eSteem - iOS v1.4.7, eSteem invites, Share, Post language, Vote count, Voting decimals, many more

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We are pleased to announce next release of eSteem mobile for iOS. This release has major new changes as well as number of bug fixes, performance improvements. If you have reported any issue, please review them and let us know if you still have them. For full details of the changelog and new changes, please read below. We had to push 2 release within last few days in order to fix iOS 9.x issues. That's why iOS version jumped from 1.4.5 to 1.4.6 and now 1.4.7.

What's eSteem

For those who find eSteem related post first time and don't know what eSteem is: It is mobile and desktop application for Steem! eSteem is offering some of the unique features (Bookmarking, Post Drafts, Image upload/capture, Personal Gallery, Notifications, many more) for mobile users! Evolution of eSteem desktop app is under development.

eSteem supports multi-currency where you can see post rewards in any currency you like (BTC, USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, JPY, KRW, INR, CNY etc.), multi-language (44+) where you can use app in any language you are familiar with, multi-account where you can add more than one account and easily change between accounts, multi-chain where you can use both Steem and Golos chains, multi-notifications where you can get notification for your multiple accounts for following activities Vote, Follow, Unfollow, Mention, Comment, Reblog, Scheduled post publish, etc!

Check out this blog @good-karma for more related posts and latest announcements.

What's new

  • iOS 8.x support is removed in favor of more newer iOS versions and some incompatibility issues are resolved.
  • eSteem shares - after Android release, a lot of feedback was given by users that they want ability to share post links not only through SMS and Email but with other social networks. So we have added custom linking on sharing. When posts are shared with this feature, they will have link esteem://category/author/permlink structure and if user has eSteem installed on their devices it will open eSteem app and redirect user to that particular post.
  • eSteem invites - you can now invite your friends throuh eSteem invites, this is initial implementation which we plan to improve with future releases. Open any post and click on Share button on top right corner and share post through Email/SMS. Your friend willr receive invitation and if you they app install it will open post you shared directly inside app, if they don't have app, it will redirect them to download app from relevant app store.
  • Post language - submit story Advanced option extended with language selection, user have option to select post language which will automatically add it as a suggested tag.
  • Vote count - profile page improved, you can see your daily voting count next to your voting power.
  • Voting decimals - voting slider has decimal points now ranging from 0.01 to 100.
  • New languages - English GB, English CA, Albanian, Bengali, Catalan, Nepali, Norwegian, Slovak, Tamil
  • Other language updates and improvements
  • Reputation/User data update frequency changed
  • Keyboard hide toolbar on Editor
  • Camera permission fix
  • Image caching fail-safe switch if source is not available
  • Night mode coloring changes and fixes
  • Username, Tags field filters to clear out mistyped characters like @, #, etc.
  • PIN code page fixes for right to left languages and other small improvements
  • A lot of performance optimizations
  • Various small bugs


AppStore - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - v1.4.7 Google Play - Android - v1.4.6
Get eSteem on AppStore Get eSteem on Google Play

We appreciate reviews and feedbacks on Apple AppStore and Google Playstore as well as ProductHunt.

If you have suggestions or found a bug, please report them here with comments or on Github and we will work on them as soon as we can.


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Thanks a lot for this information. I am voting for you as a witness and will follow your posts from now on! You bring true value to the community. Keep up the good work!

What about a feature that tells you curation info like:

  • What number of order were your upvote on a post/comment
  • The time when you upvoted after posted (min, hours, days)
  • How much $ it was when you did the upvote, and how much it is currently
  • The estimated curation rewards for each post/comment upvoted

I know! Would be a dream come true for statistics of our curation skills

Thank you for your App it already helps A LOT!


I agree. It is the best steemit app for ease of use and great visual browsing.
Would love to see some more details added in the future updates. I still use more than one app for this reason.



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Amazing! Congratulations to all iphone users, this app will give you one of the best experience you have had since you started steeming. Go get it.


YAY! I'm so happy this got updated! I always get errors when trying to vote or post replies when using eSteem on my iPhone.

