eSteem Weekly Talk - 26th of October

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eSteem weekly talk is an initiative created to highlight news from the official eSteem team and eSteem topics created by eSteemians.

eSteem Weekly Highlights

eSteem team keeps increasing it's web app functionalities, design, and features. Here is an announcement post detailing the changes recently made; eSteem search integration, RSS…

eSteem website improvements, Social sharing, SEO, Search

We have pushed eSteem Web updates for the last few days. Changes include tag randomization, social sharing buttons, SEO optimizations, eSteem Search integration and other navigation fixes along with RSS feeds which we announced a week ago.


Avid eSteem user and curator organized a contest with ESTM token as a reward; Give eSteem mobile app a review on either PlayStore or AppStore and get rewarded with ESTM tokens.


I keep seeing posts about marketing Steem and how we all need to be doing our part. This recent post from @pennsif inspired me to create a contest to do some eSteem marketing.


Another contest organized by @coolguy222 for eSteemian; Write what you love about eSteem app with at least 500 words and earn Steem.

Why You love eSteem? Win Steem

You guys know that esteem is delivering us a lot and hence is the popular interface on the steem blockchain. There are still a lot of improvements on the way as told by the team.


@jongolson has joined eSteemian and wrote a short review of the app while testing it.

Testing Out eSteem As A Blog Editor

Earlier this week I talked about how I was going to give eSteem a good test as my new go-to mobile app for Steem.


@hauptmann made a video comparing Partiko and eSteem apps! Join and share your thought!

PS: Don't forget eSteem is still working to deliver a better product of the mobile app for both Android and iOS.


Since months I am using the @partiko app on a daily base and I have to say, I can not be without any mobile connection to the STEEM blockchain anymore.


Thanks for reading!

Support XSteem proposal by eSteem team to help eSteem builds exchange for both web and mobile devices. eSteem Footer Line
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I posted several times using Esteem, but I, but my posts do not get additional value from Esteem, and also I write quite long. What is wrong .???

Join eSteem server and put this in issue channel

Thank you for your presence on Keep shining.

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Thanks for mentioning eSteem app. Kindly join our Discord or Telegram channel for more benefits and offers on eSteem, don't miss our amazing updates.
Follow @esteemapp as well!

Quality steem dapp

Thanks for the mention.

You're welcome!

I am not sure that I am contacting the right address. Judging by your posts, you are related to the development of eSteem. In any case, you can rather and more accurately convey my feedback on the operation of the eSteem Surfer application. I have been posting for a long time through this app. But recently, I have to make a draft on another site and only then glare it through this application. My last post was also prepared here, copied and inserted into eSteem Surfer. But in the draft I did not make clickable photographs. When I started editing my draft, the application was very slow. When I tried to publish it, nothing came of it. I made three unsuccessful attempts. As a result, I had to publish a post through PhotoStreem. I hope you know who to contact this feedback.

Your issue is noted! Please consider joining eSteem server and report any issue in #issue channel. Sometimes, user needs to provide screenshot or gif or video of the experienced issue to aid developer.

Join eSteem server

Thanks for the answer, I understood and took note.

Are you using latest version of surfer? On what operating system? We will check so far this is first time we are getting feedback like this, editor never had an issue... more details would help us track down the cause

I go shere it on my pages ... and also on my twitter pages 😋👌 I'm happy to shere esteem posts, they are cool team.

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