eToro Copy Trading

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[eToro Copy Trading] ( is a popular system that allows anyone that wants to invest in the stock market but doesn't have the time or knowledge, to copy talented & experience stock traders automatically when they trade you trade the exact same stocks.

See below some of my reviews of popular investors you can copy on the eToro trading platform and app.

eToro Copy Trading review of Heloïse Greeff - Rubymza.

eToro Copy Trading review of James Campion - Campervans.

eToro Copy Trading of Lena Birse - Onegirl.

eToro Copy Trading review of Mariano Pardo - MarianoPardo.

eToro Copy Trading review of Jeppe Kirk Bonde - JeppeKirkBonde.

eToro Copy Trading review of Jian Swang Lim - Jianswang.

eToro Copy Trading review of Reinhardt Coetzee - Reinhardtcoetzee.

eToro Copy Trading review of Jay Edward Smith - Jaynemesis. (Has reached the limit of people to copy him)


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