100 Articles on Ethereum Curated Publications List

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One of the major blockchain projects at the moment is Ethereum, which is framed to be both a platform for other tokens using smart contracts as well as a universal computer which is turing complete. A decentralized ledger that also combines aspects of decentralized exchange has proven to be a powerful method for crowdfunding. The virtual machine enables many interesting applications that require consensus to be formed among machine states.

To show some of the recent research and analysis, here are 100 of the most cited articles that mention Ethereum in the title.

  1. "Ethereum: A secure decentralised generalised transaction ledger". G Wood. 2014. gavwood.com Ethereum project yellow paper. 781 cites.
  2. "A survey of attacks on ethereum smart contracts (sok)". N Atzei, M Bartoletti, T Cimoli. 2017. Springer Principles of Security and Trust. 167 cites.
  3. "Introducing Ethereum and Solidity". C Dannen. 2017. Springer . 63 cites.
  4. "Defining the ethereum virtual machine for interactive theorem provers". Y Hirai. 2017. Springer … Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data …. 43 cites.
  5. "Datestamping the Bitcoin and Ethereum bubbles". S Corbet, B Lucey, L Yarovaya. 2018. Elsevier Finance Research Letters. 40 cites.
  6. "Ethereum: A secure decentralized transaction ledger". G Wood. 2014. . 33 cites.
  7. "Ethereum: A next-generation smart contract and decentralized application platform, 2013". V Buterin. 2017. URL {http://ethereum. org/ethereum. html}. 31 cites.
  8. "Kevm: A complete semantics of the ethereum virtual machine". E Hildenbrandt, M Saxena, X Zhu, N Rodrigues…. 2017. ideals.illinois.edu . 26 cites.
  9. "EthIKS: Using Ethereum to audit a CONIKS key transparency log". J Bonneau. 2016. Springer … Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data …. 24 cites.
  10. "Decentralization in bitcoin and ethereum networks". AE Gencer, S Basu, I Eyal, R van Renesse…. 2018. arxiv.org arXiv preprint arXiv …. 21 cites.
  11. "Dissecting Ponzi schemes on Ethereum: identification, analysis, and impact". M Bartoletti, S Carta, T Cimoli, R Saia. 2017. arxiv.org arXiv preprint arXiv:1703.03779. 20 cites.
  12. "Towards verifying ethereum smart contract bytecode in Isabelle/HOL". S Amani, M Bégel, M Bortin, M Staples. 2018. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 7th ACM …. 20 cites.
  13. "Designing secure Ethereum smart contracts: A finite state machine based approach". A Mavridou, A Laszka. 2017. arxiv.org arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.09327. 18 cites.
  14. "A Semantic Framework for the Security Analysis of Ethereum smart contracts". I Grishchenko, M Maffei, C Schneidewind. 2018. Springer International Conference on …. 16 cites.
  15. "the man behind Ethereum". V Buterin. 2012. However . 15 cites.
  16. "Ethereum: A next-generation cryptocurrency and decentralized application platform". V Buterin. 2014. Bitcoin Magazine. 15 cites.
  17. "A decentralised sharing app running a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain". A Bogner, M Chanson, A Meeuw. 2016. dl.acm.org … of the 6th International Conference on …. 13 cites.
  18. "Ethereum: a secure decentralised generalised transaction ledger. Ethereum Project Yellow Paper 151 (2014)". G Wood. 2014. . 13 cites.
  19. "Comparison of Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric and Corda". M Valenta, P Sandner. 2017. explore-ip.com . 13 cites.
  20. "Ethereum: the decentralised platform that might displace today's institutions". P De Filippi, R Mauro. 2014. Internet Policy Review. 12 cites.
  21. "Ethereum white paper, 2014". V Buterin. 2013. URL https://github. com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/White-Paper. 12 cites.
  22. "Ethereum: Blockchains, digital assets, smart contracts, decentralized autonomous organizations". H Diedrich. 2016. Wildfire Publishing Sydney . 12 cites.
  23. "Ethereum: a secure decentralized transaction ledger (2014)". G Wood. 2017. . 11 cites.
  24. "Merkling-in-Ethereum". V Buterin. 2015. … on Ethereum blog ( https://blog. ethereum. org/2015/11 …. 11 cites.
  25. "Scaling Ethereum to Billions of Users". F Ehrsam. 2017. … . com/@ FEhrsam/scaling-ethereum-to-billions-of-users …. 11 cites.
  26. "Digital currency Ethereum is cratering because of a $50 million hack". R Price. 2016. Business Insider. 10 cites.
