eSteem iOS App First Impressions!

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Easy Steemit iPhone and Android app? Yes please! How was my first experience with eSteem? Would you read this post if you would like to see if eSteem on iOS or android is worth using because I will show you the features I care most about here? If you want to start using eSteem, would you use this as a tutorial to start fast because you might have an easier time using it to begin with than I did! If you are developing eSteem @good-karma, would you use this post for feedback on eSteem because as a new user I hope I have provided useful feedback about my first experience?


What motivated me to try eSteem?

Post scheduling. I want to be able to schedule posts because this will allow me to write two posts at once and then schedule the second for later in the day. The one critical feature was the main motivation for me to try eSteem and without it I doubt I would have used it. In fact, while I am writing this on the desktop I am testing posting it with eSteem!

Use advanced sign in.

First, what to sign in with? I started with just the posting key but then tried signing in with both because the scheduling did not seem to work with just the posting key which I do not understand. I recommend against signing in with the master password anywhere because if this is compromised the entire account is at risk. Read more from my Steemit account security tutorial at Therefore, I recommend signing in with the posting and active key because if there is a security breach anywhere between the phone and the app or within the app, the master password can be used to change the active and posting keys to immediately stop any losses.


Note that for me the app locked up and crashed both times when I tried to log in. I had to double click the home button and swipe it up to close it to get back in.



It took me a while to find how to even write a post because I did not realize the menu for my profile was hidden. The app crashed once while I was trying to test the scheduling options and it took another minute to figure out that I had to click advanced and then click permissions to schedule the post.


Active key and posting key required to schedule a post.


Setting a pin.

Given I am signed in with my posting and active key, setting a pin is a good idea on this app because anyone with access could immediately transfer out my Steem and SBD or start a power down of all my Steem Power just with a few clicks on my phone. Unfortunately when I was interested in just looking at the set a pin option, I had to close the app to back out without setting the pin because there is no back button. Total of four app closes at this point and it would be nice to have the option to set the same pin as the iPhone because the eSteem pin is 4 numbers while the iPhone required pin is now 6.


Scheduling a post.

This post is my first post with eSteem and I am testing it by copying and pasting everything straight from the Chrome browser submit story field into eSteem. If this works, I will have the ability to make posts on eSteem! So far it is not letting me schedule the post because it just puts a little loading icon up for a minute and then goes away while not actually putting the post in the scheduled field or in the drafts field. It caused the app to crash with an error about double transaction once. It looks like I will have to publish the post manually from my phone when I held the button down. I tested different days, times, and setting the language with nothing working to actually make the post schedule. I tried saving and this crashed the app also. Fortunately the post is all there after a crash!



eSteem is an awesome app by @good-karma with a ton of features allowing for full access to Steemit with even more features than available on! With a lot patience with the 8 to 10 crashes and errors I experienced within the hour I used it and a big disappointment in the scheduling post feature not working, I am happy I was able to make the post successfully using eSteem and am grateful for the continuing development of the app! I will continue testing the schedule posts feature to see if it works because I really want to be able to schedule posts and am looking forward to the eSteem desktop app also! I hope my first impressions are useful for the developer and for each of us using the app for the first time!

Would you please upvote this post if you found it helpful because I am a massive ego and take pride in seeing how much each of my posts make?

Jerry Banfield

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Thank you Jerry for your valuable time to put this review!

Advanced login: It allows you to scan QR code of private key right from steemit, would you mind iOS version and device type, eSteem version so that we can try to find what caused the crashes.

Posting: Great points, Submit a Story is available on side menu below user menu as well as on top right menu. You are right, easy posting option would give much better user experience. With next release, will make sure to have it easily accessible location!

Scheduling: Scheduling post works if you provided Active private key as well as Posting private key on Advanced login. With Active key you are able to give permission to eSteem schedule post. Note: your keys are always stays on your device, never leaves it. They are safe as long as no one has physical access to your device, even that can be avoided with PIN code.

PIN code: Another great find, yes if you decided not to set PIN code, it would be to first set and then disable. Not intuitive enough, yes will be working on that :)

Will be looking into all these points with next release! Thank you!


@good-karma thank you for commenting on the post here within just two hours of posting and your patience with me forgetting to include critical information such as my device type!

