We Have A Winner for 10 Steem!

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Read with a robotic voice please...

We interrupt our usual publications to announce the winner of 10 Steem for making our logo.

For the last seven days, the hunt was on for our next logo. After extended silence on that post, creatives from this community warmed up to the opportunity and got down to work. The rush to beat the payout deadline saw a few more posts added in the last 24 hours.

Who did what?

@crittercrats was the first to deliver five days ago with a cool looking idea.

@yusaymon came second with his version.

@jacobite delivered his yesterday.

@nikkyp had this in 14 hours ago.

@yungchief had his in the game 9 hours ago.

@anikearn was the last but not least to drop in this 5 hours ago.

Our thoughts...

This was just the start of our upcoming contests and we appreciate everyone who participated. Thank you for helping us hunt for the best version of our future logo.

Without further delays... The winner of 10 Steem is


His entry is a detailed logo with a brush for the pupil of our eye4art...


The background is simple mild colors which scream art even more!


This is the footer and the background image. We are hoping you @jacobite can change the blue to the above background of colors. And thank you for offering to change anything we needed changing.

Jacob won by votes and also for delivering something that can truly represent eye4art. He also added some other brand designs which made his work seem even cooler.

Congratulations are in order...


Eye4art is a small team with an interest in shining a light on deserving underappreciated artists. You can support us by:

Supporting the artists we highlight | Using the #eye4art tag in your art posts |Join our curation trail | Visit our Discord Community | Delegate SP to us:

Convenient Delegation Links:

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200SP |
500SP | 1000SP.

Admin @tezmel.

Project founded by @erodedthoughts.


Congratulations to the winner! Hey @eye4art who are the two runner ups?

Thanks a lot

One of who would've been used a curation trail vote to get there and she @tezmel canceled the winnings altogether.

Thank you for your reply @eye4art
Keep up the great work.

Here is the correction you asked for @eye4eyes,
I had done it since yesterday but steemit server was down so I couldn't post them.

  • New Footer Image
    eye4art corrected  steemit footer.png

  • New Cover Images
    eye4art corrected  steemit cover.png


  • eye4art corrected steemit cover 3.png

Thanks once more for the prize, It goes a long way.

If there is any contribution you will love me to make for this community please feel free to drop me a message either on any of my posts or via discord jacobite#1316.


We need to talk and can't locate you on discord. Try tezmel#4157, please :)

I have sent you a request

Ooooo wow, im so super excited right now..

I really appreciate the honor.
Thanks the entire eye4art community, y'all are great.

I will work on the adjustments and send soon

Congratulations Jacobite! :3

thanks a lot buddy

Nice logo , i think im late for designing your logo , :) but this one looks great !

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Thank you :)

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