UpVote Experiment #002 - UpVote'em All!

3 months ago

After running my 100% Upvote Experiment I was already itching to run another fun experiment but wasn't sure what to do. Yesterday after running some tests on a UpVote bot it came to me. Instead of doing a small amount of 100% UpVotes I would instead go the opposite direction and do as many as possible at a very small percentage. This will not only let me give a small boost to as many posts as possible (especially with the recent lack of voting) and answer a few questions along the way like is it more profitable to spread your votes out or be more direct?

social-experiment-advertsing-tugboat-group-vancouver.jpg Source

The Experiment

It's pretty straight forward

  • Create UpVote bot that attempts to UpVote every new post (non-comments)
    (every 3 seconds)
  • Add code to comment on as many as possible explaining the experiment
    (every 20 seconds)
  • Add fail safe on errors so the bot continues to run without interruption
  • Run Bot for 24 Hours
  • See What Happens!

The UpVote Bot

from piston.steem import Steem
import os
import json
steem = Steem(wif="WIF")
for c in steem.stream_comments():
if c.is_main_post():
vote = c.upvote(weight = 0.03, voter = "blueorgy")
print("UpVoted post by @"+vote["operations"][0][1]["author"])
reply = c.reply("UpVote Experiment Comment", title='', author='blueorgy')
print("Replied via "+reply["operations"][0][1]["permlink"])

Right, Lets Do This Thing

I will start up the bot momentarily

Remember To Vote blueorgy for witness!

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The experiment has been completed.
The final bot UpVote was here at 100%.
The bot was run for 24 Hours.
Results post to come!


nice @blueorgy . How i can recieved upvote? Congratulation for your contribution for Steemit Community.

Cool. I was just upvoted by your bot, thanks! I have 10 witness votes left and I was wondering who I should vote for so I shall vote for you now. :-)


Hi isaria whats up :-)


Hey @sinned! :-)


Holy shit 672 views your famous dude but no checking steemit and its always good to see familiar faces!

I love this?! Thanks for the upvote by the way ;)


@styleyfrancky got you a $0.19 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@styleyfrancky got you a $0.19 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image: pixabay.com)

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Thank you for upvote @ blueorgy
It is nice that someone gets votes on his article.
It can also contribute to more votes.
A tink is definitely you get a lot to your blog who is curious about who you are.
But blogs exist to be read so what then.

Gives you 100% upvote

I agree with @somethingsubtle. However I am also intrigued to see what you learn with this experiment. I also like what you said about being able to uncover some potentially great authors.

Isn't an unengaged upvote just as bad as a spam one?

Doesn't a bot like this just encourage empty votes without any of the social value attached that Steemit actually requires?

Aside from that, thanks for sharing the code. Good to see a python library already out for Steem.


I agree. Even i know nothing about the steemit engine, and how much space it takes such content-ignorant upvotes + comment, still to me it looks more like a new way of spamming.
I may be wrong, though. I'ts just my subjective opinion.


Oh I agree with what your saying. The only "auto upvotes" I do are for a select number of authors who I trust. I am just running this once for the experiment otherwise I don't use bots anyway. I will also being looking through where my comments ended up out of curiosity, maybe ill land a couple potential great authors 😉. You should write a full post on your thoughts about this experiment and the overall use of bots, might be a good read.

Maybe I shouldn't have shared the code? lol


Thank you very much I have just been upvote by your bot
Much love


You da bomb!!


Potential new authors you say? You know when I first seen your bots message it looked a bit like spam if I'm being honest, hopefully it was lucky for both of us that I read before I assume ;)


NOT ALL BOTS .. are 'created' equally !! - ))
and, YOUr'S .. is a FUN little BOOST .. thanks !! - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

.. here is a FUN BOT i made - )))))))))))

.. a NINJA - ))
and, upside down .. it is a PLAN_eT "SEE(D)" !! - ))
ha ha - )))


Still don't fully comprehend how all of this works, but I appreciate the help you are providing. I can tell you are diligently trying to make this environment the best it can be!


There is a python library, but @blueorgy is not really using it. :)

I'd highly highly recommend using the "official" library. Piston, which is used in the code above, is abandoned, I believe.

Wow. IMHO this is the worst kind of spam. I hope you learn something useful after voting dozens of spammers like this one: spam article upvoted by blueorgy.

Ahh the algorithms are taking over!!!!! Run!!!!!

very true blueorgy, spread out more small upvotes is better way for the whole community.