I have an iPhone 5s model ME342LL/A on iOS 10.3.2.

Thank you for mentioning the QR code because I forgot that Steemit shows that with the keys and awesome programming to include that for signing in! For scheduling, I including both the posting and the active key when signing in but the scheduling still would not go through. I will sign out and try the QR codes to sign in. Every time I logged in the app locked for several minutes and I had to reload it to get in.

Love all the energy you have invested in making an amazing mobile app both on iOS and Android! Excited to see the continued development!


is it normal, that i can't follow, comment and upvote with the app?

Broadcast error, try again!
"rizatr", "posting"


Try logout and login back! Please also read common mistakes and issues to learn more.


Ok a simple advanced relog with the QR code was the solution


sorry mas I nupang nanyak why my post is never in upvoted


Thank you, appreciate that... It really helps to test things before next release. Also please make sure you have latest version of app, v1.4.7 can be seen from About page within app. Scheduling post should work for any duration and any number of times, no limits. Checked server logs, it looks like server got overloaded couple of times yesterday, perhaps that caused some issue during your tests. Please give it a try again. Am working on more improvements, will consider adding 6 digit pin code.


Thanks for making it! It's waaaay better than nothing even with a few bugs!


It's so great how you're all working together. Making eSteem more user friendly will boom the community. Thanks so much!


Really appreciate all the work you put into the app!


I love the app too and the fact that is had functions not yet available on the website. My iOS version freezes up regularly and I have to close it. I'm running 10.3.2


Thanks John, could you elaborate, what action or pages causes freezes? Details really help to find a cause and improve/fix it...


Sure. And wow you are good at customer service! The freezing is a bit tricky to explain and it feels like it might be a memory thing. Pages with lots of photos turn white as soon as I try to scroll down. After using the app for a bit, small things start to happen like a button (vote-up, reply, etc) won't work or a page won't scroll. I can still use the back button and navigate to other places when that happens, but eventually the responsiveness or functionality drops to a point where I just close the app and restart it and things work better again.

@jerrybanfield have you tried Streemian yet? It is a site and it offers a lot of interesting features, such as scheduling, curation, etc. I prefer it over eSteem because I do most of my writing on my desktop (better keyboard than I have for my Android tablet) and then schedule stuff for the next day.

Then on my phone/tablet I often twiddle off comments and replies, resteems, and upvotes throughout the day.

If you haven't tried Streemian, you may want to look into it.


Yes I have been using it to post to my WordPress website but NO I did not know it offered post scheduling! Thank you very much @triverse for sharing this incredibly helpful tip here for me! I will give that a try soon and bookmarked it! Followed you!


You are welcome. I wanted to let you know when I read your article (original topic) and you mentioned post scheduling being a big plus for eSteem for you. Just remember, you cannot schedule posts more than 30 days out (I found this out when trying to prepare for a month of Halloween articles in October).

I look forward to reading your review of Streemian and seeing what others think of it. Keep rocking.

I'm using eSteem on android and it has great potential. Unfortunately it's very buggy at the moment.

I've been waiting for a steemit mobile app for some time now. This is a must-get it seems.


Hello fisch.
I write a Steemit service project. You can participate in a beta test if you reply to this message with a either "@username" or "?username". Replace "username" with any steemer username and add nothing else to the reply. And @ and ? do something different. Only ever second username will work at the momemt, though, you you may try two names. Thanks!

Still seems like it has some bugs in it but this is great family! I am going to make a post on my dormant facebook page talking about esteem:)

I have and like the app, using it now ;)

It allows me to sneak a peak at steemit throughout the day while at work. It has several features I wish steemit had, like scheduling and bookmarks as examples.

It does crash a fair amount and locks up on me often and I find myself force closing quite a bit. It crashed on me yesterday when I was upvoting a post before I could resteem or otherwise mark it to find it again. Luckily I found it again, but almost lost it there.

But I am grateful for it and look forward to improvements over time!


Yes I am also using the app now and it works wonderful,,, except for the few things that you mentioned. But now I can go on steem while I am away from my pc or on the go,,, cant wait for the improvements to happen..


Nice post,

This is an amazing apps as i see in some people reviews, i will download it soon, if steemians keep working on steem and we get more join steemit then we will see the price FLYYYY


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Thanks for the update! I was thinking about getting this app last week!

