What Is The Pattern of Education Needed By Students?...

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For example, one of the educational processes to facilitate learning, acquisition of individual knowledge, skills, beliefs and habits. Every educational institution is expected to be able to help and shape individuals to be able to face life's challenges in the future.

Higher education or university as one of the elements of education is a process to equip individuals in world meetings in accordance with certain skills and in accordance with their respective competencies. Education offered by a university; The first should depend on the needs of each individual and the skills needed by the community.

The second, sides of their own needs and the needs of the community always change with changes in time so that the education process must also adjust to the changes at this time. n the era of industrial revolution, higher education institutions are required to understand the characteristics of students in accordance with the era, namely the age of information technology.

Students or prospective students today can be regarded as the third millennium generation who have different types of personality, psychological attitudes, learning styles, expectations and cognitive patterns compared to previous generations.

It is undeniable, the rapid development of information technology brought students and prospective students as a group of digital natives. Digital native is those who are born when information technology is ready to be adopted and used in their daily lives.

Generation Difference

In summary, the differences between current and previous generations are in the characteristics of 3C, namely creative, connected, and collaborative. They develop with their creative power, are always connected to the networks they have, and are looking for opportunities for collaboration that can lead to welfare.

Some characteristics of the third millennium include always wanting to be free, hoping for fast results and growth, self starters, having different value systems and tend not to be bound by rigid standardization practices.

They no longer like to read printed books, don't last long to sit who can spend hours and listen to lectures in class. they are bored. They prefer learning outside the classroom, learning by doing not learning by listening and reading, trying to divert hobbies into part of work and seeking flexibility in the education system.

Therefore, a college must effectively understand the behavior of prospective students, analyze and understand it well. The results of this understanding will be used to design learning styles according to their wishes. If the learning process is not in accordance with student interest or preferences, the learning process will not occur.

As a result, the learning objectives in the current era of industrial revolution must be adjusted to several things such as:

  1. The ability to apply mathematics.
  2. Science and engineering
  3. Produces social intelligence and emotional quotient capabilities.
  4. Strengthen sense-making skills to create unique views on what they have observed or commonly called tacit knowledge.

Prepare computational thinking skills (the ability to translate extensive data into abstract concepts and understand database reasons), the ability to collaborate virtually, and produce good digital track records.

Understanding of the needs of these capabilities will be a provision for universities to go to more strategic designs such as curriculum design that is in line with future job skills. Information technology integration in learning is also very important.

In addition to curriculum design with skill readiness, it is very important that the moral foundation is based on religious values. Nature's readiness and its contents to be studied and explored for the sake of human survival. Therefore, exploration of science should not forget the Creator of knowledge itself.

If the generations of present-day have a value and norm of life based on religious values, any environmental change will not be an obstacle to their survival. Because, they will have high adaptability to environmental changes. Universities should continue to provide students with the moral moral foundation values.

This can be expressed in the curriculum and learning process towards creating a highly civilized and adaptive society for all changes.

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