Thanks @good-karma for the post. You are the one who make me download the app Esteem on my phone and i follow you because you are also my teacher on how to use it for the best of what it is. I am sure many other are like me specially newbies learning a lot from you. Thanks a lot to help make the best out of the community. ^

Extraordinary information, I'm happy to hear that, eSteem is amazing social application, every one can share everything, who share his paid.... Everyone can get benefit, not just to owner, I love share culture, story, motivation and etc... Hope every user can learn from everyone.... Thank to @good-karma. Thank to all steemian... Good job.

Hey @good-karma.. Thank you for bringing eSteem to us. This application is a life saver for us on this beautiful platform. Keep up the good work as the more you polish eSteem the better it will be for the steemit community as a whole. Way to go mate!! ✌️👍

Hey @good-karma I know you're busy, but I use eSteem almost all day every day at work on downtime, I'm on a Google Pixel with the latest update to Android. I'm having problems with images loading with posts on my feed. Do you know of anyways I can fix this? I tried resetting cache and data. If you get back to me thanks ahead of time!


Hi @rdollarsign, Are you in Card View mode? Also Have you disabled Fetch images from Settings? Any screenshots?



Card view mode is on and fetch images

When I go on anybodies blog it loads images, just on my feed only.


Hope this helps thanks man!

I've had 2 instances with the last update where I've authored a comment and hit the submit button and get a confirmation the comment was saved, and it shows up in my latest list of comments. When In fact the comment was never saved, I looked them up on SteemD and the comments were never saved despite the app giving me multiple confirmations. This is a huge issue, I'm done struggling through trying to use this app, after this iOS update it's worse in my opinion.


Hi, this is known issue that is been happening on steemit and other steem apps as well, we are working on it to fix this sudden comment and posts loses... Sorry for your struggles, Are you using latest 1.4.7 version for iOS, what device and iOS version you are on? If you get chance, please report details of issues to Github and we will make sure to work on them. Thank you!

This is awesome! We use the eSteem app to post all of our post, I'm glad to hear that the update was
successful ^_^ here's our latest post using the eSteem app🔥 thanks for sharing!

Thanks for continuing to make improvements to this application. I have used it religiously for the past couple of months. It is extremely convenient and useful. And your responsiveness and willingness to listen to feedback is greatly appreciated.

Dear mr @good-karma as the designer and founder of esteem apps, I really like the system you develop. But I have few complaints, time ago I used esteem in android smartphone, safe and smooth use.

For now I use smartphone with iOS system, here I am very disappointed, because to make posting always error, even I have to singout repeatedly, still still can not, and to vote and reestem just can not.

To post this comment alone I was very difficult, so I gave a comment via my android smartphone. I hope to have good mr @good-karma to resolve this issue as soon as possible. thank you!!!


Hi @foways, would you mind sharing error messages or screenshots so it can help us identify the issue and fix it... also please make sure you are using latest version.


Now the app is running normally on my ios, thanks mr @good-karma

Super, thank you so much for all the time and effort you are putting in this @good-karma . I have already witness voted you a while ago :)

I have previously made a review post on the Esteem app, would you like me to make another more extensive one? I'll happily share it also on the Facebook Page.

Keep it up!

This is great. Your tireless work on this is appreciated! I'll download the update.


Thank you! Let me know if you have any suggestions or discover any bugs, will make sure to fix it with next release ;)

Very amazing Sir @Good-karma !
Fast work for the benefit and progress #Steemit.
You are an expert, you deserve success!
When iOS V.1.4.5 There Are Some Problems With Your Fast Fix it by Raising Levels Of Higher From @PlayStore (Android)
Thank You Already Gives Everything To Us Users IOS (Iphone)

It is great to see constant updates for eSteem. I can't wait for the desktop app. However, the phone app does a great job for me when in away from home which is often and I own a desktop and often don't have my laptop since it goes to work with my wife!!


Agreed, I would use the f*** out of a desktop app.

