Decentralized exchange - New wave is coming

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Cryptocurrency is a revolution. Due to its decentralized nature it is popular. It is even more popular as there is no central government to control your fund. It is now easy to transfer your money whenever wherever possible. I really find it very useful. I am really really excited about cryptocurrency.

Traditional system is too slow and irritating as well. You need to wait for several hours just for a simple bank statement or banking related activities. It is even more difficult and irritating when it comes to international trading. You need to provide number of documents to clear a simple transaction.

With regard to cryptocurrency, you are the CEO and master of your fund. No one will dictate you what to send where to send. Your money your decision. You can send any country you want. awesome.

But cryptocurrency has a major risk of hacking. Traditional banking system also get hacked. But in case of Cryptocurrency it seems like that it is more common. Mt. Gox to Coincheck to Bithumb, Cryptocurrency exchange hacking is going on. Regulated countries like Japan and South korea is the worst victim of Cryptocurrency exchange hacking.


Though government is taking stern action to protect investors, But the unfortunate event is going on. One of the best solution now is to use decentralized exchange. One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is going to launch decentralized exchange soon. South Korean Cryptocurrency giant Bithumb is going to launch decentralized platform.

It is good to see that best in the market are interested about decentralized platform. To me, It is the next big wave. Decentralized platform may reduce the degree of cryptocurrency exchange hacking.

What is your opinion of Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange? Please leave a comment below:

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no, forget decentralized, we need more people to get into crypto, that means exchanges with more methods to get money into them like: direct deposit, PayPal deposits, credit card deposits, all those are not possible on a decentralized exchange.
btw, if your interested in a big exchange being built and getting in early at a low price, check out Bitfineon it's being built by teh ALQO team and will be ready soon. Get in with them by buying some XLQ on crypto-bridge (a decentralized exchange :)

Bitcoin itself will be an exchange

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i heard some exchange like bancour they said it's decentralized but when it get hacked they got back their money , where is the decentralization ?!

there will be agreat shift to decentralised exchanges and I'm ready! a nautral progression much needed to become less and less reliant on central actors.

it a question of time , not all after 5 years if you someone with cash he'll laugh at you

Nice! but if you want to try this I think you will be happiest person here in crypto space because you can enjoy their 99% off on the trading fees.

I just realized that you are an ardent crypto believer and promoter!
I have realized that most folks watch and listen to a lot of mainstream media(which obvioulsy talks negative about crypto!),crypto seems to be for the risk takers and you all know how people fear to take risks!

Decentralized exchanges will instill some hope in new people joining crypto if they are assured that their money is safe!

There is this new Bitcoin Futures exchange thats also offering free trading fees and decentralized accounts..Their speaker will be speaking at the #Maltablockchainsummit which you must be aware of,such summits help awareness and increase adoption.

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