Awesomeness ! Looking forward to some up votes from your bot !! And finding out how your experiment went ! It would be nice to find the sweet spot as well for a lot of us !! 👍👍👍

Cool. Your bot just upvoted my post. Thanks for its creation. Will follow for more updates.


i dont understand this can u tell about this more


Nice Post. Thanks

You can check my other posts on @lovelyday
and also follow and upvote me.

Thanks to all friends.

Thank you for the upvotes, @blueorgy

Thanks for the upvote from your bot, I will be interested in seeing how your experiment comes out.


I find it interesting too! :))

Interesting !


I please upvote him for me blueorgy66 in experiment.

interesting @blueorgy I will keep you going because here I am still a beginner and I really look forward to your support

interesting !

Keep going :D

I've had a vote from you @blueorgy from the last 8hours is it you or the bot working at that time....


Hi Steemit Community

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Thanks to all friends.

How can I know how much I can upvote in a day ? and how I can see steemt power and things ? thx


As a general rule you should only upvote about 20 times a day, you can go up to 40 but the votes get weaker and it regenerates by 20% per day, you can go look at your stats at steemnow.com just enter your username in the box, I hope that helps!


yea thx very much my friend <3

Incredible info @blueorgy
Thanks from steemit indonesia community

Seems like a pretty cool bot to help out some content creators.
Will this keep on running or will it just be for a limited time?

Thanks for the code. It's very helpful


Hi Steemit Community

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Thanks to all friends.

Cool very good idea

Interesting! Upvoted!

Thank you for the upvote of my Smile blog :) now following, and if you didn't get to read it please check it out! https://steemit.com/poetry/@prestigiouskids/a-mother-s-smile-poem

Tell us how it went! Beautiful Sunday to you🌺

I think I had been one of randomly upvoted. :P
Thanks. :D

Thank u so much😊 I just got ur upvote.

Thanks for the upvote !

hello sir i dont under stand thic plz teach me about this more i want do it

@blueorgy, I just got an upvote and was directed to this post due to the comment left. Thank you so much for helping us minnows! Appreciated :) @darnscotty

You have too much free time on your hands! :)

I'd suggest a script that calculates the amount of locked Steem in inactive accounts (say, unused for the last six months). You'll be quite surprised and then probably shocked, when you realize what will happen to the already falling price of Steem if every one of these accounts decides to cash out :)

Locked Steem can also be used as a metric for Steemit popularity and possible future price volatility of the currency - the higher the price of Steem, the more likely people would return to Steemit to cash out.

I was upvoted earlier. Thank you very much.

Wow it's Awesome

interesting :3

It will be interesting to see what results you have. How long to you plan to run the experiment?

Interesting :)

Really. It's amazing

very good ... i like it


Hi Steemit Community

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Thanks to all friends.

Im up for this....thanks for including me...not quite sure what you are looking achieve but am interested to find out!

As a beneficiary of this experiment, and other steembots, I have to agree with @somethingsubtle. I didn't come here to get rich, I came to meet interesting people and engage an audience. At the same time, as an experiment, the resultant knowledge may help vote distribution be clearer understood, and as people are more drawn to read high roller posts, by a very small step you have grown my carrot to draw the horses. So, thank you.


Your bot may be going rogue, it voted a post that is almost two days old up as well. How far back is this machine going to roll

Good luck with this one! Cool idea!

Thank you your bot just upvote me.

thank you !! Let's mount up give 'er a kick and see how she ride's !! Up voted and resteemed . Will witness in one week can't witness something without seeing so Steem on !!!

nice one

upvote 0% shark song

vote and follow done

I do not understant , What's this for?

Interesting, is your bot running right now? how's the whole setup is configured, would you mind to share? thanks


Yes its running right now. You can check out what its doing over on http://steemd.com/@blueorgy. I'll get back to you on that one


thanks for your upvote ,i have done the same for you.

thank you for the upvote, I am looking forward to see what your experiences with the project will be !

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :)

I was just up-voted by your bot. Thanks.

I am no longer in need of such a vote (I'm still gratefull for it, of course), but it must be great for people who have recently joined SteemIt.

When I first started about 4 months ago, new posts automatically got about 40 upvotes within the first few minutes (with very few actual views :) ) which gave newcomers the feeling that at least their post had some attention, even if they weren't earning very much.

Now we have a situation where people are simply not voting on newcomers posts, so this bot is refreshing and something that is needed until the situation changes.

How would I run this bot?

I'm very much interested in the results also...

Excellent - I upvoted and followed

Thankyou for vote.Please help me in steemit, because I'm new in steemit. Thank you

Very interesting!