Apple runing a bit behind android heh xD .
By the way I wanted to say that you should have a look at the editor when submitting a post, when scrolling up it doesn't move but when you scroll down the whole screen moves.
Hope I make sense.
Cheers and all the best ^^

Oh my!! After getting on steemit I was wishing for an app, because I'm always on my mobile and it's more convenient. When I looked through the threads and came across your app! It's so amazing! Uploading stories are so much easier for me now. There was one bug I noticed but I found a solution. If the app freezes for some reason you can just hit the + to bring up the options for the post, reply, up vote, resteem and so on. Open that up then close it again and it seems to have fixed the freezing problem! Don't know if that's been mentioned before, anyways, thanks for the wonderful app that keeps me in touch with my new addiction. ❤️❤️❤️

This is a great app, i just learnt about it today, used it and it is working very well, now i can use steemit on the go with convinience and movability. though it is some time laggy and take time to do things which is annoying some times but still it works good and i am glad with the selection, hope by the time it will stop lagging and just work like a charm.

I have to tell you, the schedule option its AMAZING!! No, really, i love it! Is a life saver! Thank you, THANK YOU!

Good to see a new updated. Resteemed. Cheers!!!!!

Well done post You deserve for getting Upvote from me. I appreciate on it and like it so much . Waiting for your latest post. Keep your good work and steeming on. Let's walk to my blog. I have a latest post. Your upvote is high motivation for me. Almost all Steemians do their best on this site. Keep steeming and earning.


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Wow innovation and design thinking in action @good-karma , you and your team are doing great hence why steemit is beautiful.
Will keep on promoting steemit as this option will help people a lot especially those that can not afford laptop.
Win win for all.

Feel free to check out my latest post on : Why Steemit will disrupt social media and gain market bullish on steemit

Esteem is the number 1 mobile app for steemit, at least in my opinion. Good to see it growing and crossing the platform barrier.

Updated and have been using on my iphone. Thanks for all the work on this.

I love, this definitely will enhance steemit user experience. Thank you.


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That's great news. Many thanks for all the work. I love the app but have had a few problems with previous versions. Looking forward to using this version!


I have had the chance to have a good play with this version now and I love it. Seems much more stable. Loving the new features as well. Keep up the good

Anticipating the IOS version of esteem that'd really get a lot of new users as well. TBH checking STEEMIT for me has been just as addicting as checking my insta everyday. Can't wait.

Reading this for the first time as such wanna understand more if its a mobile device/ desktop system or app you can download on mobile.../ desktop...
Need all Info's I can use and is it free or one can buy with steem dollars...

Looking forward to this... I used the app a few times and its awesome :)

all i can say is WOW

great but decimals in voting slider... uhm I dunno how to use it, always miss round numbers

this great @good-karma
awesome post

It is great post @good-karma

Nyc post I hope to see improvement on it...

Can't wait for a desktop version! I'm on MacOS, by the way.

Apple steemit 😁

Thank you so much for the updates ! Thank you so much for your effort !!

And I can get this on my iPhone? Cheers mike


This is great!

I really dig the eSteem app!
Thank you for the excellent app and work you all do behind the scenes to keep it moving and improving for us all!

Steem on 🐳 @good-karma!

eSteem is looking better and better, I admit that I tried it a few weeks back and found it frustrating but with this new update, I'm going to give it another shot. Thanks for the update :)

Thank you @ good-karma for the information

just downloaded it, going to start using now. Thanks for the update and great app!

Finally ♥♥♥♥♥♥
The best news I see ever <33333

I happy to try it again, had to delete due to constant crashes a couple weeks ago!

Is there anyone else on here that feels like they're being followed by the number 47?

Hey bro really ur amazing ....What a developer u are .... Did u work at any multi national companies or working ?? u have a grt talent in developing ....

Thanks buddy for your post. I downloaded the app and looks good. Need to dig more on it.

Hi @good-karma I am one of your regular user of the App. Today I have noticed one issue in android app. Not tried in ios. While I am trying to select my profile picture it shows me uploaded 101% but image not refreshing in the app.
When I loved in the web portal and checked my image got change as expected.

