is running at a loss! Start generating revenue or get out, you are strangling other applications from succeeding.

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The best thing so far out of all the things regarding the recent news at Steemit inc. is that I see the whole blockchain in a new light and I'm learning about things I previously never thought about like costs.

I am going to keep this article about my finding as simple as I can.

There is too much 'noise' out there and I like to inform as much people as I can about what's going on.

Today I want to talk about and why it should start generating revenue.

Why it costs money?

Now to understand why needs to generate revenue you first need to understand why it costs so much money to run.

According to @ned (CEO of steemit inc.) almost $2 million a year. Making it an incredible expensive website for the amount of users that we have.

The reason for this is that is not an average website, it's an interface that allows you as a user to communicate with the Steem blockchain.

If this interface wasn't there than it would be very difficult for most users to communicate with the blockchain because to do so you would need to use something like this:

I doubt we would have gotten all our users if things looked like this.

Using as an interface attracted many users.

Now, to communicate with the blockchain every action that we do needs to be stored on the Steem blockchain.

A blockchain is a big ledger after all that keeps track of transactions that have taken place in the past.

The Steem blockchain is therefor ever growing and stored on these things called Full Nodes.

These full nodes are now part of the issue. They are very expensive and getting more expensive with time progressing.

Steemit inc. is paying for these full nodes by selling their own STEEM on the market.

Steemit inc. has a lot of pre-mined STEEM. But it's not an infinite amount. It will run out at some point and even faster if price goes down.

If they have to take their full nodes down because of this it will no longer be possible for us to use these nodes to communicate with the blockchain.

What you need to understand is that it's not just that uses these full nodes. Because they are public other applications use them as well (but not all of them. Esteem for instance doesn't, they have their own infrastructure.)

This adds even more costs to the nodes (more traffic) Steemit inc. provides for all of us for free.

How to pay for full nodes: # Option 1

I hope you understand now that is not the problem. The problem is the full nodes.

These full nodes are provided for free but they need to be paid for.

Now is the most popular way to communicate with the blockchain.

Most users use to consume and create content. doesn't have a revenue model and as the most popular frontend that is simple silly, especially in these times of hardship.


Advertisement on could be a way for Steem inc. to generate revenue to keep the full nodes running.

We don't know how long this bear market will last and if the Steem price will ever recover but if money is not made in another way then these nodes can't be paid for.

Besides generating revenue. Advertisement has several other benefits.

If revenue is generated through advertisement than selling STEEM on the market is less needed, alleviating the selling pressure on the price.

It can also show investors how the Steem blockchain can generate revenue making investing in STEEM more interesting.

And, it also will give other frontends the option to go this route.

The big problem with is that no other Front-end can compete with it because they don't charge a beneficiary reward on posts or show adds. is therefor running at a loss! It's literally strangling other applications from succeeding for no good reason!


Using another frontend by users is extremely unattractive. Why pay for those if you can just use that has no adds and charges no beneficiary reward.

IMHO: Generate revenue or get out of the way.

How to pay for full nodes: # Option 2

There is another option and that's putting the responsibility of running full nodes with App developers.

Of course App developers will need to find their own revenue models to afford these full nodes.

Some already do. Like Esteem. Even if Steemit inc. would take their full nodes offline, Esteem will still work fine and we will still be able to communicate with each-other through Esteem.

Steemit inc. can then take their nodes and offline and save a lot of money.

It then would become Steemit inc's sole job to develop the blockchain and one job would be to reduce the costs of hosting these full nodes for every app developer (something they are working on right now).

An extra benefit for option #2 is that it decentralises the blockchain as well as forces app developers to find revenue models.

How to pay for full nodes: # Option 3

The third option is rather simple. Charge app developers for using Steemit inc's nodes.

Not every app developer can afford a full node from the start. But while they build their revenue model they can use Steemit inc's nodes and you can charge them for it.

End note

I would love to see a combination of these 3 options taking place.

Revenue on + charging app developers for using your nodes. And also putting responsibility for revenue and taking care of their own infrastructure with app developers.

