When We Dodge One Bullet, It's Luck. When We Dodge Many, It's A Miracle! Ulog #10

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This will be my happiest Ulog yet!

When everything was supposed to fall apart, it didn't. When everything was supposed to be destroyed, it wasn't. Have you ever had a time in your life when something or someone very important to you was almost lost forever, but somehow there was a rebound? Kind of like you dodged a bullet?

The last nine months were some of the hardest of my life, but somehow, we escaped not just one bullet, but many of them. Just as Neo gained strength in The Matrix, our family gained strength. The strength to stop them in their tracks.

The bullets that came toward us were enough to bring about widespread and devastating destruction for our family. Each one carrying with it pain and suffering that would penetrate to our core. The gun does not appear to be pointed at us anymore though, so we are counting ourselves blessed to have made it through. Here are some things we have victory over today.

Bullet # 1: CPS

We could've had our children taken away. Months ago, I told my mother about a concern I had about my depressed husband using my pills to feel better. We had also started homeschooling. My mom or someone she told called CPS and they saw this as cause to launch an investigation. We did everything wrong! Against @canadian-coconut's and many other's advice, we let them in. We told them too much. We let them interview the children. We didn't resist when they ordered urine tests. We were lied to about being notified of what's going on, and about how many tests we would have to do. They invaded our privacy, stole our dignity, and were coming up to 6 times a month to watch us pee without any notice.

They were trying with all their might to build a case against us. That's what they get paid to do after all...but they didn't have one. When the social worker and detective met with my husband and I the last time, we had to go seperately so they could try and divide us. We reluctantly accepted the idea of a voluntary agreement into their programs, programs we would have to follow or face the risk of our kids being stolen from us. You see, they threatened us, saying the more we resist, and I quote, "The more things will be done to you." They asked many questions. They were trying to seek my every weakness to use against me. When they asked what support I have, one of the things I blurted out was, "I have a lot of support online. I'm a blogger on Steemit," and they both wrote it down. Little did they know I was blogging about them and everything they were doing to us. The social worker said she would come to our house the following day to have us sign the agreement, and guess what.

She never came!

We don't really know why. Was it because they saw my blog about them, and all the support from @familyprotection and other friends? I don't know but something stopped them in their tracks! It's been almost two months since she was supposed to come. It's scary to say this because I don't want to jinx it, but I think it's over! No more fear! No more dread! No more control!

Bullet #2: Depression and Unemployment


In November, my husband, Jared started getting depressed. He quit his job. We stopped going to church. We stopped going to family functions. He stopped taking care of himself. Pretty much everything stopped. I watched helplessly as the strong man I knew turned into a shell of what he was, and for months he was basically planted to either the bed or the couch as our lives were falling apart around us. I was able to pay the bills up until recently, then we were completely broke, often out of household items until a family member came through or a visit to the food pantry. STEEM, sbd, and bitcoin weren't getting much anymore. We were on a waiting list for him to see a professional other than just his doctor, who prescribed pills, and It was taking months.

Jared started to get better little by little, but what really pushed him back was me getting a job to support us all. Something broke through, and he just felt the intense guilt of me having to go out and work while he stayed home. He went through the yellow pages and started making phone calls. One business owner talked to him for an hour! Jared thought maybe he was given the run around though. Well the next day (which happens to be yesterday), the man called back! Someone actually quit on him, giving Jared an opening!

Jared is hired!!

The man is meeting with him tomorrow to show him around and have him fill out paperwork! He starts work Monday!!

Bullet #3: Losing our Home

Due to Jared having been out of work and us not being able to pay, the banker in charge of our mortgage had been calling us almost daily. We were ignoring him because we didn't have any answers for him as to when or how we could give him the money. Then he stopped calling. A few days ago, we got certified mail saying that if we didn't make a payment by mid August, the process of foreclosure would start. Jared sat down and drew up a payment plan that would get us back on track since he now has a job. He talked to the banker today, who agreed to the plan! We need to sign it and drop it off. We are now no longer at risk of losing our house, as long as we follow through with the payment plan! Hooray!!

Bullet #4: Divorce


There were a couple occasions during this trial in which I seriously contemplated the breaking up of our marriage. I was frustrated and not understanding why Jared couldn't just be himself again, and was on the verge of kicking him out. I would try to make it on my own, and surely it would've ruined the children along the way. I really didn't know what else to do. Then someone reached out to me on messenger. We only talked once or twice before, but she felt the need to tell me her story about her husband's depression years ago, and how they overcame. She helped me put our situation into perspective, and I decided to not give up on Jared. Really he's been my best friend for the majority of our adulthood, and when we married, I didn't say only in health will I stay with you or only when things are good.

