Nice progress on esteem!

So many great updates and fix operations for eSteem. This app is already better than some popular social media apps. Imagine it in a year. It's going to be yuge. Blogging and commenting became so much easier and more interesting since we are all on our smartphones.

P. S Uninstall that Facebook and Twitter app.;)
Live a better life.

Don't rush to uninstall those apps, it's enough to start slowly not to use them, so we can copy there best practices
and experience to improve our eSteem app ;)

That's so true and seriously I've been facing some really irritating problems with my esteem app. Now that I have the solution to most of these problems, I must thank you. This is a valuable piece of information. This app has definitely made lives better.
Uninstallation in progress. :D

don't uninstall their twitter & fb. You got friends from there to see steemit as another place to post their stuff too. remember, cross platform and for them to see you progress, too. and some promos are on fb and twitter too like dash promos requiring using your fb, insta, and twitter. Besides freedomnation. isn't there like share this thru your other social media options on this app, too? so it gets more outreach.

I just downloaded eSteem yesterday and first of all, thank you so much for making this wonderful piece of software! I just voted you for Witness.

I had a few minor issues, but I blame my phone more than anything else. Everything crashes for me.

Great to see so much fixed with updates! I'll continue using the app every day.

This application is very good, especially when we post there upvoted from @ good-karma, I always use the app and thank you @ good-karma has developed the app, if it can be upvoted, I will upvoted you thousands of times

Once again, thanks a lot for a great work Feruz. The app is getting better day by day. Glad to know that it is being used by more and more people. I am going to post one blog on my site to promote it further.
Also, I have updated the app and found couple of issues. I will be posting it on the git directly. :-)
Keep up the great work. And can you tell me when the desktop app will be available?

Indeed there is incredible usage growth for some countries, will share some stats soon :) Thank you, appreciate the support and issue reports...always helpful. As for desktop app, this is also one of the most frequently asked questions, there is no eta at this moment but rest assured doing best to get it in ready state ;)

That's wonderful. Glad to know that the growth is tremendous. You deserve it! Regarding desktop app, we'll wait for it. I am sure desktop app will also see an excellent growth.

It is great that you work to improve the esteem of the problem. Now you have updated the app to be the latest version which is really great. This app is already better than some popular social media apps. Blogging and commenting became so much easier and more interesting as esteem, on our smartphones are esteem aplication.
Thanks very much @ good-karma and @esteem

These troubles was happened to me when first time i use it. But as soon as possible, the trouble was disappear when im using it.
I think that's normal. The big solution for this great apps is best connection power. Because it will help us so much and make us easier with using it.
For new users, this information really useful and informative. You don't need to be worry anymore.
Thanks for helping us, sir @good-karma 🙏

Thanks for this app! I downloaded it yesterday on the iOS App Store. It's awesome! I have a question about the steampower indicator. It's a very nice feature! In a web browser how do I see that same info? I can only see it in eSteem which is my preferred platform now, but when I am on my computer I'd be curious to see the same info.

Thanks again for the app!

Thank you For updating us with what's going on, and for the app itself, the app freezes on iOS for no apparent reason while surfing !
Everytime this happens, app restart is needed!
I hope you'll address this issue in the next update!

Hi @good-karma. I had an issue with uploading images directly from my phone. When I upload directly from my phone, the images are rotated to the left automatically. I do not understand how that happens. Also when I'm writing a post I'm unable to scroll up or down (to see what I've typed) while the phone keyboard is showing.

Is it for Android or iOS? v1.4.6 has keyboard button on toolbar which you can use to hide keyboard. As for rotated images, probably because of orientation you take photo matters. I am preparing some guide post about how to manage/style your photos with eSteem soon, today or tomorrow will publish that so it can help you to make your photos look even more cooler...

Mine is an android. The photo orientation is upright. I even rotated it before uploading again, to check if the change made amy difference in the upload. But it remained the same.
I will check for the keyboard.. thank you :)
I can't wait to see the photo styler :)

I am also using both iPhone app and Android app. I have 2 small issue in android.