May I know what to do to work just get confused!!!

Interesting, got here because I saw the comment and upvote on my new article by the bot. I do hope this increases the visibility to human readers, we all want our articles to be useful, so let's see how this is playing out.
Thank you for the effort, and I had upvoted as well!

Good and hopeful

0.03, it is worth it to me, thank you very much @blueorgy

Interesting Men Nice Post.

Sounds interesting as long as it breaks no laws out here :) having fun interacting is one of my many goals here. I recently hit a comment threshold that told me my bandwidth was way to high. I might need to upvote only if it happens again, but heck I'm a human never been a bot LOL.

@blueorgy, thanks for you upvote. This sounds interesting! I've read some of the comments about auto upvoting and the disconnect it creates. However, me still being very low on the scale of things here on @steemit, this seems like a good idea to create some momentum for users that are new or stuck or just need a little help.

I just really want to get as much information out to people as I can so everyone can feel as great as I do!

So for that, I appreciate this experience.

Thanks for the upvote and the comment and the project. Congratulations.

I like that 😃

Posts that attract buddies

A cool idea and thanks I was one if the randomly selected


Me too! :)

I´m curious about the times. These 3 and 20 seconds are established by you, or this is the fastest possible with a given software and hardware?

Good work with experimentation. This is how bitcoin was developed. I hope that you bring out some good creations @blueorgy and benefit the community.

Create a great day,

Very helpful

Awesome I just got upvoted earlier and lead me to this post. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the bot and upvoting my post!

nice post my friend

Bot works, he already voted for me. I like this bot :)


i dont understand this tell me plz how this work


I believe the bot just tries to upvote as many new posts as possible until voting power is too low. You can't do anything to summon it.


Well I'm here because your bot just upvoted my post a couple minutes ago. Let me know if you need anything.

I hope you will succeed, wish you all the best, keep up good work...

I've tried to understand it but I have not understood, can you help me with, explanations with pictures, please help my friend

especially with the recent lack of voting

Not sure what this means; the reward pool has recently been deeply drained because of a sharp increase in voting.

Instead of doing a small amount of 100% UpVotes I would instead go the opposite direction and do as many as possible at a very small percentage.

If your bot continues to vote for things that were just immediately posted to the blockchain, it won't matter whether you vote at 100% or at 0.01% - your curation rewards will be zero.

If you wait for the reverse auction to unwind (i.e., vote closer to the 30-minute mark), I would your curation rewards to be slightly higher if you give few large votes rather than many small votes. This is due to rounding errors - many small votes will tend to mean you lose a larger percentage to rounding.

Drop me a line if you want any more info on auto-curation, I've been doing it for quite a while. :)


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Thanks to all friends.


Don't do this.

Hmmm well good luck. Is it based on the time they vote or their level of new? Lol

sounds cool, let's see how it works out!

Super interesting, thanks for the initiative!

Wow blueorgy...!!! great planning. just voted for you for witness.

Thanks for all your upvotes! =D @spikykevin i take Awe nice photos!

Thank you for your report.
Although I do not understand much, it will be good for me.
I like sharing..


Good thanks

very interesting!
I have downloaded python 3
now what to do after this?

Oke Brother


Interesting. Thanks 4 the upvote, btw. ☺

Nice idea, thanks for your two cents.

Interesting post!
It is worth pondering over your experiment!

Interesting ! , voted for witnesses.

Still learning about steemit. Need to figure out what a witness is for or if I even have a vote.

nice good post i will to followe and upvoted sir
regards me @acehpost

Muchísimas gracias, He sido upvote por su bot. Sorprendida y aprendiendo un poco más. @blueorgy

Great experiment . Thanks for helping us grow .

Let us know the results...


Hi @blueorgy I was one of those upvoted; thanks... sounds interesting whatever it is you're doing... I would like to find out more about it! Cheers!


Hi Steemit Community

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Thanks to all friends.

Buen post

Very cool! I wish there more of those around lol. I just saw it in action on a friend's post. Well done!

Wow this is way interesting! I got a vote on my post and it was exciting :)

yes, that is interesting and good - Thanks from @iodoorclubmunich

My wonderful friend, I hope you will be happier

I've been up voted too!

thank you, i just upvoted by your bot, it's work, good.

Your bot got me, thanks!

I've been tinkering with the idea of running a steembot as well,.. mainly focused on a game idea I had. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and tracking your progress. Goodluck!!!

okay your bot upvoted me, that's a good thing,... but it would be nicer if it was a real upvote I think,... but we like the upvotes so I will study this a bit more, do not really understand the whole concept yet,... are we limited in upvoting?