I hope through this article you have learned why this blockchain is expensive and why revenue is needed.

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I have the answer if anyone wants to listen to me ... it is very simple. I have the answer @ned @exyle it will take me 2 minutes to set up..... I can send you the script now if you like.

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Do tell. Are you joking or serious?

No ... I am completely 100% serious. But nobody at Steemit seems to really care. I run a few small blogger blogs+ Youtube Channel and generate $50 per month by adding the Adsense script to the side of my blogs... with the # views Steemit blogs would earn a lot more. It’s easy to set up @ned

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If we all subscribe to @ned on YouTube he will hit 1,000 subs and can add YouTube Ads ... sometimes I make $500 USD a month on YouTube with only 3,000 subs.

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If only @ned would read my ideas I could really help him.

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This article was truly insightful! This information should not be taken for granted.

Steem Inc. continuous funding of is probably what helped make this community great. But I agree it's time for them to generate revenue from it.

Steem Inc. continuous funding of is probably what helped make this community great

Yes I agree. They have grown a tremendous community. But it's time to look at it in a new light now.

What happens if steemit inc makes such a loss that they have to shut down
That would pretty much be the end if understand you correctly, right? Because the other interfaces are not really ready to take over or can’t afford the full nodes needed.

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No, Steemit inc doesn't own the blockchain. They do develop for it and own the website

Everyone can setup a full node. And some have (previous post). So the blockchain will always be there as long as these nodes are alive.

But Steem inc. does own a lot of the infrastructure that apps use currently to access the blockchain.

I want to see this change. More decentralised. But it costs money. Being able to Generate revenue is therefor a must.

Yes.. I think part of the community would be really against accepting advertisement, but we have to see Steemit as a business.

Ideally the Blockchain and community could sustain itself by constantly adding value and keeping prices at a certain level. But accepting ads could be a great way to transition to that stage. It could be an interim solution.

Unless of course Steemians would be incentivized for allowing ads in their feed. Like the Brave browser does. A fair revenue share - then everyone would be for it, I guess :)

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Yes.. I think part of the community would be really against accepting advertisement, but we have to see Steemit as a business.

Those people have no business interfering when adults talk real business. Unless they're ready to pay up to cover the infrastructure costs themselves, they should shut up.

Ideally the Blockchain and community could sustain itself by constantly adding value and keeping prices at a certain level. But accepting ads could be a great way to transition to that stage. It could be an interim solution.

You can add value all you want but getting money out of it is the crux of the matter here. Advertisements or other type of paid promotion, subscriptions and tipping are the only viable long-term solution. Relying on a game of greater fools can work for while but it will end in a pile of rubble eventually.

Unless of course Steemians would be incentivized for allowing ads in their feed. Like the Brave browser does. A fair revenue share - then everyone would be for it, I guess :)

That, and nothing less or nothing more, is what makes a blockchain-based solution like Steem unique. Distribution is guaranteed to be safe from the arbitrary dictates of a central authority. The way to monetize content is exactly the same as with traditional social networks. The only differences are in distribution and governance.

I've got to be honest I'm a little confused by this. Are there not any kinds of rewards associated with running a full node on the steem blockchain? I thought that full nodes got some percentage of all of the newly minted STEEM.

Unfortunately not. Witnesses get rewards from validating blocks but there is no automatic reward linked to running a full node. You have to rely on the hope that, because you run a full node, the community will "acknowledge" the effort and you'll get more votes for your regular witness

As much as I don't want to see Steemit bogged down with all kinds of adds like other places, I don't want to see it go down the tubes either. Another idea in the line of advertising could be promoted posts. As much as you like or dislike vote buying. Paying money to make your post a promoted post could be a way for them to generate revenue. Instead of paying money to a third party service, you would just pay it directly to Steemit.

There needs to be a revenue stream being developed from outside of Steem. Advertisements work for most websites. I know it's not cool and add free is better. But we are all invested in this blockchain so we all indirectly benefit too from incoming revenue outside of the chain. Thanks for your suggestions.

