terminal for everything and it didn't seem to slow you down very much at all.

I've never heard of someone using it as a complete workstation while their computer was in for warranty repair before. Very interesting.

...and then to hear all the work you were doing too (re: Steemfest)... you're a power trooper when it comes to work! :)

sir it is good

Danke schön!!!!!! Es war wunderbar!!!

"Danke schön, Ice War Wunderbar!'
This is lucky to join in steemit and get to know Steemfest. All languages of the world almost
I mastered. Hhhhh @mammasitta thanks
using the German language, this is fun. I do not think about 'Upvote Dollars'
because it is too fun talk to you guys here.
Terima Kasih from Indonesia for @mammasitta and all you guys over there...

@mammasitta nice to meet you ... regard from Aceh (indonesia)

I can wait to come to live in Portugal and have the chance to be at Steem conferences or maybe the next Steemfest =)

I love Steem cause it's hot and steemy... Thanks a lot for sharing this information that is now going to be part of our common history. Looking forward to meeting you next year for SteemFest ...:)

Oh Sweet THX Roelly!

There were a few talks that I missed due to them occurring at the same/similar times!

Immense appreciate for chunkifying them for everybody!

Side note: SteemFest2 was so epic! I'm also really looking forward to seeing how crazy good we can all make the next one!

yay!!!! Roeland!! Thank you so much for everything!!!! And now "chunkified" presentations???? This will make my job taking notes and writing a synopsis of them all a lot easier!!! I was just looking on YouTube for something like this last night!

You are a legend, and a hero, @roelandp!!!!

P.s. does anyone have a full video of @sneak's dj set?


unfortunately I don't think there have been made full recordings at 'A night of Steem' ... However maybe @sneak himself did record an MP3 ? or wait, ... is that even possible with the CDJM?

@inquiringtimes : of 35 SteemFest Presentations on youtube, the published by SteemFest 5 -15 minutes ago. I am looking at 3 Video. 'But I am a little difficult understand when looking at
Net, Roelandp, good-karma, quineaker and other speaking on stage.
and the others laugh ... Hah hah .. haha ​​..!
because I do not understand and wearing English - Indonesian translate.
'that happened' I am late to laugh. Hhhh. but i like this. tonight I will continue
to watch this memory with you in youtube. thanks to @roelandp and steemit

great job @roelandp
can't wait for next event
Iam excited for next event 😎😎
really nice and help ful post thank for the pos

Can't wait for the next event.....


thx roeland, even for me as home viewer it was great

great job @roelandp
really nice and help ful post thank for the post

That was a lot of work and we greatly appreciate what you have done @roelandp. Thank you for being the Master of Ceremonies as well. Looking forward already to next year's event. Prost!

Thanks for the playlist @roeland. I missed many of these talks, it will be great to catch up on them.

Roeland, it was Amazing! And Im happy to See much by sharing the streaming.
Hope to join the Fest in real next time.


This is a very good content and quite interesting. Thanks.

I want to join with you but i think im far because im staying at the philippines😊


I have lissen to the podcast, and you talk't me on the platform! Thnx for that.

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This is awesome @roelandp. You did a great job at SteemFest.

Very interesting! Thank you for sharing! <3

Awesome post friend.
really super & mind touch post and pic like it.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead friend. vote,cmmnt back

Haha I met the Medicine Man! He was a "skateboard distributor from Germany that lived in LA for a while"... said he was "still waiting for his STEEM account to get verified"... Did we find our agent?

Thanks for all you do @roelandp ! I think I need to get my hands on one of those Raspberri Pi's

Congratulations @roelandp!
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Tanks for this information

I thank everybody, especially you for your generosity! Thank you! 🙌

great post brother .. When are you coming to Indonesia?

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Hey that looks super :)

Thank you again for everything @roelandp to be the Ceremony Master, General and Orchestre Man for a week (and for the months before to prepare everything)! This even was really the best moment of my Steem Life ! And I can't wait to be next year !
All the best for your news project with the Radio ! This is so HUUUUGGGEE :D

I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since the epic event @roelandp. Thanks again for all of your hard work. It’d be awesome to get you involved in HardFork in some capacity if you’re still interested!

everyone comments on Steem for the win

NIce post!!😃

Not on dtube? that's a shame...

we can crosspost on Dtube sure. But I want to have this stuff being as shareable as possible. (iaw, embeds - mobile play) etc. Sorry that you feel 'it is a shame'.

Hi @roelandp! Certainly hope to go to Steem Fest next year! I tried to reach you on Discord as well if you have a chance to see that. Thanks!

Great!!!! such a wonderful experience. Did you eat "Pasteis de nata"? Best part of Portugal!!!

Thanks for everything Roelandp! It was great meeting you there. Looking forward now to the next SteemFest!

That is awesome. Need to jump on that playlist and binge watch it ❤


Thanks for the videos. I tried to watch all the presentations when they were posted during the SteemFest, but it would be to come back to some.

Good post..i like it

I have noticed that you guys have been such a wonderful supporter!
Thank you so much, I wish I could hug each of you!

@knozaki, @benjojo, @blueorgy, @edb, @hitmeasap, @walterjay, @ausbitbank, @jesta, @ericvancewalton, @kevinwong, @firepower, @lichtblick, @mariandavp, @skapaneas, @shenanigator, @gtg, @timcliff, @good-karma, @gringalicious, @arcange, @furion, @ballinconscious, @steemfest and @roelandp

When I can earn decent amount, I would like to join the community and help others too :)

Glad to help. @kawaiipower, you are already part of the community ;)

Awww thank you so much! You are very kind :) I feel so welcomed! xoxoxo

You might find this to be pretty wild...

Thanks for the help in Lisbon @roelandp. Hope to see you again next year!

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great great work... @roelandp.. how to apply for that??

voted witnees for you!, please listen my cover! I would appreciate your vote in my participation in openmic week 66, thank you very much!

Thanks for sharing this nice post. Would you please look at my post?

Egyptian poet, fairly new to Steemit, @Roelandp, but keen to try and attend Steemfest or meetups in Florida/Washington DC. Keep up the good work!

@roelandp I wish steemfeast can be had in my country. You're very lucky to be part of it

Thank you, @Roelandp, I look forward to checking out link and attending virtually, until I can do so in person, one day :)

Thanks, too, for all the good you do for the community and your support!

Cheers, an Egyptian poet very grateful to have discovered Steemit, Yahia

big post a good work

I love your work to support and to grow steemit :)
My support is with you, go and grow this community as fast as you can :)

Awesome, Thanks for everything you did to make all of this happen @roleandp; Even starting all the way back when your first suggested the idea for steemfest 1.

I look forward to checking out the new format of the presentations, probably will be checking out mine first ^_^

Lets see if I can get 10 upvotes with out any reason!!!


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