Having dodged these bullets, we have been given a new lease on life, and I am so excited about our future!

Thanks for reading!

Love, snowpea ❤

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I'm really happy things are looking up for you and your family.
When you go through hardship and trauma but make it through the with your head held such as you did, you become stronger, more resilient and it brings you closer to the ones that mean the most to you.

I'm happy for you, Well done!


Thank you @markwhittam! These difficulties certainly have made us much stronger. I am so thankful for all of your support through this.

That's fantastic news girl! Woohaaaa so happy for you all... enjoy the weekend with this wonderful news !


We will @anouk.nox! Thank you and you have a wonderful weekend too!

Glad to hear that things are looking up for you guys. I know it has been a difficult few months, but it looks like you've stuck together through thick and thin. So glad to hear that he will be starting a job on Monday and you have a plan to keep the house and that you haven't heard from CPS! Interesting that they seem to have dropped you. Hopefully they stay away!! Glad to hear an update. I'm always checking Family Protection for your posts. :)


It is a huge relief that things are working out! There's a light at the end of the tunnel after all, and the fact that you cared about me and my family warms my heart. ❤

You go girl...I am so happy to hear things are working out for you..Positive thoughts bring positive results. Depression is a tough battle to fight, but with a lot of hard work and an understanding support system, it can be overcome.
Stay strong, stay brave, stay positive and above all, never give up on yourself or your loved ones. I am so proud of you!!

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @thethreehugs. Thank you for your support of @familyprotection.


Thank you @thethreehugs! Your thoughtful comment is so appreciated, as is your support for @familyprotection. Thanks for the resteem!

So happy for you guys! May the sun keep shining for you and your family!


Thank you, I hope it will.

I am so glad things took a turn for the positive for all of you. I was amazed/impressed with your composure through it all. You have a lot of inner strength and awareness. So glad Jared has snapped out of his depression and hopeful he can reflect on what happens to steer it off if it begins to rear its head again in the future.


Me too @practicalthought. I'm honored that you hold me in such high regard! I didn't always feel strong.

This is fantastic news, I am so pleased for you all it has been such a turbulent time and certainly harder then anyone deserves to suffer. Well done to you all, it's a credit to you as a family you stuck together in the hard times and turned it all around, I wish the best of luck for the future.

#thealliance #witness


Yes, so glad we made it through @c0ff33a! I appreciate your stopping by my post! :)


Also forgot to mention - thanks for the resteem! That was very nice of you!

Such wonderful news, @snowpea!!! So glad for both you and your family! ✌💛


Thank you @novacadian! :)

Very happy everything is working out for your benefit and peace of mind sweets. Deserve it.

"She helped me put our situation into perspective, and I decided to not give up on Jared"
If You wouldn't have written that line , I would have stopped to read the article and may be, I could have unfollowed you (I know that hardly matters) but, I follow people when i feel kind of positivity, humanity and generosity around them and you prove me right that I am following a wonderful human.
Hard time is tough and may be your family is going through a bit bumpy road but if we leave our loved ones at this point of time, probably we never truly understood the definition of relationship. As I still remember a quote written on the front page of my diary "Our job is not to judge, our job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Our job is to lift the fallen, restore the broken & heal the hurting."

Lots of love


"Our job is not to judge, our job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Our job is to lift the fallen, restore the broken & heal the hurting."

Very true, but it was hard to remember sometimes, as me and the children were being so negatively impacted by the consequences of what was happening with him. We all have that self-preservation instinct that kicks in sooner or later, and you might have experienced it at times as well if you were in the same situation. We're all flawed and human when it comes down to it.

Thanks for not giving up on me! :)


BTW following you back! ;)


I appreciate that. I want you listen a podcast. It's so wonderful and tell jared to listen to some good material. It has changed my perception and it will help you too because we are totally different person in different circumstances.

So happy for you! Everything seems to be getting back on track! Keep going girl! 😊


Things are finally turning around! Definitely a reason to celebrate! :)

You've been through a lot; good luck for the future...


Yes, it's true. Glad you stopped by!


Stopping by is what I do

I am so happy things are finally turning around for you. You are such a talented writer I enjoy reading the stuff you post. Even at your wits end you manage a coherent post, I hope you expand your wings on here when you find the time, there are many groups on here that would be blessed to have you.

@snowpea , good thought. Thanks for sharing that. Keep going.

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Very happy things are looking up!

: -)

Awww so this is what's been happening. Am glad it has become a happy story indeed. 👍

Depression can be really difficult to deal with. At least he got out of it himself. It's harder when we force them out of it or something. 😥

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the battles are not easy and even less when it comes to a family, each one has an individual cycle and the way to perceive conflicts, I am very happy that things for you are improving