I’m curious what the cost is to run a single node for an app. 🤔

I'm hoping @good-karma might share some of these numbers. I'll ask him.

Our fullnode server (only) cost around 1k eur per month, note that we don't have the same load as Steemit (website). If load increases, we have plans on load-balancing fullnode servers.

Thanks for letting us know, man.

@good-karma, does every Node store the same info or not?

Thanks for the numbers! I was interested in knowing how much it costs you!

Would be interesting to know as well. Also how they are paying for it? Is it from a steemit delegation or beneficiary rewards?

Reminder doesn't have any beneficiary rewards!

Awesome article btw!

Do you know if they have a revenue model? Do they have their own full node?

I don't know, you'd have to ask them :P

Did they give an answer yet?

Noice, keep up the good work, enjoying the perspectives lately!

I think Steemit Inc. needs someone that understands the financial side, as they obviously haven't had that so far. If I was Ned, I would of put adverts on already. Why lose money when there's no need? The fact that steemit has always had that beta in the logo since I've been here shows me that they want to make something better. Monetize steemit and get back to working on SMT's and a new social media platform that doesn't have the flaws that steemit does. They can also charge for using their nodes, why should other projects use them for free? That's not sustainable and there's no point building things that aren't sustainable.

Thank you for this very informative post @exyle. Of all that you said, that stands out to me:

"Steemit inc. is paying for these full nodes by selling their own STEEM on the market."

"Steemit inc. has a lot of pre-mined STEEM. But it's not an infinite amount. It will run out at some point and even faster if price goes down."

I will assume, as one of our Witnesses, that this is 100% accurate. If so, frankly it is alarming to me, as it doesn't indicate this enterprise was originally built on a foundation which would last. My only hope is, there is more to the story.

I would like to clearly understand, from the outset, what "the plan" was to transition out of this state. If for no other reason, as you say, than *"... it's not an infinite amount." Exactly. So, again, doomed to fail ultimately, unless there is more to "the plan."

[Note: On top of that, as you indicate, the need to continuously sell that volume of STEEM seems counterproductive to the overall goal of having the price go up, not down ...]

Any more input on this? I accept the point of your post is that Steemit needs to generate income. But, with all due respect, it is coming from someone outside of Steemit, Inc. and leads to the impression they have no thought or plan of their own. From the beginning ...

I'd really appreciate your further perspective on this. Thanks agaiin @exyle! 👍

As with most other other models, the deployment of a piece of technology will often come with a lost in the initial stages. You must give away most of the tech for free (if you can) to support the idea. This is typically the case for leading edge ideas.

Obviously, the struggle to cover basic costs appears to have driven the price of steem down, but as with anything, the privatization of steem nodes brings business opportunities to some, which means we're going to test how well this "business" idea of steem is going to survive. This will be capitalism at its best.

It's deducted from the announcement post of the layoff.

The bottom of STEEM is way lower than they expected and therefor they had to let ppl go. They couldn't afford to keep the on.

The core dev team is still there.

Right now the focus is to reduce the costs of the full nodes by reducing RAM usage. It's priority because it's costing them 2 million dollars a year. Not much in the good times but a problem in a long bear market and if this comes from STEEM than it puts a lot of pressure on the market.

Outside revenue models need to be found, now more than ever.

I don't think this situation was fully anticipated but we are in it now so we have to get a move on or everyone loses.

Okay, thank you @exyle.

Ultimately I favor a fully decentralized architecture spread over the globe, with no single point of failure capable of "bringing down the whole house."

Right now, at this point, it is of real concern to me we don't appear to have reached anything close to that.

I appreciate your efforts, hopefully allied closely with others, to come up with a viable solution.

All the best to you @exyle!

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@exyle, just thank you, hope @ned takes in consideration what you're saying

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You made this so easy to understand! Thanks

Ever thought about having a small percentage of every action a user, dapp, or whatever is done on the blockchain, a small percentage is for Steeminc, instead of implementing annoying adds? Exchanges work like this and has huge benefits for everyone. What is the revenue model for eSteem?