I've been using esteem several times and love it when I don't have access to my computer. It's a good way to catch up with everyone's blogs when on the road. Simple and Easy :)

Nice review, thanks.

I just up vote you with eSteem. Cool app

Thank you for sharing your insight about the app! eSteem is a great concept and I'm glad it was made. Hopefully they can fix the scheduling issue and the issues with a "back" button and the app closing. I believe if all of that is done, it will be the best app to use and mobile devices may become the mainstream way to post. I'll have to download this app on Android and see if it's any different. Keep up the great posts!

Good app for iOS @good-karma
@jerrybanfield good post as always
I did post with esteem. Did crash quite a few time.
Hopefully will get better.
I am using iPhone 7+.

The app is amazing for the little time i have been poking at it. Think you should have said a bit about the Alerts features that tells you when you have been followed, upvoted, commented etc

Jerry - I have been using Esteem app for over a week now and agree that it is an awesome app. It allows me to comment and upvoted while I am on the move. Your tips about using appropriate passwords are appreciated.

I am writing this comment too from the Esteem app


I am continuing to focus on my passion, which is wildlife blogs with my original wildlife photos and my musings about them. Have posted a lion cubs life blog today. I request you to take a look if you have time. Your comments would be very welcome.

Great review on the esteem app, i think it will help grow the platform since it will be published on the app store and google play. I think this will be very useful for people wanting to check there steem account while on the go. But don't steem and drive!

I wonder about the fact that the most followed person @jerrybanfield is using the esteem app so late.Don't know the reasons.I have joined steemit 5 days ago and have used desktop site always.Today itself I started using esteem app on android and I find the coincidence of your post and my usage of the app on same day, much interesting.

  1. You have mentioned that pin and main key and posting key is used to start posting : I think as android is an open software, It should be more secured.So that is why the app we need to enter more keys.
  2. Crashing : Yeah, sometimes it depends on the phone and sometimes on the app/network.That could be neglectable as we may get updates in the future.
  3. Scheduling a post: This is what made me to try the app today.And this feature should also be implemented on the desktop site.

Overall good post and would like to hear a reply from you.

I am surely glad I found this app, now I can blog on the go and I don't have to wait until I log onto a computer.

the app could be better but this is a great start

Ahh, I didn't even know that there are apps for steemit!
Great, this is turning out to be quite an all around thing and I'm glad I'm part of it! :-)

The new version just came out on IOS and playing with it today. What a great app!


I still will start using it for the android. but up to now I have a huge question.
how the hell can we reduce the % of our votepower in order to make it drain slowly? hahaha XD


Just use the slider to reduce the voting power! I think on eSteem this in settings.

eSteem idea is great, especially for mobile users. But there's a lot of hassle while posting long articles with pictures and graphics. I think it's not convenient to use when it comes to lengthy articles. Yeah, we can schedule our post but it doesn't matter. You can already save your post on word document and paste it here and post it at whatever time you want.
eSteem is good for short articles or posting pictures. Although it's still in its beta phase.
Anyways thanks a lot @jerrybanfeild


that's what I kinda do. Saving the post and then have it ready to go on the esteem app. so won't have to meet that crash.


yeah, that is more practical to do this stuff. eSteem app, as far as I know, can't handle too much command and it crashes just after that. So, its better to keep ready your article and just post it whenever you feels like it .


I just use my mobile browser of choice (Chrome for instance) and use either the site, for immediate posting, or for a post I want to schedule for later (not often while on mobile but quite often when on my desktop).

I noticed steemit takes tons of data. I'm trying to figure out this issue maybe this app might be helpful.


Same here, I noticed over 250MB of data on the cache when I checked via the app option, I am using android.

@jerrybanfield thank you sharing this golden app by @good-karma
I think it will be awesome to schedule posts.
I am continually grateful for the exposure you give the programs that make it easier to maneuver steemit.
I actually wrote up an article about you and a few others on the great work that you do here on Steemit. To read the article please click the link below

Jerry, Good post. Thanks for Putting some work into your post's and not just uploading your You-tube videos and up-voting your own material like other you-tubers!!!!