  1. Please give feature to refresh posts for any specific tag by sliding down it.
  2. When I write long blog using eSteem the cursur getting under the key board. So in able to check what line I am writing and what is writing. The latest blog I have written is using Android one.

Other wise it is beautiful and very useful app.

Also is it possible to add chat facility in the app. ?

I am just providing my feedback to @good-karma to make it more perfect and beautiful.

I am One of the BIG FANS of Your APP eSTEEM. I use it each day. in case of any issue i will feel free to submit the feedback...

I am a Web Programmer, Blogger, Forex Trader & Crypto Currency ENTHUSIAST. I am Really Excited here @steemit to be Successful Along with YOU. So, I have FOLLOWED-YOU and UPVOTED Your POSTS...

I have Checked Your PROFILE & BECAME INTERESTED to BE FRIEND WITH YOU !!! That's Why, I have Already FOLLOWED YOU & WISH to GET FOLLOWED @cWorldV99 to Share Our Articles, Experiences, Interests, Opinions & Uniqueness ... with this Large Community of THE LOYAL STEEMIANS !!!
Thank YOU !!!


Cause: Username doesn't require @ character during login.
i didnt put the @ but still cant login with post key only

ah ok, maybe both keys are mandatory.. because now it works

First of all it is extremely nice to have a mobile app at all. Thats not something taken for granted. Thanks for contributing to it!

Thanks for the update. I have the IOS version and it keeps on crashing and closing the app. How can I resolve this?

iOS update v1.4.6 is coming in couple days, stay tuned!

Ill look out for it with interest! I love the platform, it just can be annoying when it crashes. Keep up the good work and thanks.

The eSteem app is very helpful. And I use it a lot and in fact I am writing this comment using eSteem for Android. I never had the issues but the main problem that I face is slow loading time after I choose to see my posts or select the tags. One more problem that I face regularly is that after I write I new post and after successful posting, whenever I try to write another post using the Submit new story option, texts from the previous post appears on the editing applet. I can still write after clearing the text. But it is quite annoying and happens more too often. I hope next update will fix it.

I believe the app saves your work until cleared. Thats been my experience

Thanks for the notification, this might be helpful @good-karma

Notifications are mostly used feature indeed :)

This app is just what steemit needs, you're doing great work.

An innovative move indeed that will help a lot of steemit users to be more mobile..thanks @good-karma , more success

Good post for new users.

Great work my btother

Fllow+ . Upvote+

My brother please vote on my page for ur vote great konor to me

Hey @good-karma, I have become a big fan on this app. Just loving it! I can manage multiple accounts and also I can schedule the posts. That's simply superb! I am continuing to use this and also I am telling my contacts to use this. 👍
Also, is there any way to confirm whether my id is banned/restricted to get auto upvotes?

If there was no intentional abuse, no need to worry about being ignored from votes. Also we are taking intermittent pause to get voting power charge up. Thank you for your support! 😉

Ha ha. Definitely I didn't use the app for intention abuse so my profile shouldn't be banned. But for last many comments and posts I am not getting upvote. So I just had a thought that if I could check if my profile is banned or not. 😉

ha ha... This reply really gives me great relief that my id is not banned 😉😉😉

thanks it is helpful to not only new uses ,but some of us here for a while

yap!! great read!!
follow and folow back

Thank you very much for this post.

Thanks for the heads up, great app :)

great updates for steem..
That's great
thanks to steem

Second issue with login name:

  • maybe button Login should not be activated if user enters "@" as a part of login name

easy to fix, BTW

Wow.. Good job for @good-karma.. I think this app will be keep updating.. Thanks for your fast respons... :)

This incident is the same as I experienced when I post a photo, when I upload is 100%, suddenly failed or error posting my image, but already reached 100%. This incident recurred up to 6 times the upload, so I assume this may be due to signal strength again bad. But the last time I tried again finally succeeded. The more convinced the posting fails is the weakened signal strength that makes the post fail or error. Based on the events I experienced

why my post do not upvoted or rewarded by esteem? is here any problem, or I missed something???

