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The snake is one of those selected organisms on this earth that exists here from the Dinosaur era. In such a long time, we have learned a lot about snakes. But still the world of snakes still looks mysterious. Today we will tell you the snakes facts which will surprise you.snakes-gazabhindi-1024x768.jpg

  1. The existence of the snake on this earth is 130 million years, that is, from the time of Dinosaur

  2. More than 2500 species of snakes are found in the world, about 20% of these species are poisonous.

  3. Snakes are not available in two small countries of the world in New Zealand, Iceland and Antarctica.

  4. There are about 300 varieties of snakes in India, 50 of which are toxic.

  5. Every year 100,000 people are killed by snakes.

  6. Every year about 2.50 lakh people are victims of snake bite in India, out of which 50000 people die, whereas the official figure is only 20 thousand.

  7. Any snake never bites without bites, cutting most of the incidents due to accidentally falling on them.

  8. The longest snake is the "Python Reticulatus" which can be up to 30 feet long.

  9. Snakes do not chew anything, but they swallow directly. Snakes also eat frogs, lizards, birds, thieves and even small snakes from them. The dragon of Africa also swallows the little cow. According to National Geographic, snakes can swallow 70 to 100 percent of the biggest prey in one go.

  10. The snake absorbs the lower part of its jaw from the ground to the waves rising from the earth and the slightest bustle, which has the ability to give information about a devastating storm like earthquake and tsunami.

  11. Snakes living in water can also breathe some quantity of their skin, so that they can live long in water for hunting. Snoopers do not even need water. They only get water from their prey. Many snakes can remain hungry for a long time. As King Cobra can live without food.

  12. Snakes do not snuff with their nose but with their tongue. The snake with its tongue detects the surrounding environment.

  13. Even though snakes are found in every corner of the world, snakes do not like cold.

  14. Snakes take their full skin at least three times a year.

  15. The "Horned Viper" found in South Africa is Sir's two singles. Wing snake with singing

  16. Another important fact associated with snakes is that 70% of the species of snakes lay eggs and 30% of the other species produce children. The snake does not hear any sound Snakes are deaf. They are deaf. The sound waves produced in the air have no effect on the snake. Listening to the voice of bean is the illusion that only snakes come in people.

  17. If we can teach a lot like a lion like a lion, we can teach humans something by training, but not the snake. This is because snakes can not learn anything. The cerebral hemosphere is not found in his mind like other organisms. This part of the brain controls the learning process. It does not have any part in snake brain, so he does not even learn anything.

  18. Green Anaconda is not the longest snake but the greatest snake. These can be up to 550 pounds.

  19. Located in Brazil, Snake Island is the most densely populated place of the Samo. Here, there are five snakes in every square meter i.e. in almost every place where you have ten snakes and a double bed, twenty snakes in the same place as your single bed, the poisonous golden wit wiper.

  20. King Cobra is the longest snake in poisonous snake, and usually its length is up to 18 feet. Their poison is so dangerous that only 7 minutes Lee. Quantity can kill 20 men or 1 elephant.

  21. The Black Mamba found in Africa is Black Yam, because it is 95% of the people cut by it.

  22. If snakes fall behind, then do not panic, but just like a snake, rosary rags, that is, make jig jogs and run. The snake can steer you fast after running straight, but snakes will not be able to chase you for a long time on the run.

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