Down on the Farm.

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Down on the Farm.

I am submitting this first image as my entry into the Animal Photochallenge

There is something about cows that causes me to stop and take their photo if they are a reasonable distance away from me.


This group of bovine beauties were nice and close to the road in the country side - so I couldn't resist getting out of the car and taking a few shots.


As I edited them, I couldn't help but notice that cows, in general, make great subjects for photography.


Do you, like me wonder what is going on in their cow brains when they stare at you with their docile daze? I do, but perhaps I'm the only one that does.






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Thank you @esteemapp

They love cameras lol 😆

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Thank you for your comments @maxdevalue.Hope you are having a blessed Easter weekend.

Great shots! I especially like the second one with the straight on capture.


Thanks for your comments. I like that one too.

Cows are nice. Photogenic, too!

I was helping a friend with a project on a farm once, and the farmers cows were following us around. It was hillarious. You would look over your shoulder and they'd all stop short, all in a line. As soon as you turned your back, they'd creep closer. I never thought of cows as sneaky before that!


Haha......that must have been funny. Just another reason to wonder what goes on in their heads at times. I wonder if they have a sense of humour but they don't appear to smile at us do they? 😁

haha! howdy Trudee! Being raised on a cattle farm and ranch I've always been amused with them because they are very curious about us. If you pull up and start doing something in the pasture they'll all come and watch. I don't know if they have much in the way of "thoughts" though. lol. But they ARE photogenic!


I am inclined to agree with you. They don't give the impression that they are highly intelligent. Where as horses, you can have a descent conversation with them. lol.

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