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This is my entry for the #beautifulsunday challenge, hosted by @ace108 and for #sublimesunday by @c0ff33a.

Halloween is celebrated here on October 31st. The children will dress in costumes and go door-to-door around their neighborhoods and people will put candy in their trick-or-treat bags. So many people go all out with their Halloween decorations.





All these photos were taken earlier in the week.... And then this happened today!


It has already melted, but it certainly gave a strong reminder that winter is fast approaching

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

Shadow Photo Contest- Round 40- ART Shadows

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Lovely shots

Thank you! ❤️

You welcome dear

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I hope none of the fancy decorations are ruin. Some of them looks pretty cool

I'm guessing that the wind probably damaged more than a few. It was very strong.

I hope the coming winter don't damage more

Well they only have to last 10 more days and then they can be packed away and they will probably be replaced with Christmas decorations.

nice picture

Thank you!

Holy Heaven! I mean the decoration are lovely, but the snow ... It's still too early for that! Yesterday was nice and sunny. I was able to Go to the cemetery and take some amazing autumn shots. Today should be rainy but it's still warm, 11°C outside now. It's cloudy but dry, no sign of rain yet.

-3 here this morning. I'm wondering if my chrysanthemums survived the night! Yesterday's weather was crazy. Snow squalls that blasted us with high winds, snow and sleet with leaves blowing all over the place, and then the weather would be fine for and hour until we would get blasted again!

Chrysanthemums are resistant, I don't think you have to worry about them.

You were right! I think they are going to do okay. They are hardy little souls!

I was telling you that from experience. You know, on the 1st of November we commemorate our loved ones who had passed away and on that day we bring flowers and candles to the graves.

Well, chrysanthemums are the most popular flowers because they resist to low temperature, specific to that time of the year. Cemeteries and markets are full of them.

I'm going to post some photos for you to see. I bet you've never seen such cemetery photos.

I'm still sad that we do not have that tradition here, but I am looking forward to seeing your pictures, as always!

Have you seen my last one that I posted last night?

No, after having the kids here all weekend I'm just now trying to get caught up again! I'm always amazed that when I take a day off I get so far behind.

Halloween is celebrated here on October 31st. Surely all the kids are very happy because the day is the most special day for them. I hope you can visit my blog @melinda010100 I hope that happens

i love Halloween!! ❤ wonderful presentation. look awesome. beautiful capture. i also love snow, really really well done.

Thanks! Some people but so much effort into their decorations! I probably wouldn't mind snow if only we would have blue skies and sun, but during the winter we go for such long stretches with cloudy grey skies. It gets pretty depressing!

Oh no! Snow. I remember the legendary snow storm that hit Minneapolis one Halloween when we were there. It was awful for the little kids and parents that had to take them out.

October snows are so hard to accept! In December it's just expected, but when there are still green leaves on the trees, it is revolting!

Those Halloween decorations are great. Some people decorate their homes like I use to only see for Christmas. I haven't gotten into that craze.

No... no and NO.... to snow. :)

I'll be lucky if I even set a pumpkin on the front porch. I have never had a single trick-or-treater come to my door in the 20 years that I have lived here, so I have never felt the need to be festive! But then I don't do much for Christmas, either!
That snow took me totally by surprise. The weather man said rain possibly mixed with snow, but should have said snow possibly mixed with rain! I think I will wait until April to leave my house!

Nice post @melinda010100

Wow, very beautiful photo @melinda010100. I likes to contest.

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Cool halloween decorations! Are those real ravens? Cause they don't look scared of the pumpking scarecrow! 😅

Not real... But that pumpkin head is failing at his job!

Yeah, he need a new job! 😂

These are great! Resteemed
The 1st photo has a raven. I just heard The Raven on the radio .. the poem.

I haven't read that poem in far too long! Thanks for the resteem! It is appreciated.

wow I really like skull images like this. in my opinion this is an extraordinary picture.

Oh I'm so glad you like it. This time of year with everyone getting ready to celebrate Halloween there's plenty of skulls and scary things around! I'll see what else I can find for you.

.Wahhh, seeing a celebration like that must be very pleasant.

as long as I follow you, many things make me happy from the post. starting from posting about tractors, until now. All posts look amazing.

I enjoy reading your health posts also and have learned valuable things from you. I hope I can keep finding things that interest you!

What a great decoration. Here almost no Halloween is celebrated! I thought the snow took longer to arrive. How has your week end been?

It was a early blast of snow, and we were all taken by surprise. It had all melted away by afternoon. The kids were here all weekend and I am just beginning to have some time to myself and try to get caught up here again. Two days off and I feel like I'm far behind!

Good thing the kids were at home. I have not been much here either! This weekend was quite busy but wonderful hopefully I always had so much work

hello friend here is also celebrated on October 31 unlike not disguised here that tradition does not exist, previously disguised some people to scare others. Greetings I hope you enjoy your Halloween day .. I am new to this platform and I hope to grow greetings from Venezuela

Welcome to Steem! Wishing you lots of luck here! If you want some getting started advice. Do not vote on anyone's posts. It is a waste of your power right now!
I'm always happy to help if you have questions!

howdy there Melinda! hey who's gorgeous house is that?

No idea. Just one with great decorations!

Did you guys ever do much decorating?

I've never done very much outdoor decorating. Maybe a little bit more when the kids were growing up, but we lived out in the woods and the nearest neighbor was a half mile away and we had maybe eight cars go down our road all day long. So it always seems kind of silly to put up a lot of decorations. How about you have you ever been into decorating for holidays?

no never done a thing. I guess we're both boring that way! lol.


How do you get daily upvotes from @qustodian? I do not see you sending the bot any SBD. But I do see you delegate and upvote their daily report.

Just curious, thought you had to send SBD to get upvotes from @qustodian

I send in larger amounts-2 or sometimes 5 sbd- with the word credit in the memo line. The bot notifies me when I run out of credit. It works nicely!


Ah I did not know of that feature. I just tried out the bot a few days ago and I saw it refunded me most of what I sent it. Good to know they have that feature, I plan on using it.

thanks for explaining

They do not make it easy to know how to use many of the features!

I love the Halloween decor but I got stuck on looking at that 1st houses beauty!

Isn't it grand? It is in Oak Park Illinois in an area where there are many Frank Lloyd Wright houses. This one really does stand out.

Great capture!
The house and the decoration looks like something that you see in story books. So interesting.

Wow that is a serious scarecrow.