It is great that you work to improve the esteem of the problem. Now you have updated the app to be the latest version which is really great. This app is already better than some popular social media apps. Blogging and commenting became so much easier and more interesting as esteem, on our smartphones are esteem aplication.
Thanks very much @good-karma and @esteem

yeah i also faced this problem but everything is working smoothly now, also this app is getting better day by day !!

I get this when attempting to vote. It did allow me to vote once.

Thank you! Yes, this error due to voting percentage, make a slight adjustment and try again. I will add this to above post for future reference ;)

Thanks for letting me know. Another quick question, how do I enable swipe input method for posting/commenting?

Swipe typing is keyboard or device OS (operating system) related. If you have enabled swipe typing on your device's keyboard settings it should work within app as well.

No, it doesnt stick, but I have root w/a note 7 rom so it may be related to that. I think it detects it as a secured field like a pw field. Thanks for the help.

I will check that...

Thanks for the fixes...eSteem app is fantastic. Definitely my preferred choice on my mobile device!

@good-karma may God reward you for all your support and initiatives towards improving our beloved community. I will definitely share this wit my friends and followers. Have a nice weekkend!

I've been facing some really irritating problems with my esteem app.thanks a lot for a great work Feruz. The app is getting better @good-karma

That's useful !
It will help alot of steemers here
Thank You for sharing

Thanks a bunch, i'm a newbie here, this help a lot.

I'm loving eSteem, somehow it has more features than the website. UI is stiill a bit clunky with the navigation and search button is quite hidden

just joined few days there's an android app too, cool!

Well I actually find easier to use steemit simply by going trough google chrome on my phone. I tried the app but I couldn't get used to it. Maybe it's because I started using it on chorme at first.

Thank you so much for sharing, this is truly helpful :D

Very useful Post .thanku man

For new users and person who facing problem ..this is very useful Post ...good man keep posting #good-karma

i am also learning some time its showing when i do upvote.

thanks for the guidance.

Thanks for the update and constant work toward getting us all to freedom!

Thanks. It helps man

keep the tutorials flowing into the stream cos we are making good use of them all...I personally stick to these posts of good value in as much as l have lots of people waiting to join this platform and to steem more....If some of us had been earlier introduced to these findings perhaps we wouldnt have suffered that much... we have learnt a lot by finding our way around the app and steem since it is now our home...many thanks for sharing and we really going to assist the newbies with these ideas....indeed steem bring ideas to life....Sharing is caring...#STEEM for life

good information to me
thank you for sharing

Am relatively new and your post is very helpful. Thanks for posting

Nice keep us updated

Thank you! This is useful!

На голосе почему то не так апвотят)

A good solution for esteem.
Go ahead esteem!

I really appreciate all the work you're doing with this app! It's allowed to stay active on steemit throughout the day!

I am a new user and i found this very helpfull thank you

Many thanks for the corrections.)))

Wow ....

I had not tried the app yet because I was afraid of its reliabilty but from this post and comments, it seems the app is a good one. Which site has the original make of this app?

It is on google play and ios

Thank you

hi @good-karma i got an issue with the blog styling
thia one is on the eSteem app image

and this one is on the browser ![image]()

or would you please, make some guideline in doing the styling with the app?

As you can see app is showing styles correctly. It seem steemit markdown parsing slightly have strict rules. You can edit your post from eSteem and add extra space and new line so they show up correctly on Steemit as well.

I made my post on the app. but it turn out to be like that on my browser. i have seem someone made a styling like that from the app, but it turn ok both on the app and the browser. does it any connection with the phonr i use?

All posts/comments gets published to Steem blockchain! and eSteem, Busy, other user interfaces only parse that data and give different user experience. Adding extra space and line should help to keep consistency. No, it is not related with phonr.

thank you very much for you help and explaination. @good-karma
may good karma always come to you. 🙏🙏

Thank you! I'm new and all these help-posts are great

Thanks, these will definitely help people out in the coming weeks as we pick up more users


I'm honored to be a part of this project! I'll be revising my translation furthermore. Great job!

