I've been back home JUST for 3 days now!!... ** Siblings' love **

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I always can't wait to come back home for a visit. To meet family, sis and friends. And after several days here, I always realize how happy I actually am to live away on my own haha :D My sister always helps me to realize this pretty fast

I've taken the pic couple of days back while we were at my grannie's place. I was with her just 72 hours and it was alreeady ON! Sometimes I wish I could just throw her out of the window.

I'm not really sure tho if it's a smart move to post this tday. There's a music fest called Pohoda tomorrow we're both attending. If you come there at noon already, they're selling cheaper tickets for the next year. 2 per head. I hope she'll buy one for me because me and my friends plan to go there later in the afternoon. So I'm blowing smoke up her ass today, already massaged her back and made her a smoothie. She's saying she's still not sure if she's gonna buy me one. I'm scared what else will I have to do for it :D.

Stupid little punk! 😍


Vzdy! Clovek sa tesi domov, na rodinu, na segru, na kamosov...a po par dnoch si uvedomi, ako mu je mimo domu dobre a tesi sa naspat :D A tak to ide dookola, chvilu spokojny a ochvilu by uz isiel tam, kde teraz nie je. O to skor, ked travi cas s hentou malou kravou na fotke.

Foto som spravil par dni dozadu u babky v Presove, ked som bol "doma " necelych 72 hodin. A keby mozem, tak uz vtedy by som ju vyhodil von z okna. Zatvoreneho.

Dost rozmyslam, ci to nie je risk postovat toto teraz, kedze ju musim este dnes presvedcit, aby mi zajtra na Pohode kupila lacny listok na dalsi rok. Prvych 1000 sa predava len za 60 eciek. No aby ich clovek dostal, musi stat uz o dvanastej na brane a ked ich otvoria, utekat skrz letisko k tomu stanku. Na to moc chut nemam + tam ideme s partiou az o nejakej stvrtej. Na hlavu sa daju kupit dva. Uz som jej dnes dal masaz a spravil smoothie. Uvidime, co ma este caka..No dufam, ze ten druhy bude moj.

Mala sprosta spina! 😍

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At least your sibling is not tackling you into the garden! 36063399_10160654718210360_2955434440249049088_n.jpg


Haha mandatory beer is there!

You should stand back up and suplex him to the garden as well :D

The relations between brothers are very strange. My brother lives in another country now and I miss him a lot. When we lived together we always had opposite thoughts, but now I want to have it close 😅

Take advantage and give all your love to your sister. I believe that we brothers have a very special way of loving us 😂


We just had a huge argument haha :D currently talking over whatsapp and she's in the room next to me but refuses to talk with me :D


That's love 😂

Henta malá kráva na fotke už dlouho nic nenapsala, což je škoda. Pokud teda nemáš vícero sester.


Viem no, vraj ze je na to moc leniva a ze sa jej nechce. Ale nevzdavam sa :D Vcera ma natocila, ako sa v obyvacke pripravujem na moju prvu hodinu boxu ked sa vratim do IBK :D Vravela, ze ked tak moc chcem aby pisala, tak z toho spravi post. No a z nejakeho dovodu tusim, ze to fakt tak bude. Teraz uz viem, ako vznikaju tie YT videa, pri ktorych pozerani clovek pochybuje o inteligencii dotycneho :D

And after several days here, I always realize how happy I actually am to live away on my own

living at your own is the best thing you can do!! for sure.

. She's saying she's still not sure if she's gonna buy me one. I'm scared what else will I have to do for it :D.

what if you just text her : hey can you buy me (number) tickets?


It's my sister, it's never that easy with her :D She holds all the cards now, so I gotta do what she says :D

Does sexual tension between siblings exist?


What? :D Well, I don't want to generalize, but as far as I'm concerned, the only tension I feel is while resisting the urge to throw her our through the closed window :D


😂 ya, I can relate.

Last time I talked to my little sister I had an urge to kick her out of the car!

She was telling me about my white male privilege.....


Hmmm well it depends on what she meant by that. If she thinks that you're better than the others, you should have kicked her out indeed...but if she meant the word privilege in the way that your life is easier than some other race+gender combinations, I actually agree with her :D


There may be truth in that statement from some perspectives. However, when it comes to our individual upbringings, from what I know, her environment was much much safer & conducive to learning. But it’s not really the environment that matters, it’s the individuals perspective of their situation that creates their unique reality no one else can truly understand.

I have met a lot of girls near her age recently that echo the same negativity. If they walk around with a chip the media or higher education has placed on their shoulder they’re going to miss out on a lot of opportunity for independent thought & learning. People are people, gender bashing is toxic either way & it seems to get a lot of media attention when they need a distraction from economics or a scandal.

Should never be man vs woman, should be the 99% vs the 1% & working to distribute assets more fairly. That 1% has been paying for the social engineering a long time. I say fuck metoo, study economics

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