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in #ethicslast month (edited)

I believe this is a bad idea (4 week power-down).

The whole point of powering-up-your-steem is to take it out of circulation and stabilize the economy.

The longer you keep it powered-up, the more effectively it serves its purpose (13 weeks seems reasonable).

It also serves as a type of LOYALTY OATH.

A better "update" would be to give people the option to PERMANENTLY power-up-their-steem!!!

That way we could all stop hearing about the BURNPOSTS.

I voted AGAINST the 4 week power-down proposal - here -

My vote is recorded here,


Click to watch 2 minutes,


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Your scathing critique is requested.


I think this is such a foundational thing to how Steem works that fucking with it is just another push by shitposters who want to get their cash out quicker. They already have been given the convenience of choosing 50/50 , if they want then it would be best to just be in perpetual powerdown and shut up about it.

I think a permanent-power-up option would be a great alternative to "burnposting".

It's these fcking busybodies bro, busybodies...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! As I'm fairly new to proposals and still to steem in general I'm utterly confused. Dozens of questions I can not grasp. So start with one: How can a 3 month old post (the FOR proposal) reference a 3 days old post (the AGAINST proposal)? Sorry if this question is not easy to follow, but I wanted to jot it down for it not to be lost.

When a proposal is 3 months old (aprox. 12 weeks), looks like it's a good ideo to power-down like this and not faster. LOL The first time I voted on a proposal. kadsching !invest_vote

How can a 3 month old post (the FOR proposal) reference a 3 days old post (the AGAINST proposal)?

Excellent observation, I don't have an answer for this one.

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