Michigan CPS...yea they got a report card too...but straight F's doesn't get even a slap on the wrist.

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Many states are getting on the bandwagon of producing written "show trials" to put into permanent form some of the more obvious and blatant failings of their particular version of "child protection" "services" (CPS) without actually, then, holding anyone accountable. In Michigan, the CPS mess is called The "Department of Health & Human Services" (DHHS) and they don't seem to have any desire to deviate from the "pressure relief valve" strategy of modern public relations.

The cretins who run the world know that there is a current explosion of awareness of all the manifest evils they've been pursuing. They know that a "critical mass" of public awareness could lead to THEM being the next "French nobility" of a global French Revolution...and they-- for who knows what reasons, given their total lack of humanity--seem to want to keep their necks connected to their heads, for now. They, therefor, are constantly employing certain recognizable techniques to save their own skin, and one of their favorites ploys is the "pressure relief valve."

They do this in a variety of ways. One of the key ways is to put a politician in place who talks about some of their evils (even if just tangentially, like talking about the billionaire pedophile club by referring to "human trafficking") and pretends to be taking action against this or that, without ever really threatening the status quo. The people swallow the rhetoric and ignore the lack of change. Within CPS they often use these reports to show the people that there are known problems that even the sickos running the circus will admit are ubiquitous and serious, and they will then bloviate about how they intend to "clean things up" while the public backs down and waits, and they continue with "business as usual."

Here is the link:


While you can also click through to the full report (linked at the bottom of the article) there is more than enough in this brief article to make my case. First, this article is over six months old, covering a report that is even older, dealing with numbers and cases that are much older than that, and yet...Michigan just keeps on popping up (along with California, Arizona and Texas) as one of the hotbeds for CPS abuse, malfeasance and criminality.

Then there is this: "'Obviously we’re concerned about the findings of the audit and want to make improvements to Children’s Protective Services and we’re taking this as a learning opportunity and an opportunity to make improvements to Children’s Protective Services,' said Bob Wheaton, spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees CPS. Wheaton says the department agrees with a majority of the Auditor General’s findings."

See. Of course Wheaton would never dare to disagree. HIS REAL JOB IS PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR for the system. Forget the title. If he was actually concerned about these things HE WOULD BE LEADING THE CHARGE for reforms, not sitting back and responding to some report.

(Bob Wheaton, courtesy of twitter.com.)

Here is another excerpt about some of the many serious conclusion of the audit:

"The report shows:

** Investigations were not commenced on time for 17 percent of cases.
** Required background checks were not done in more than 50 percent of investigations.
** CPS investigators didn’t meet with alleged child victims in 11 percent of cases.
** County prosecutors weren’t contacted when required in 50 percent of cases.
**  Many required medical examinations didn’t take place
** Almost 30 percent of reviewed investigations were 44 days late on average.
** 257 confirmed perpetrators of child abuse and neglect weren’t added to the central registry as required.

The list goes on."

Let's delve into just that last one for the time being. 257 CRIMINAL CHILD ABUSERS were not registered as offenders? How does that HAPPEN, Mr. Wheaton? If your mammoth tax-dollar gobbling boondoggle of a system even cared the slightest wit about protecting children there is NO WAY even one offender would not have been properly registered so that the public could stay clear. Sure, one or three, is an oversight. Five or ten is incompetence. But, uh Bob...257 is CRIMINAL COLLUSION WITH THESE ABUSERS. I'd like to find a way to sugar coat it for ya, but... that's your gig, not mine.

The other bullet points above, are obviously also serious and prove that Michigan DHHS is a hopelessly error-ridden and corrupted agency. You don't "fix" things that are THIS BROKEN, you chuck them in the trash and start over.

Again, we would be better off as a nation (And children would be far safer) if we would just let law enforcement handle law enforcement matters, and GET RID OF THESE BOGUS "CHILD PROTECTION" RACKETS that do far more harm to families and children than they accidentally may do good, from time to time.

The people do no want another report. They don't want another study commission, or reform panel, or even legislative committee. THEY WANT THEIR PARENTAL RIGHTS AND THEIR CHILDREN BACK. If you want to fix the CPS problem start by abolishing CPS and put any children that are in real danger into the care of extended family until best arrangements can be made.

CPS has proven, over and over, from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, that GOVERNMENT can not do this job. PERIOD.

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Evil has no interest in disciplining or correcting the errors of one of its own. When the system is corrupt there is no checks and balances to ensure justice and freedom for all. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the comment, my friend. Thank you, also, for your many contributions on behalf of the world's families and children.

Too many parents have their children stolen and placed into the system which just abuses and takes advantage of the most vulnerable.

That we definitely need to have oversight!

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Yea...like we have oversight over Big Pharma, The CIA, "our" "elected" "representatives," etc....


Yeah that's how you know the corruption continues? When we hold them accountable it's a different story.

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NO ONE IN GOVERNMENT ever seems to get fired, do they??

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