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RE: Remember the lady who gave the passionate speech about forced adoption, to the EU committee? Sabine Mceil, but where is she now?

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Robin Hood country lol! I'm in Arkansas, US. the CPS problem here is fairly straightforward- kids for cash. Australia I found to be much the same, with a smattering of pedo mixed in. England is a cesspool of pedophilia with all of the elements of the US and Aus. It seems to be the prevalent rationale behind the CPS abuse there- the fuckups on the throne don't help the public image much. I was thinking about starting with the Jersey Boys School and kind of fanning out from there.


We must be running on the same frequency, I just did a post that included Bill Bowen yesterday. I think it is important to keep their work alive and blockchain may be our best bet. Here is mine from yesterday:

Yes mate we're all outlaws Used to be nice here but they are slowly painting into a shade of 'corporate bland' Primark coffee shop coffee shop tkmaxx tesco...Yawn...
We have a nature reserve were I live though, so that is nice to visit and get away from all the garbage. What Arkansas like? Not sure were to point you with UK, it has to involve Savile and Hastert those 2 are a disgrace and need to be burned. Janner is another, Glitter. Oh wait! Barrymore...That case has always smelt fishy. Jason Lubbock I think his name was and they rammed a brolley up his arse, after filling him up on booze and drugs. It ruined Barrymore in career and in mind. His mental state while on celeb big bro just shouted guilt to me. There is definitely some there. I can send you a link to a huge file on all things UK. I used it to write an article about the Boy Scouts. See if I can dig it up

I think perhaps an overview would be a good start and go outward from there. I'm still shaken from those videos I posted yesterday. I hardly slept- I feel like I'll carry those ghosts with me for the rest of my life! As if I didn't already have enough ghosts from Vietnam!!!

I'm beginning to understand now how this stuff can really get to you. I've always been strong, but the more exposure I get to this, the weaker I'm getting.

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