  27. "Formal verification of Deed contract in Ethereum name service". Y Hirai. 2016. yoichihirai.com . 9 cites.
  28. "Factors influencing cryptocurrency prices: Evidence from bitcoin, ethereum, dash, litcoin, and monero". Y Sovbetov. 2018. papers.ssrn.com . 9 cites.
  29. "A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform, Ethereum White Paper". V Buterin. 2014. . 9 cites.
  30. "Ethereum eclipse attacks". K Wüst, A Gervais. 2016. research-collection.ethz.ch . 9 cites.
  31. "0x: An open protocol for decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain". W Warren, A Bandeali. 2017. upload.icodreamer.com URl: https://github. com/0xProject …. 8 cites.
  32. "A programmer's guide to ethereum and serpent". K Delmolino, M Arnett, A Kosba…. 2015. mc2-umd.github.io URL: https://mc2-umd. 8 cites.
  33. "Ethereum: A secure decentralised generalised transaction ledger homestead revision". G Wood. 2015. url: http://gavwood.% 20com/paper.% 20pdf. 8 cites.
  34. "Proofs-of-delay and randomness beacons in ethereum". B Bünz, S Goldfeder, J Bonneau. 2017. IEEE SECURITY and PRIVACY ON THE …. 8 cites.
  35. "Bitcoin vs ethereum: Driven by different purposes". P Bajpai. 2017. accessed . 8 cites.
  36. "KEVM: A Complete Formal Semantics of the Ethereum Virtual Machine". E Hildenbrandt, M Saxena, N Rodrigues…. 2018. ieeexplore.ieee.org 2018 IEEE 31st …. 7 cites.
  37. "Ethereum platform review: Opportunities and challenges for private and consortium blockchains". V Buterin. 2016. … -11-19]. http://www. r3cev. com/blog/2016/6/2/ethereum …. 7 cites.
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  39. "Smart contracts: security patterns in the ethereum ecosystem and solidity". M Wohrer, U Zdun. 2018. ieeexplore.ieee.org Blockchain Oriented Software Engineering …. 7 cites.
  40. "Cryptocurrency as guarantees of origin: simulating a green certificate market with the ethereum blockchain". A Castellanos, D Coll-Mayor, A Notholt. 2017. publikationen.reutlingen-university … . 7 cites.
  41. "Zero-collateral lotteries in Bitcoin and Ethereum". A Miller, I Bentov. 2017. ieeexplore.ieee.org Security and Privacy Workshops (EuroS&PW …. 6 cites.
  42. "Business giants to announce creation of a computing system based on Ethereum". N Popper. 2017. via NYTimes. com. 6 cites.
  43. "Betfunding: A distributed bounty-based crowdfunding platform over ethereum". V Jacynycz, A Calvo, S Hassan…. 2016. Springer … Computing and Artificial …. 5 cites.
  44. "Slock. it to Introduce Smart Locks Linked to Smart Ethereum Contracts, Decentralize the Sharing Economy". G Prisco. 2016. … -it-to-introduce-smart-loc s-lin ed-to-smart-ethereum …. 5 cites.
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  46. "Ethereum sharding faq". V Buterin. 2017. . 5 cites.
  47. "Ethereum: A secure decentralized generalised transaction ledger—homestead draft". G Wood. 2016. Technical report. 5 cites.
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  50. "Ethereum vs. Bitcoin". J Harm, J Obregon, J Stubbendick. 2017. Creighton University, undated manuscript …. 5 cites.
  51. "The Ethereum network is currently undergoing a DoS attack". J Wilcke. 2016. … at: https://blog. ethereum. org/2016/09/22/ethereum …. 4 cites.
  52. "Proving Ethereum for the clearing use case". D Creer, R Crook, M Hornsby, NG Avalis…. 2016. cdn.relayto.com Royal Bank of …. 4 cites.
  53. "Ethereum, a Virtual Currency". N Popper. 2016. … /03/28/business/dealbook/ethereum-a-virtual-currency …. 4 cites.
  54. "Peer to peer insurance on an Ethereum blockchain". J Davis. 2018. dynamisapp.com Dynamis Whitepaper. Retrieved February 18th f. 4 cites.
  55. "Storing compressed text in Ethereum transaction logs.(2015)". J Brown. 2015. . 4 cites.
  56. "Everything you need to know about the Ethereum 'hard fork'". JI Wong, I Kar. 2016. Qz. com, July. 4 cites.
  57. "A beginner's guide to Ethereum tokens". L Xie. 2017. The Coinbase Blog. 4 cites.
