Ultimate Guide to Recover Your Deleted Facebook Data

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How to Recover Your Deleted Facebook Data-: Facebook is the biggest social networking website on the web, it is very hard to imagine an Internet without  Facebook. We share our greatest moment on Facebook professional as well as personal, there might be a situation you have been deleted some precious photos, Videos or messages or due to some reason you want. 

How to Recover Your Deleted Facebook Data-:

If you Google over the internet you will get lots of info on how to recover your Facebook deleted data but in this post, I will explain in the simplest way to recover your deleted Facebook data.

Follow the Following Steps to Recover your Deleted Facebook Data.

Head over to your Facebook account and Sign In===>>Settings, scroll down you will see option to download the copy of your Facebook data. 


After Clicking on It a new page will open, at this page, you will see download archive option click on it. Facebook will confirm your Identity by asking Password and security Question.


 STEP-: 3

At this step, Facebook will send the download link to your registered Email ID which you have used to signup for Facebook.



Open your Email Inbox, open the email send by Facebook and then open the link inside the mail to download the all your Facebook archive, once you downloaded the archive you will get all your deleted Facebook data,

Conclusion-: Most of the Facebook user comes in a situation where they delete their Facebook data, later on, they realize the to get back those deleted data. In this post, i tried to explain in the best simplest way to get back those deleted Facebook data. 

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