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The working title of the TV show is, "The Bucket-Head Talent Show" (TBHTS).

I had to wait a week for my application to be approved.

When I arrived at the studio, I was given a helmet with some complicated bucket (with a bunch of levers and buttons) attached to the top of it, a mask, a stack of 25 stage-blocks, a couple of coins (an allowance replenished daily) and a water-gun (an allowance replenished daily).

There was also a smart-phone app I had to install so I could track myself and the other players progress.

The playing-area was about the size of a large aircraft hangar, or a convention center.

There were cameras everywhere, thousands of them, constantly recording everyone and all players (and non-players) had direct access to these recordings at any time through the smart-phone app.

The floor was a sort of grate, or grid, and below the floor was a large pit with conveyor belts running the entire length of the playing-area.

When I joined the game there were about 35,000 active players.

I was told that the players could make real, cash-money-dollars by sharing their talents!

So, I painted my mask, strapped on my helmet, stacked up my 25 blocks to make a small stage, and started my song and dance.

Almost immediately, some other players tossed some coins into my bucket helmet! How cool is that!

So I looked up the "event" on the smart-phone app to figure out who gave me the coins and I checked out their song and dance and tossed some of the coins I was handed when I joined into their buckets.

I even got a comment about my first act!

It said, "I am a robot, I found some similar content on the web that you might be interested in." and even provided a direct link! How nice is that! Even though it said it was a robot, (I didn't realize that some of the players were robots! I love robots!) it seemed very helpful, and even tossed me some coins! Cha-ching!

And then, not long after that I got a second comment!

However, when I checked it out, the tone seemed a little more serious.

"Hey pal, we've seen this act before (actually we haven't, we just googled for it this very second and just happened to get a hit), and since you didn't give props to the other website (which may or may not own that particular content or care in the slightest if it gets imitated or re-posted) we're going to shoot you in the face with our water-gun and take the coins you earned on this particular song and dance as well as half your stage-blocks. If you think we've made some error in judgment, please go to this completely unrelated website on your smart-phone and beg for mercy in our private kangaroo-court."

And then I noticed that my song and dance had disappeared completely!


Oh, wait a minute, it's behind a "this show has been hidden" button.

Ok, whatever, it was probably a mistake. I checked the link and it was something I had posted myself years earlier!

So I clicked on the weird kangaroo-court link, and filled out the idiotic sign-up form, then I posted WTF in court.

They told me to prove that I posted the other (not necessarily the one true original) link from years earlier (that maybe had 3 total page-views before this happened) by logging into the old page and posting a link to my brand new in-game profile. WTF.

So I dug through some old emails and posted the link I was being extorted into adding. I mean, I'm totally new here, I'm just guessing these guys are legit and not some sort of hacker con-artists trying to socially engineer me into signing up for some BS.

The vigilantes were polite and gave back the coins they had confiscated as well as my stage-blocks.

Oh well, at least that's over, or at least that's what I thought.

I created a few more shows, and they were kinda hit-and-miss, but even the ones that received a lot of coin-flips, weren't adding up to much.

That's when I noticed that some coin-flips were worth a lot more than other coin-flips.

Some coin-flips were 100% worthless.

At first I thought the coin-flip was based on the number of stage-blocks the person had, the performers on taller stages seemed to get more attention.

So I kept on posting song and dance shows, and after about 40 shows, I had about 40 followers, and I had about 40 stage-blocks!

Around that time I got my in-game first friend! They coin-flipped all of my shows! They left some long, insightful comments and critiques! I checked out their shows, and contributed all of my daily allowance of coins to their shows!

Then I checked my coin-flip value and discovered it was 100% worthless!

Then I noticed that I was locked out of the system.

I couldn't post comments, I couldn't post new shows, I couldn't edit my existing shows, I couldn't contribute coins to any shows. I had run out of something call action-points. I didn't even know these were part of the game!

Then magically, my new friend arbitrary-loaned me some special coins!

I didn't even know that was possible!

So the way the arbitrary-loan works, is that the loan-shark can take back their money at any time, and you (the debtor) can't actually spend the coins... BUT you get a much bigger daily allotment of action-points, a much bigger daily allowance of coins to share with other performers AND a much bigger daily allowance of water for you to shoot people in the face and make them drop some of their coins into the grid-pit.

This was great! I was on-top-of-the-world!

I was searching for cool shows and layin' down fat (not worthless) coin-flips! I was posting insightful comments! I was getting a few more followers! But my stage-blocks seemed to be frozen at 40 for some reason.

  • to be continued...


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I want to see if I can find a steemian to make a short web-comic or animated video based on this idea (TBHTS) that might be a way of introducing new players to the game! If you know anybody, or if you're reading this and might be interested in a collaboration, just shoot me a comment!

For everyone else, just let me know what you think!


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Steemit game show. Waiting for part 2. Brilliant portray of what's happening here

Posted using Partiko Android

I love Buckethead. Great guitarist.

Didn't know he had a game show, but it sounds exactly like the kind of show the twisted maestro would derive.

Awaiting continuation with bated breath.


Nice moves!

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That was amazing! Nice moves! I want to see if I can find a steemian to make a short web-comic or animated video based on this idea that might be a way of introducing new players to the game (TBHTS)! If you know anybody, or if you're reading this and might be interested in a collaboration, just shoot me a note!

Dear @logiczombie

Thank you for sharing your publication with me.

I'm not much of a gamer, so I can only show my little support with an upvote :) Catch

Cheers, Piotr

Well, you seem to be getting the hang of it!

So far, you've been playing TBHTS since March 2nd 2018 and you've managed to earn 68.957 stage-blocks somehow and you've received 33,041 coin-flips!

I've been watching your shows to try and pick-up on some of your master-strategies!

It's a satirical critique of steemit, re-imagined as a game-show...

And then in the game several players created their own coins to be used exclusively between their clans.
I thought your criticism game is great.

Yeah, I'm not sure what all the token stuff is supposed to accomplish except confuse everyone.

People already have enough trouble figuring out the difference between steem and sbd and steempower...

It is what I'm saying, but everyone convinced me that I'm wrong.

The clans are so cool! everything will be fine if the clan remains united. Just divide and conquer.

How great it should be to participate in a program, it is a rewarding experience especially if it gives you great ideas ... greetings.

Very wonderful metaphor
When I finished the show myself
Always hope to get a reward
If There will be no value in the reward coin,
it also is a affirmation
it Motivate morale
If met someone blocked me
It will make people feel that the stage is really sinister
let we Lose work morale
Therefore, the power to block should be something to limt.
So as not to affect the prosperity of the stage

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