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  59. "How does Ethereum work, anyway?". P Kasireddy. 2017. … /medium. com/@ preethikasireddy/how-does-ethereum …. 4 cites.
  60. "On Public and Private Blockchains. Ethereum Blog". V Buterin. 2015. . 4 cites.
  61. "Ethereum executes blockchain hard fork to return dao funds". M del Castillo. 2016. Coindesk. 4 cites.
  62. "Ethereum Virtual Machine for Coq (v0. 0.2)". Y Hirai. 2017. Published online on. 4 cites.
  63. "Ethereum: state of knowledge and research perspectives". S Tikhomirov. 2017. Springer International Symposium on Foundations and Practice …. 4 cites.
  64. "An Adaptive Gas Cost Mechanism for Ethereum to Defend Against Under-Priced DoS Attacks". T Chen, X Li, Y Wang, J Chen, Z Li, X Luo…. 2017. Springer … on Information Security …. 4 cites.
  65. "Ethereum, a Virtual Currency, Enables Transactions that Rival Bitcoin's". N Popper. 2016. The New York Times. 4 cites.
  66. "Ethereum Parity Hack May Impact ETH 500,000 or $146 Million, 2017". JD Alois. 2017. . 4 cites.
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  69. "Система проведения тендеров на основе платформы Ethereum". ДО Кондырев, ВС Бобров, ИЕ Ефремов…. 2017. cyberleninka.ru Вестник …. 4 cites.
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  74. "others, Ethereum white paper". V Buterin. 2013. Ethereum Foundation . 3 cites.
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  77. "Formal verification of Ethereum contracts, 2017". Y Hirai. 2017. URl: https://github. com/pirapira/ethereum-formal …. 3 cites.
  78. "Developing an Ethereum blockchain application". NP Triantafyllidis, TNO Oskar van Deventer. 2016. ext.delaat.net . 3 cites.
  79. "Replacing paper contracts with Ethereum smart contracts". W Egbertsen, G Hardeman, M van den Hoven…. 2016. wesleyegbertsen.nl . 3 cites.
  80. "MadMax: surviving out-of-gas conditions in Ethereum smart contracts". N Grech, M Kong, A Jurisevic, L Brent…. 2018. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the …. 3 cites.
  81. "How will ethereum scale". A Hertig. 2017. Coindesk . 3 cites.
  82. "Uncle Mining, an Ethereum Consensus Protocol Flaw". SD Lerner. 2016. Bitslog blog, Apr. 3 cites.
  83. "RWE and Slock. it—Electric cars using Ethereum wallets can recharge by induction at traffic lights". I Allison. 2016. International Business Times. 3 cites.
  84. "Gavin,“Ethereum: A Secure Decentralised Generalised Transaction Ledger Final Draft—Under Review,”". D Wood. . . 3 cites.
  85. "Ethereum: A secure decentralised generalised transaction ledger., 2014". W Gavin. 2014. . 3 cites.
  86. "Ethereum scalability research and Development subsidy programs". V Buterin. 2018. . 3 cites.
  87. "Smashing Ethereum Smart Contracts for Fun and Real Profit". B Mueller. 2018. HITB SECCONF Amsterdam. 3 cites.
  88. "No DAO funds at risk following the Ethereum smart contract 'recursive call'bug discovery". S Tual. 2016. Slock. it Blog. 3 cites.
  89. "EthOn-an Ethereum ontology". J Pfeffer, A Beregszazi, C Detrio, H Junge, J Chow…. 2016. . 3 cites.
  90. "A hacker stole $31 M of Ether-how it happened, and what it means for Ethereum". H Qureshi. 2017. Freecodecamp. org, Jul. 3 cites.
  91. "Monadic design patterns for the Blockchain, DEVCON1, Ethereum Developer Conference, Gibson Hall, London, 9-13 Nov (2015)". LG Meredith. 2015. . 3 cites.
  92. "More ethereum attacks: Race-to-empty is the real deal". P Vessenes. 2016. Peter Vessenes. 3 cites.
  93. "Rejecting Today's Hard Fork, the Ethereum Classic Project Continues on the Original Chain: Here's Why". A van Wirdum. 2016. Bitcoin Magazine. 3 cites.
  94. "Proctor, The-Ethereum: More than'the new Bitcoin". K Timmerman, M Thomas. 2017. Humanities & Social Sciences Collection-Informit …. 3 cites.
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  100. "Understanding Ethereum". J Dienelt. 2016. New York, NY: CoinDesk. 3 cites.


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