Steemit going up day by day.
best usecase of blockchain technology

Hey Jerry. You ever tried BlueStacks it any other Android emulator? You might try that so you don't even have to use your phone. I mean you wouldn't want to have to get up and move around. 😀


Great idea because I have not!


Bluestacks ( is good but you may end up meeting apps that won't install. Andy ( is another Android emulator that is quite good and often runs the apps that Bluestack won't.


Yeah it's not perfect by any means. But it's what I use for my crossfire app and a few gps spoofing needs.


Emulators usually slow down computers not a nice option, either go with PC or phone. I am not encouraging emulator at all.


Nice work man we wait for the new thank you for the share and good lock

Scheduling is the one thing I would like on Steemit. I was able to schedule posts on FB as well as Wordpress. I doubt I would use a phone app. My old iphone is running out of space and I have deleted all apps I don't use and photo and music too. I would be interested in a mac app or web interface.


Check out, it has post scheduling, curation options, cross posting, etc. Runs in your browser so no need to download an app.

great post man !!
good luck for you in other posts @jerrybanfield ..
this is a good idea..
continue i support and resteem you...

App is going to help me a lot as I wont need to turn on laptop repeatedly, Thanks Steem

Very cool app. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the informative post :)

Another great post Jerry. It will be nice to see a solid mobile app for steem. I feel the pc version still needs a lot of work. We got facebook beat with the rewards, but the interface is still more primative. When steemit matches facebook in UI, it'll be hard for it to compete

Wonderful review Jerry :) its so amazing how many new things are being whipped up in this community :D i love it! Kisses xx


Thank you I just followed and upvoted a couple of your posts! I lived in Germany for 3 years from 1997 to 2000 and visited The Netherlands once!

Thank you for the info @jerrybanfield! You have good tips on this post, I like your high quality posts!

Thanks for sharing, I'm on the android version. Haven't tried posting just because I've been reading about the feedback from others. Would try once the bugs lessen. Watching posts from you to follow! Cheers!

#upvote #follow4follow

The app still seems to be in the early stages of development. To update your status, you have to shut it completely, sometimes it doesn't react. In my opinion, it's just a nice mobile overview, not more yet. :-/

i have it on android, works pretty good! needs some fixing but for a start it's very good

I think i'll wait for a more stable version.

Very good

Hi Jerry, a fascination move in the right direction. hope there is the one for window users.i wish i could check it out with my computer.thanks

It is very helpeful. Thank you!

I had to uninstall mine yesterday. It was doing ok at first but I noticed I couldn't put a profile picture. I logged out hoping it will fix the issue but it won't let me to sign in again. Tried so many times.So yea I uninstalled it:(

well i am using #esteem app on ios.But its not working good right now. its Need so much modification in refreshing module and profile module.
any way its great app to get connected with esteem on mobile.
Vote me up and follow me if you like my views.

The app is great man! Really feeds my Steemit addiction... now never have to go without it.

And the best part is it is updated almost daily! @good-karma really does a great job keeping the community up to date with the workings of it and listening to user feedback.

I use my mobile phone with internet access, because I really like the @steemit I am very crazy in doing her

It worka pretty good on android as well. Slight lag here and there but pretty good.

As a steemit promoter from Africa, I found it really simple to teach and introduce steem to the people using just the steemit app esteem by @good-karma.

moreover one hour isn't bad to explore and understand an app, #winks.

I am elated with the review and I look forward to sharing it with my pals and if possible produce a hard copy of it, so that it will serve as an intro to my new recruits...

With Love,

eSteem is an awesome app by @good-karma with a ton of features allowing for full access to Steemit with even more features than available on! With a lot patience with the 8 to 10 crashes and errors I experienced within the hour I used it and a big disappointment in the scheduling post feature not working, I am happy I was able to make the post successfully using eSteem and am grateful for the continuing development of the app! I hope my first impressions are useful for the developer and for each of us using the app for the first time!

I think this article very nice and ya, i'm feeling that too. Review represents what a taste

Ok I'm going to try it esteem! Sounds like a great app! Upvoted thanks going over to the App Store now. I ll let you know what I think.

Amazing news.. thanks for sharing this mate.

Do anyone love Steemit and want a Steemit T-Shirt ?
Yes, than click here. Hope you enjoy your Steemit shirt.

Thanks for the review Jerry. I may give it a try.

