I travel the World playing poker and Sports betting !

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Sawadeekrap ! (Hi in thai language) my name is Jean and i'm a professional poker player...
Yes it can be really hard...yes most people will fail at it yes ...but also, everyone with a strong mind and determination can do it! I'm really far from being the best player around but guess what...I've been making enough money to travel and go anywhere i want.

By the way if anyone would like to improve their poker game or has any questions in sports betting i'd be more than happy to help.

Follow me on Instagram twitter and facebook, i will accept every friends request and make sure i can help anyone who has the desire to have a better life and improve as a person.
Im looking forward to answer every single question on this thread and answering them to the best of my knowledge

IG : jean_kristophe

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Counting cards is actually used in blackjack. We can say we count cards in poker but it is more counting the stats.
For exemple if i know the cards you hold i can decide i will put all my chips in with the worst hand if i get the correct % to win money in the long run. For exemple im holding 2 spades on a board with 2 spades....i get arround 37% chances to get a flush and win so i would usually fold against one player but i might call against 3+ opponent because i will be winning more then losing in the long run

Congratulations on living your dream! A couple of questions:

Are you comfortably traveling wherever you want, or do you have to make do with stretches where you are staying in hostels/crashing on couches etc?

Second question: Are there certain types of casinos that you target? Do you go for only big high end casinos or for smaller venues?


Hey kevin whats up buddy? These are really good questions ! When traveling, i often either rent a place, a small house for a month without commitement and then i can leave my stuff behind and go anywhere and come back after when im done visiting...i bring with me a bag with cloathes, my laptop and im good to go. Then i find good prices for hotels or share with people i meet to save a bit of money.
As a poker player, you wanna play the most profitable games and sometimes small game can be more profitable then bigger ones. I like to play some smaller and easy game for a month and then take a shot in some big games. If it doesn't work then i just go back to the smaller games and keep taking shots later on.
If you got any other question don't be shy to ask 😄👊😈

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