It will all be fixed in time.

Holy feck! Just finally got around to checking out esteem today. You guys have been busy. It's only a matter of time before I start using this more than Steemit.

I really love esteem. It has made my life so much better since i dont use Desktop at home. I love the way your post looks on it but what surprise me the most is the fact that you can schedule a post for any given time. Real coool feature. Thank again for esteem...

Many thanks))) you work very hard for us)))

Hi. Have you used this app yet and how is it doing?

Hello!)) I and my husband use this app!)) We have no problems so far))

I was hesitating thinking that it could compromise the security of my account. I guess I gotta give it a try.

Oh, I do not think the application is threatening your account! )))

It's the one available on Google play or its on another site?

I downloaded from Google play)

Thanks for the help. I have followed you because of that

Very helpful.
greetings @good-karma

Thank you for your work. You make easy for us.

I got a weird resteem error, never saw it again. I tried to resteem a post, it showed green, but never showed up on my feed, and I couldn't carry out the action again. Have you heard of such an error?


Hi Cg,
Is it on or eSteem app?

Edit: I just tested out on eSteem it is working as intended. I suppose it is issue, I will tag @roadscape here, confirming that I had experienced it on site yesterday as well...


It was on It only happened once; I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue.


Very helpful.. Thanks for the tips!

The error bbroadcast is often appear in my screen, somemetime when Image upload

Any screenshots? Please take a screenshot when it happens next time

Okey, I will take a screenshoot next time, thanks @good-karma

I am using this esteem app, but it is loading this time, i dont know if it is in the app, g
For when i am opening in the web, it is fine and fast..!

Thanks, good-karma for this post and for all the votes on my comments. I'm having an issue with my app the past two days. Every time I try to select a photo to add to a post, I immediately get an upload error, upload failed message. I made sure the camera permissions were correct, I tried uninstalling the app, I have tried on wifi and network both with strong connections, so I do not know what the problem could be. Thank you for any help or guidance you can give me on this matter.

Thanks, its vary useful for us newcomers :)

Thanks a lot, clear, well explained and solved many of my issues ! thanks

I really liked Esteem at first but had to unistall due to frequent crashes on IOS, I will deffinetly give another go in after updates

issue solved, followed

Awesome article

excellent thanks for the tutorial much appreciated

Thank for keep update.

love ur apps..

Great work Feruz. Feels like only yesterday steemit came about and now there's an app. This is awesome stuff. Keep it going. Steemit is the new deal. Cheers!


Thank you for the updates and fixes! Way to go @good-karma!

Pretty usefull solutions for esteem.

Thank you @good-karma, this helps to quickly get answers for issues. How can I get in inventive program for esteem users? or was it only for early adopters? thanks again

Yes, if you just using eSteem to post and comment you should receive vote automatically. But it is not guaranteed but long and meaning comments/posts will get vote which gives around $1... ;)

I haven't seen that so far. Probably because my usage is mixture of esteem and steemit. ok thanks.

niice !! thank for you @good-karma, esteem is a good application, and thanks for the very useful information, good sharing and very interesting to read and follow, the right solution, all problem solved , hope no more complaints on esteem application.. and hopefully Esteem apps are getting more people who love it.. thank you very much, i glad to be follow with you..

~ fata elrumy

Useful stuff man, thanks for sharing!!!

Great esteem..
From the start of joining, I've been using esteem

This is useful information and I have downloaded eSteem on my phone but have not use it yet after reading so many people with problems with it. Armed with it, I will perhaps venture in :)

There are dozen different devices and users who uses app differently so problems are natural thing and we constantly working to fix them and improve app 😊

Great stuff. Thanks for the tip, love the app!

Why the slider for voting power is not working? I set the meter to 10% but still my votes are 1000%.

Thanks for the update. Look forward to the new Win version. thanks