Who in the hell runs esteem and why should we trust them with our private keys? 😣😣😣😣

Yes eSteem iOS App is great and I use it too. I recommend this app to all iOS devices.

A work in progress by the sounds of it !
Will keep it in mind !

Merci pour cette publication merci.
J'utilise eSteem pour écrire des articles malheureusement des fois des commentaires parce que je n'ai pas d'ordinateur et je veux participer à steemit pour pas rater cette opportunité comme le bitcoin ou Facebook.
Pour l'instant je me débrouille avec mon téléphone.
Mais les seuls soucis que j'ai sur esteem sont les beugues et le fait de ne pas pouvoir faire pivoter les images sélectionnés et telechargés de mon téléphone sa prend un temps énorme.




I use eSteem on the move and find it the easiest way of getting pictures on Steemit. I do experience a few bugs with it every now and the , but not sure if these are eSteem related or my IOS 11 Beta. Either way I like it and I like how I can change the currency.

Jerry your the best Steemian on here. You give us so much important info ! I cant keep up.
funny you don't look like a whale, but ya are, but ya are!

Another amazing post! Thank you :)

Didn't know about this one!
Thanks so much for the info, Jerry.
I can be productive on the go now.

It looks good. Will test it

Thanks for sharing .

It seems a little bit difficult for me. But for people who plan to post from their phones it is valuable tutorial.

I use eSteem android and the truth works me wonderfully

I would love to give it a try on my android

Jerry I thank you for the hard work that you put in, and your advice are valuable. have a good day.

Looks like a good app. Can not wait until steemit comes out with an official one that is even better.

i want upvotes please


No I'm sorry. We was told not to by some important people.

Thanks for that and also awesome video on youtube about your earnings! You very transparent and motivating. Thanks

What of windows app for lumia?

Good app but have bugs need improvements

Thanks Jerry for the post. I've been using eSteem for about a week now and it has actually been extremely useful in terms of the experience of using Steem. If Steem is going to grow it will be through apps built by developer like @good-karma that is helping to improve mass adoption and overall experience. Kudos to the eSteem team for this one.

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it is a wonderful app

Great information. Esteem on android is really in thr right track with some minor issues.. ios esteem needs work.

It is time to download it!, I have the same iPhone 5s btw :D, thanks for posting this @jerrybanfield

Wooow... que gran historia @jessandthesea! felicidades y bienvenida a la comunidad de @steemit! (I read that you are learning Spanish ;D), I'm glad that you are here now expressing yourself to everyone in the way you do, I see you have great writing skills!.. It really caught my attention with your fresh talking (Idk how it sounds for you lol) the point is that was easy to read!, my first language is Spanish but I need to talk in English to be visible for more people, I'm an illustrator looking for a niche here of people that like the art, drawings, pin-ups, nsfw illustrations, cool stuff!, I will be following you to read you and learn more about writing, thanks a lot for your story :)

#ART & EPIC stuff for FREE- check it out! -> @treinorstudio

Thanks for sharing! I've been waiting for a steemit app to post on the go!

Thank you jerry
You made great efforts

It is great to see that the app expanded to other platforms! Although I do expirenece some glitches; Some post formatting looks normal in the app but formatting breaks on desktop anyone else expiriencing this?

Will be a great app in future!

I looked at this app already. This is so good :)

muy buen aporte. yo tambien la tengo en mi iphone, estoy probando

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using this version, really appreciate the work you guys do!
quick comment/issue i'm having after the last update is that all my notifications are "off", i turn them "on" save but the change is not really saved.
no big issue, but just wanted to comment that here!
thanks again!

Excellent post it served me a lot

Great work Jerry.

Thank You Shared Experience To Us Lovers #eSteem.

Very Helped With What You Share And I've Joined and Upvote also Reesteem !!
I also have problems in my account @adeeba lost the main password ..
And I forgot to move the post key and the active key !!
Whether Mr. @jerrybanfield can help me solve this problem.
Thank you very much

This app looks great. I'll give it a shot :)

follow and upvote and comment so we both earn more

This app is not officially from steem group. Who is feruz M ? and can we trust him ?

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Hello jerrybandfiels, nice news n i like thats
N nice to meet you. I newbe n I hope you cant follow in your joint n upvote me @madcool.