Very cool. Voting for you as a witness now!

@blueorgy your experiment reached my post moments ago!
So you are a witness and are mining - have to figure out how to select 29 more witnesses for my account, stay in contact.

thank you very much blueorgy for this test drive with your boty

upvote is appreciated SteemOn bro

Cheers Mate

Thanks for the upvote! Will you publish the results of your experiment?

I gave it an upvote due to potentially useful C code.

I can't wait to see how your experiment turns out!


Hi Steemit Community

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Thanks to all friends.

Interesting experiment. Beneficiary here saying thanks.

You got my witness vote. Good job serving our community!

Thanks for your bot-powered vote! I'm pretty sure it just made my day. :)

Cool man can i use it too

thanks got some upvotes from you

thanks for the upvote, so cool

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Awesome promo! Thanks for sharing the love!

yoo my dear thanks i have the exprience to vote for you now

This is pretty cool. Thanks! It will be interesting to see what your results are! Following. I will vote you for witness as well.

Thanks a lot for the upvotes on my posts! I'm following you :)

Thank you for upvote @ blueorgy

no entiendo nada ejeje como funciona?

helpful bot thanks

UpVote Experiment upvote me@juandaloko

Thanks you for upvoted me! It is a nice idea!

I still dont understand what the experiment is? Trying to see which is more profitable to you? You're bot is more annoying than you think.

It's working--lots of interest in this post and your bot. Neat experiment. Thanks for involving the community in your learning.

how to connect a bot?

Awesome experiment! Also just voted for you as a witness! Hope your doing well!


Hi Steemit Community

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Thanks to all friends.

Interesting !! Upvote and follow:)

love you dude thanks for the upvotes

What do i have to do for experiment?

i was upvoted by this bot @blueorgy , i like it, upvote and follow :)


Nice. Thanks for making these tools to help the community!


Thanks, bro! :DD


please giveaway me

Nice initiative👍. Power to the minnows!!

Upvoted. Thank you for this experiment

Thanks for sharing the code. I initially wasnt a fan of bots but since exploring a few use cases i now think they can be very useful. I might message you on Steemit chat about your experience. I would love to share some code as long as it's being used for positive purposes.

Intersting experiment! This is a question I always had on my mind, I'm really interested in seeing the results.

good project i am happy to follow you in support

Thank you for upvote @ blueorgy

This is an awesome idea! Great to have people like yourself on here! This platform is the bee's knees! haha <3

thanks for your information

intersting idea. I wish i knew more about the mechanics of steem and upvoting to comment. But initially, I wonder how an autonomous vote effects the value of a real up vote?

you do a good job, help people to grow without asking money. keep it up!

I wasn't upvoted by your bot, but I think it's a cool idea. It's needed as so many articles and posts get lost in the feed like tears in the rain. Resteemed and Following.

안 녕 하 십 니 까? 만 나 서 반 갑 습 니 다.
제 이 름 은 서 먓 툰 입 니 다.미 양 마 사 람 입 니 다.
Please help me to success in Steemit by following back and upvoting my posts. 감 사 합 니 다.

Thank you for upvote @blueorgy


Why have you copied imy comment and added it to your comment?
@ Dpakyaw

Thanks for sharing. It looks interesting. How to join?

Nice Post. Thanks

You can check my other posts on @lovelyday
and also follow and upvote me.

Thanks to all friends.

Thank you for upvote.This is very informative.I follow you.

I have chosen you as my witness. . Please help me.

I have chosen you as my witness. . Please help me.

That's great idea mostly for the newbie on this platform. I support your steps in this direction.

Thank you for your vote @blueorgy:)

I do not really understand it, is there anyone here to help me
@blueorgy .. ? Because my mother tongue is @ indonesia, and is there any that can help me here ..?

Any results yet of your experiment?

Amazing idea. Thanks for the support.
followed you


I have also voted for you as a witness. 👍

Thank you! This bot is already giving me support. It works really great. Keep going on, dude!

Thank You

It is awesome imformation @blueorgy

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I hope that you get funded by some heaven--sent whale out there, best regards.

I should start making bot. It might be useful at some point!

Thanks for the upvotes

thank you for sharing this valuable post.

votare por ti porque lo hiciste por mi

Congratulations @blueorgy!
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i voted you as a witness

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It will be interesting to see what happens. Oh I wish I can be the lucky users whose post got upvoted.

Thank you @blueorgy for your upvote in my post. I have come to show my gratitude. You got my upvote.