Rice plants are the staple food of the Indonesian people

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Rice plants are one of the most important crops in civilization. Although it mainly refers to cultivated plants, rice is also used to refer to several species of the same genus, commonly referred to as wild rice. Rice is thought to originate from India or Indochina and into Indonesia brought by ancestors who migrated from mainland Asia around 1500 BC.

World rice production ranks third in all cereals, after corn and wheat. However, rice is the main carbohydrate source for the majority of the world's population.
The results of rice processing are called rice. Rice cultivation techniques have been known to humans since thousands of years ago. A number of cultivation systems are applied to rice. image image image image
Lowland rice cultivation (Ing. Paddy or paddy field), is thought to have started from the Yangtse River valley in China.
Dryland rice cultivation is known to humans in advance of lowland rice cultivation.
Swamp rice cultivation is carried out in several places on the island of Borneo.
Scaffold or abbreviated gora cultivation, which is a modification of dry land cultivation. This system was successfully implemented on the island of Lombok, which only had a short rainy season.
Every cultivation system requires an adaptive cultivar for each system. Rice cultivar groups suitable for dry land are known as upland rice.

In summary, rice cultivation includes nursery, transfer or planting, maintenance (including irrigation, weeding, crop protection, fertilization), and harvesting. Other aspects that are important but not included in the rice farming series are the selection of cultivars, seed processing and seed storage


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