I profoundly and intensely hate the advertising model.

It's called beneficiary rewards. The problem is that it's still a reliance on the STEEM price something advertisement (dollars) circumvents.

Still, I am more in favor of a (form of) subscription based model than advertisement model. Advertising is Worsening experience for Everyone. I am super glad my ad blocker is working on every site depending on advertisements. We are all on a innovative path with this Steem blockchain technology and so on, I may hope that we/they can come up with better revenue models than these old fashioned and user experience interrupting ad revenue models.

Also all these ideas of generating revenue focus on Steemit blogging site. What if most of this community will adapt to third party dapps. Steemit inc won't benefit from advertisement because no one will see them anymore.

Just brainstorming here.

If you are in favour of a subscription model and you are not the only one then developers can implement this option in their applications and you can have what you want. An add free Steem blockchain experience.

Not everyone though has the option to pay to access the blockchain without adds. We need free options as well. But as I have shown in my article non of this is free. Everything cost money. right now is preventing others from generating revenue because they offer a service at a loss, for free (Paying for it from a finite STEEM amount). This is such bad business practise it needs to stop.

For as long as is free or generates no revenue other apps can't compete with it.

Steemit was and still is free and I have never heard other apps complaining

This problem was just uncovered for many of us. Who would have thought steemit would end up in such a situation without any warning?

The free nodes from steemit discourage others who are capable of running such big nodes, but not for free. That would help prevent a single point of failure, i.e. steemit.

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Actually not free. The value of their steem stake comes from providing the services to all the stake holders. They should use their stake to fund these activities as the value of that stake comes from the activities themselves.

Nobody will fund the infrastructure cost while the benefits of that will be transferred to those who have STeem in their accounts.

i think the goal of any social media website is to not be a subscription based model. People will always ask "what am I really paying for?". because if I have to pay to be a regular user, I wouldn't use steemit (or any version of it).

I need to think about this a bit more, but another model (such as those employed by credit card companies) is the "pay per transaction" model, except the transaction cost is born by the seller and not the buyer. Of course its one half dozen or another, someone needs to pay at the end of the day.

If the price of Steem rises, @steemit will benefit from the 44 million Steem they own. That is what motivates them to increase usership, and includes users from Dapps like @steeveapp and @partiko.

I am for @steemit taking a percentage of upvotes $ from but it makes no sense to take a percentage from Dapps that launch their own websites or apps @s3rg3 Dapps own the blockchain just as much as Steemit does and that is the actual intention behind a blockchain cryptocurrency!

Charging for node use is a good idea though.

Nice post @exyle You summed it up nicely. @ned and the @steemit team did a great job getting the word out but now it is time to make @steemit profitable.

If they place advertisements on, a Dapp like @steeveapp or @partiko won't have to and that will give them a competitive advantage over while generating $USD in ad revenue for @steemit.

Like you, I hope @ned @andrarchy and the rest of the @steemit team will use a combination of all three 👍🏼

TAG: @gadrian

I meant charging for dapps using the nodes

Ahh okay @s3rg3 yeah, I think that is a good idea... but I think @steemit should be run as a business that must turn a profit first, otherwise the other Dapps will be competing with a website that is operating at a loss a.k.a. Steemit and have to cover the costs of nodes at the same time.

Operating at a loss is actually a tactic used in business to put another company out of business.

Uber and Grab a Cab were doing it against each other for a few years in the Philippines until Uber folded and sold their stake to Grab.

Once the merger was finished, Grab increased their driver rates and started operating for a profit.

This is essentially what Steemit is doing to other Dapps but unintentionally and is one of the things @exyle mentioned.

Another good thing to mention is that Steemit can start using advertisements but other Dapps can refrain from using ads to acquire more market share from

Because of that I think we will always be able to find Steem Dapps that don't use traditional advertisements.

