Come on folks!!! Only 1 week left to enter into the @familyprotection fundraiser!!

in familyprotection •  6 months ago

I'm hoping for a busy last-week for the raffle but as things stand we have still raised a nice amount so far. But it could be soooooo much more!!! I'm still hopeful of reaching the 125SBD target, which will release a 4th oz of silver into the raffle, but it really needs a final push to get there. Either way I have been amazed by the response once again, you folks on steemit really are the best around.

Now lets brush-up on how this all works.


    (Please notify this in the comments section and when it has been confirmed you will be entered into the draw. If you do not receive a confirmation message, you have not yet been put into the raffle. Please contact me if there are any problems)
  • YOU WILL NEED TO SEND A MINIMUM DONATION OF 2SBD TO @familyprotection. Please put the word "raffle" in the memo section .
    (Again, once this has been confirmed you will be entered into the raffle)
  • MULTIPLE ENTRIES ARE ALLOWED. There are no limits to how many times you can enter the raffle.

    2SBD will get you 1 entry to the raffle

    5SBD will get you 3 entries.

    10SBD will get you 6 entries


    (give or take a day or two).
    I will be using a discord raffle-bot to draw the raffle and will record the event for you all to find out on the final post that announces the raffle has been drawn.


    Steemit members already entered into the raffle and thank you to everyone who has donated so far:

    @em3 x 3
    @healthy-home x 1
    @stbathans x 1
    @ironshield x 1
    @richq11 x 6
    @wildlocusthoney x1
    @practicalthought x 10
    @thethreehugs x 1
    @kiwideb x 1
    @crosheille x 3 x 1
    @kaliju x 6
    @thethreehugs x 1
    @lydsaybowes x 3
    @empress-eremmy x 6
    @akinninmont x 1
    @healthiswealth x 6

    Total donations: 93SBD


    Screenshot_2018-07-15 Hand Poured Silver(2).png
    Screenshot_2018-07-27  article61(1).pngScreenshot_2018-07-23  familyprotection.pngScreenshot_2018-07-15 samoa 1oz silver coin royal horse - Google Search.png



    @familyprotection assist and support families who are fighting against forced adoption orders and the corrupt Child Welfare system.

    Here are some links to find out more about this wonderful community.

    Screenshot_2018-07-30  familyprotection.png
    Screenshot_2018-07-30  familyprotection(1).png

    Screenshot_2018-07-30  familyprotection(2).png

    Good luck folks and fingers crossed we get to our target.

    PTYAY and thank you to everyone supporting @familyprotection.



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Thank-you @article61 for submitting this post with the #familyprotection tag. It has been UPVOTED by @familyprotection and RESTEEMED TO OUR Community Supporters.

"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

The response to this raffle has been AMAZING!
Thanks to everyone who entered and donated, and a special thank-you @article61 for donating the Silver Rounds!


You are more than welcome and I am just as amazed as you are. No problems about the rounds and it looks like I may need to get a 4th ready!! Such an great response in the final week.

PS Thank you Linda, you have been so supportive of me. Big hugs to you and much love and respect.

Good job @article61 sending you big hugs and good vibes....!
Upvoted and Resteemed "Raffle"

You have my full support for @familyprotectionMAY YOUR HEALTH BE WITH YOUR 2.png


I have just been updating the post with new entries and noticed yours in the fp wallet. Thank you very much for you support and donation. I am truly blown away by how folks have reacted to this raffle. Got big plans for the next one and it will have a very affectionate twist to it. Thanks again and you have been placed into the raffle (x 6)


I am glad to help push the fundraiser to 125 SBD and beyond!

My Followers are the best don't be to suprised to achieve 125 SBD within the deadline.

I just posted your post onto

consider asking everyone else to repost it there.

125 SBD and Beyond!


Haha. Yes my friend, what an effort! Love it, love it, love it!! I can't believe we are so close ($93 sbd) and that doesn't include my donations from post payouts. Can't thank you all enough.


Any update on SBD?
I as HRD just reposted onto


Hey buddy! I am just catching up with it all now. It was at 99sbd at least 2sbd more to add. Gonna do the rounds on discord this afternoon and try reach this target. The draw will be on Sunday evening UK time. Thanks for your efforts mate, much appreciated.


Hello my friend.
I reposted your post on again this morning.
You can repost every two hours there.
I think your going to beat 125 SBD


Thank matey :D I hope we do get there, that would be an pretty cool and unexpected tbh.

Great effort Buddy!
You've put a lot of thought and effort into this so it's
lovely to see so many people getting involved.

Big Respect to you @articale61


Hey buddy! Hows it going? I hope you have settled somewhere by now.
Thanks for the compliments mate and you know I love helping out here so it's a joy to be part of. Just hope I live to see the system smashed :)
Peace to you and yours bro, take care.

I will be kicking in 7 more SBD tomorrow to bring my entries up to 10 (I believe 7 sbd would equal 4 more. Please don't forget to split them evenly among canadian-coconut and markwhittam which should be 5 each. Will resteem and comment tomorrow after I make the final donation for the raffle.

C'mon everyone, lets hit that mark. If you have any doubts, please look through all the posts in FamilyProtection and see for yourself how giving this group is to those who NEED help. For the price of a Starbucks coffee you can get an entry.


Your support and enthusiasm has been fantastic, thank you. I will split the votes as you request.


Thank you, as is yours. Just sent the 7 SBD to bring the entries to 10 and resteeming now. Your raffle is ingenious and I appreciate your using a unique approach to bringing funding and attention to this worthy community.


Thanks buddy, I will edit post now so I don't forget. Oh and thank you for the compliments. I have something very special for the next raffle and you and a few others have inspired the idea, so watch this space ;)

Everyone -go for it. Help protect our children from the viles of the CPS.


Hi @globocop :) Hope you are well and thanks for the support.

I'm in! I support @familyprotection fully and sincerely! ✊ Upvoted, resteemed, SBD sent.
And as @practicalthought wished, I'd also like it to be split between @markwhittam and @canadian-coconut
Thank you, @article61!


Wow you guys are awesome, I'm loving the vibe on this raffle. Thank you for your support and donation. You have been entered into the raffle(x6)

Just donated 2 more SBD..Hope this helps!

This post was upvoted and resteemed by #thethreehugs. Thank you for your support of @familyprotection.


Great stuff and thanks again for the support. You have been placed into the raffle.


I sent 10 Steem @article61, hope it helps


Thank you very much for your support & donation. I have entered you into the raffle (x6)

Entered @familyprotection 'raffle'. Upvoting and resteeming.


Great stuff @akinninmont! You have been entered into the raffle :)

Hey dan, coming in late with this one xx
upvoted, resteemed and 5sbd send to @familyprotection
much love to you my friend xxx


Yay!! I was hoping you would join in. I really wanted you to win the last raffle and I have my fingers crossed for you again. I am just totting up the entries now and I think we are pretty close to the target :) I'll add you to the raffle and all my best to you and the family :)

Upvoted and restreamed wish i could do more


That's the spirit @corndogg42. The next raffle will be a lot more accessible and I run competitions in between, so folk with less funds have a chance. Keep your eyes peeled.

what an amazing place this is! Just amazing............./

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