Kdrama is life :)

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Awesome day today! Well almost perfect just that it’s monday tomorrow. Ha! 🤪

These past few days I’ve been watching kdramas and finished 3 dramas last week! You guys should watch the new show in titled, The beauty inside. The show just ended last week. I fell in love with the story and also what an excellent choice in the soundtrack. I already have LLS! Hahaha can’t get it out of my head, ugh just hard to pronounce the korean words.. someone please help me! Lol this is my dilemma at the moment. 😅

The beauty inside

photo source

It’s worth your time. I love the story.. not too serious and not boring but there is this one episode that made me cry so hard.. brilliant acting with the lead actress! She really made me.. cry.... hehe!

Another kdrama that I would also want to suggest is, Where stars land. The lead actress is the girl from I am not a Robot
kdrama. I was surprised that they have scenes with Filipino actors. It was amazing to watch both Filipino and Koreans actors in one show hehehe it was cool.

Where stars land

photo source

This show also just ended last week! I don’t get the ending though hehehe why they didn’t show the guys face!?! I mean come on!!! Hehehe don’t worry I’m not spoiling anything, I just noticed why they didn’t show his face hehehe.

Right now I’m currently watching a remake of Meteor Garden originally from Taiwan and Korea also made their own version of the series, Boys over flower both were a big hit and now the Meteor Garden 2018 remake is making some noise. The show is from China. I think the show already ended and now showing on Netflix. Amazing!

I still remember most of all the scenes..because I’m a huge fan of the series and the love story between Daoming Si and Shanchai. I know the all characters and what happened to the entire story!! Haha by watching the show again is giving me chills!! It’s nice to feel you g again!!!

Each of the version have their own touch of the show. This is how I would rank it:

Meteor Garden - Taiwan (original)

photo source

Boys over flower - Korean version

photo source

Meteor Garden 2018 - Chinese version

photo source

How I wish one day there will be a Filipino version of Meteor Garden. 🤔 Anyway, ending my blog here. Hope you guys enjoyed reading.. :) Annyeong hi kye seyo!!!

Certified Kdrama addict,
Mama dork.

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Woooo a Kdrama mama friend!! 😍😍😍
I recently watched one called Pinocchio and it was awesome. Have you seen that?

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Yes the girl that gets a hiccup every time she is lying 🤥 hehehe i like that show too!!!

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Yeeeh it was the most realistic and honest one! No sneaky I hate you but I love you stuff haha

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The guy is also famous, i love his shows, like doctor stranger, while you were watching and w! :)) the girl had a show with lee min ho, the heirs!

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Ohh I love while you were sleeping!! Hehe he’s sooo good at it!! But his face a little too much surgery hahaha
Oh yeh I’ve seen the heirs hehe.. I also loved her in you’re beautiful and I re-watched it again!!

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Oh really hahaha I didn’t know that i guess i just didn’t care lololol.. it’s crazy that ive watched more kdramas than Filipino dramas hahahahhaa I really want to travel to korea because of my addiction to kdramas

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OMG because you talked about W and I remember seeing some pics I went to search it and am watching it right now hahaha.. its not on netflix so theres some ads which is annoying but omg its so good!!!

I can suggest you a website.. so you won’t ever see ads hehehe

Try: https://kseries.net/

Just ignore the pop ads though and close it. Just make sure to get back in the main page. It works perfect with me

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Maybe I should join you on the meteor garden run! Haha i love it when there’s someone else watching the same drama at the same time!

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Have you watch Meteor garden taiwan? Or boys over flower? Hehehe i think you’ll like it..

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I’ve seen the Taiwan version - it was my first drama haha..
Boys over flower I only managed to see half but it was too slow hahaha

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