Charging for actions typically results in users rationing their actions. However, if one were to do this, you can hide the costs within the transaction. For example, the content creator has to give up a portion of their rewards. This is the case with dtube. I would be interested in seeing how dtube balances their sheet.

Hey @exyle , regarding adds, they could be so much better than a banner...they could be done like a post, they COULD be posts between content posts, also targeted by communities if they put groups on steemit.....

Anything to generate revenue outside of the reward pool or even Steem itself. Thanks for your suggestion.

Very reasonable options, the current bear market could also be an opportunity to make Steem(it) more decentralized and sustainable.

I'm cool with the three options, a combination of them as you said could be a good solution to this problem. As an user I don't mind a little Advertisement on the site if it helps it

A lot needs to be done for survival of #steem.
Clearly this issue was going to surface anyway.
Price drops or more users.
Advertising looks pretty good and it will help everyone in the long term.

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If Steem would link up with Golem, is there any possible solutions with that?

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They can also decentralise advertisement by allowing paid steemit membership to steemit users in need of extra premium steemit features such as placement of adverts on personal pages etc.

I support the idea of App developers being charged, this will also reduce the number of spam apps.

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How if "Option 1" included the choice in steemit member profile?
I will be happy to choose "Yes" for ads to pop up on my Steemit pages.

Honestly, YES Steemit team need to gain their revenue now.

It's just awesome you're doing all this research and compiling to help build a better sustainable Steem ecosystem Mark. Good for you! I have been trying to get comfortable using other front end then steemit but have a ways to go in this department. I've never thought of it from a monetary perspective and in all honesty if paying a percentage of my rewards will help create a more stable reliable decentalised blickchain I am all for it. But, the UI needs to be reliable and usable. Today I am using Busy but when I want to edit my comment, it's complicated to do I have to scroll around to find it. Most other times when I have used esteem (and all others too for example) to make posts if I click out or something distracts me while creating the post I loose all my work! I could create my post in another program and copy it over. Yes. That is possible. I often use steemit to get links for images to add to posts (edit) because I can't add pics easily to some of the UI's (actifit) for example. It's also worth noting that I use my mobile device to do 99% of the steeming that I do. Steemit even if it is not flashy is always reliable so I tend to use it the most. But, would be happy to pay a percentage of post rewards to keep it alive. Until a better UI is running.
On another note I just learned through Steemitboard that you're having Christmas very soon in the Netherlands! That's cool! I had no idea that different countries celebrated on different days...other than Ukrainian Christmas which is often in January. Hope you are enjoying the preparations! 🎁🎄☃️❄

Yes we need to have some ads in here @exyle so that it will help steemit.

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you should be a teacher on a skill teaching website lol. I think steemit should be taken down. It would solve the identity problem of steem vs steemit and allow steemit inc to just focus on development.

"This adds even more costs to the nodes (more traffic) Steemit inc. provides for all of us for free."

Well, not free really. Some of us, have been buying that pre-mined Steem with cash.

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The path to implement ads is something they can add right away.

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Users need to return and be active everyday if they really believe in this platform. Together we can make it work and be better than it was. Yes ads might be annoying, but users can pay some steem to not see the ads. There are many options, but nobody is listening :(

These are definitely some short term resolutions but they (and other projects on Steem) should also think about this as they continue to build the ecosystem. For example, they could potentially build a layer of revenue for the creation of the Smart Media Tokens protocol by using Steem as a GAS for token creation. Also, if they build out their exchange of SMT, it should be self sustainable in that the volume generates revenue for the infrastructure and costs in addition to Research and Development. This is important as we cannot allow the ecosystem to become stake as the technology evolves.

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Thank you for this very well laid out and easy to understand article - much appreciated.
Paying for the nodes by selling Steem has at least two negative effects as you outlined - downward pressure on the Steem price, and the fact that Steem is not infinite. Steemit Inc. must have been hoping for Steem to "moon" to a really high price such that the costs become negligible for them. What a terrible business 'plan'.

I don't think this was the business plan from the get go, because its not sustainable. I think everyone knows this. Instead, if you commonly look at technology that is newly deployed, they almost all operate with a net loss in the beginning because they are spending money to get it into peoples hands. It just becomes a game of when the business idea takes hold and you can adjust your plan to make it profitable.

great points man. and you helped break down what costs so much and why.

the technically illiterate like myself appreciate it lol

i know i’m grateful for steemit. it was my first experience on the blockchain and i continue to use it everyday.

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Thanks for making a short and easily understandable explanation of what the current problems are, and some potential solutions to it.

I personally think that it's time for Steemit Inc. to put up some ads in order to get a cash flow of fiat money. That way they can keep going independently of how the market develops in the next year. I would love it if they made it in a way where only blog feeds / trending had ads, but then allowed each user to opt for showing ads. The ones who opt to show ads on their blog post should then get a cut of the revenue just like how YouTube or any other media platform share the ad revenue with content creators.

hi exyle maybe a very stupid question, what happens with the links we use in our documents when steemit goes down? How can we link to other documents in the steem blockschain? What happens to everything our google searchability? I'm very linky in my documents because I don't repeat the same thing over and over again. what happens then if you want to run a witness? Must you pay for a connection to a full node?

@exyle, I have some questions. I will be glad if you answer my questions.

  1. How many FULL Nodes do the Steem Ecosystem has?
  2. Is the information stored on one Node is the same that is stored on the other Nodes? What I mean. If i uploaded today I pic with me at the office I work at, where this information (this file) is saved? On all of the nodes or just one of them?
  3. So, each Node is run by different organizations, such as Steemit?

let me see if I can answer number 2, since I think they are important questions.

The information stored on one node should be the same as another node. The cost associated with nodes is born from the calling of data from a particular node. The security between nodes (in regards to having the same set of information) is why we have witnesses.

The nodes only store text information. Photos are not stored on the blockchain, instead the blockchain stores the text link to the photo, otherwise the blockchain would be massive in size.

@motoengineer, where are the photos stored?

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On a server thats paid for by steemit inc, but it is not on the blockchain.

@motoengineer, so where is in this case the blockchain? A blockchain that holds text (info or paths) to the servers on which the pics and posts are stored?

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the actual blockchain exists on the nodes. Since dapps require the information on the nodes, the nodes must exist to provide the dapps with the information they need. More dapps, means more nodes needed. In order to reduce the load on the nodes, they can be more efficient. Right now, it seems like they know they can streamline how the nodes function.

A basic example would be, if i ask the server for information X, and it sends back XYZ, then the portion YZ is useless to me. So lets reduce the erroneous information.

@motoengineer, oh man... I am not a tech geek. I don't understand that well this "language". :). Anyway, I am a financial analyst. I think Bitcoin price will drop below $2000 per coin. Probably $1000 or $1500. So, STEEM may drop well below 0,20$. For example 0,13$-0,15$. I just want to figure out if we can survive in this downtrend. Prices of crypto may stay low at least for the next 1-2 years.

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I hear what your saying, but from what I heard this bubble they been riding needed to pop so sites like Steemit that actually have real infastruture can thrive, we need to promote the hell out of Steemit on all platforms and show how this is an amazing and solid site. Yes, when I'm able to pay I will. But I'm going to promote Steemit as much as possible because I believe that it will succeed where others fail. Hang in, the tide is about to turn, those who buy Steem will reap the benefits like those who signed up for Bit Coin when they were giving away 10 free coins IMO Wish every one well Thanks for the great posts...

@metahiveproject, in a long run crypto market will start rising again.

Option #4

Steemit Inc Must Build an Exchange

Steemit Inc has the ability to create massive source of revenue for themselves and for the reward pool.
All they need to do is create an exchange just like any other major exchange.

Steem Market

We have a Steem Market, but that is only good for small volume trades between Steem and SBD. Have you ever looked at the large transactions? They never use the Steem Market. They can't use the market. They also can't trade against other currencies. They are forced to take the large sums of STEEM and SBD offsite to a real exchange. Those exchanges are taking fees that profits the exchange. Steemit Inc doesn't benefit from these large trading volumes.


This is not a solution either due to high fees. BlockTrades is an Over The Counter (OTC) exchange. It will never compete with a real exchange and no one uses it for very large transactions.
Both of these trading options have their place, but there is a massive vacuum where a Steem Exchange should be.

The Fix

I propose that the Steemit Inc build and operate an exchange. The Steem Market can remain just like it is to cover small volume trades between STEEM and SBD. BlockTrades can remain just like it is to handle simple OTC transactions. The Steem Exchange would work on a virtual currency system just like other exchanges use. One can transfer STEEM or SBD to the new exchange before trading takes place. That will fix the transaction speed issue from drowning the Steem Market and provide another option. The exchange will also need to include other currencies. This would fix the volume issue and add revenue. Let's also give multilingual options. Open this up to the rest of the world. German, Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese just to list a few.

If Steemit Inc would make an Exchange division to run this exchange and charge a tiny fee on trades just like any other exchange, then they can generate revenue. Exchanges are highly profitable by doing this. Trades between STEEM and SBD can remain free as there is no cost to transfer STEEM and SBD. STEEM will also be a primary trading pair which will boost STEEM as a popular world currency. By adding other currencies and charging trading fees, they create a source of new revenue coming into Steemit Inc to fund Steem projects and upgrades. This revenue could cover Steemit Inc costs and could overflow into the STEEM reward pool. This would benefit everyone and could kick STEEM into high gear.

An exchange will bring in new users to this platform. Other major exchanges have around 10 million users. Binance has exceeded this in less than a year. STEEM is over 2 years old and barely broken 1 million users. If Steemit Inc runs an exchange, this will create an avenue for Steem Exchange account users to become STEEM account owners. The amount of visibility to this platform would be enormous. Value would be added to Steem platform as the value is expected to follow Metcalfe's Law. This is an exponential value prediction that Facebook closely resembled in which value is expected to increase by 4 times for every time the number of active users doubles. Steem is expected to follow Metcalfe's Law.

In conclusion:

  1. Steemit Inc can profit massively from running an exchange. This would support operations even when the price of STEEM is down.
  2. Steemit Inc can make STEEM a common trading pair with everything else. This doesn't exist and would make STEEM a powerful currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  3. Excess revenue can fund our reward pool, witness reward pool, or both. This would support all Steem users and foster growth.
  4. A Steem Exchange will bring in huge numbers of new Steem users. Easily 10X users that we have currently. This would provide STEEM dominance with all the other competition emerging and grow value.
  5. This will not require the use of ads to spoil the STEEM experience.

great work, thanks for the research!

Nice article with clear explanations and solutions! Much appreciated.

Many thanks.

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advertisement may be the new form of generation of money may be if they want

It was interesting to read, I'm going and I'll read it all again.

Very informative article! Easy fir anyone to understand. Those 3 options make a lot of sense and the only way forward for steem I see possible. It is the start of this we need to see now.

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Thank you @exyle for this very detailed and concise info. I have been struggling to understand the drama behind the 70% layoff of workers. Now I know it is as a result of the full nodes cost.

First, let's realise something quickly here that if not for the current situation of the market we won't be privy to the current state of Steemit Inc. about to go bankrupt as a result of maintaining the nodes. So, a big thumbs up to Ned for being so bold to lead us on...

Meanwhile, your suggestions/options are laudable but I would agree with the third option - charging developers for using their full nodes.
Since the apps created by the developers on the blockchain charges (maintenance fees) the content(s) created and consumed. I see no reason why Steemit Inc. shouldn't ask developers to fix their own fee for using their full nodes too.

I agree with what others said here, that it's been great for Steemit to be completely free until now but it has to find ways generate revenue from now on.

I wish there are more options that won't take anything from the end user but it's okay even if they take %5 of each post reward now.

Hi @exyle
That was a complicated read, but I think I understand what your saying. Thanks for explaining this situation.

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