Can you check once. I am reporting because, I want to make this app perfect and I will continue reporting issues or feature for your app.
I hope you don't mind if I do so. Thanks

Hmmmm... Interesting!
Going to install.. Thanks! 😆

Thanks for the update! I've noticed previously some slow performance so happy to hear there should be an improvement there. Writing this from the new version and so far I think I can see a noticeable improvement. Cheers!

Great Improvements ! Looking forward to the android updates ! :)

Where could I download the windows 10 version of esteem ?

Thanks for explaining that
I installed the IOS version last week I'm really impressed with it ,the only problem was, it used to freeze up occasionally.

Exciting@ Esteem looks awesome, let's keep steeming! thanks alot @good-karma

Oh great, will update and try it out. Thanks @good-karma! I did have some issues with it, hope they are gone now!

will try it later !

Articles that are very interesting, could be a material to add knowledge about steemit .. very good @good-karma Best regards @yudisb07

Still my favorite witness man! Unreal work! Quick question... if I send an invite to a friend and they don't have the app or a Steem account, will they be able to create one through eSteem?

Otherwise, cheers mate, and Steem on!


Thanks, With invite if user don't have app installed they will be forwarded to AppStore, if they have app, invite will open shared article within app right away...
For now, eSteem points user to for signups :)


For my project, I need to create wallets I've been messing around with creating accounts and that's why I was curious.

I'm very intrigued by what has been proposed for HF20. Maybe it'll make it easier for developer account creation. That'd certainly benefit me and maybe even allow for some super cool eSteem account signup ;)

best informations

This is a great one.: I was not so aware that we had an app for steemit and finding this one is ana amazing thing for me. Just downloaded the iOS version. Will definitely look forward to it and much more coming
Thanks and Regards

great job...good luck.

Uninstalled it because the new "share" sucks... I don't want to send ads for eSteem, just a link! Back to previous version where I'll stay.


There is no ads on eSteem!!! You must be talking about Android, iOS has eSteem invite and eSteem share both of which gives you different sharing options and point others to your post through eSteem. Android version currently have only eSteem invite and we are in process of adding eSteem share addition.


Looks like you're up to lots of good. Wow you're busy. Anyway...

Good-karma, thanks for voting for me. I've seen you around, but didn't realize you've been here so long. Actually, I was surprised to find you on my contributor list. It was probably about 5 or 6 months ago, you up-voted me.

Vote count! great thing! Thank you for constanly improving the app!

that is a great job

that is a good release , great

Thank you so much @good-karma, this is great news for me. Been waiting for this iphone app for a while and I believe it will take the Steemit social media platform to the next level.

is it faster than the previous one ??


Yes, some performance improvements and bug fixes are there. But please do check on your device and let us know how it works out. Every device has different bone and flesh (hardware and operating system) so it might have different experience :)

Great post bro. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.

good and very nice than using steemit from desktop, i tried to install it to my iphone bot i scared because the owner of this app seems to me a not from steem company or something, thank you

Thanks! before update my Iphone not working on this app.

but now It's working!

Ive been waiting for this!!!

Is it safer to use master password or private keys??

Thanks for sharing. I will check it out....followed n upvoted

Thanks for share great work and updates.

Amazing job, you guys put in some seriousness each day for steemit community to be better. eSteem is a piece of art in form of app. It is great to have it in phones now, also to know that both IOS and GooglePlay are supporting it is amazing. So, will we need to create new accounts or use our existent account names and password ?
It is getting more and more influence in the social media world, LET GO eSTEEM


Thank you! Yes you can use existent account on eSteem. Application also utilizes Steem blockchain just like,, etc...

another good one from the good-karma stable. hehehe

Thank you for the good information ~ ~ Have a nice day. Click Voting^^

I have been using the app for almost two months, I find it very useful.

HI I am from Japan as newbie. This is great articles . I installed esteem app. If you come to Japan in the future, please let me know . Lets meetup :-) japan is did not boom up yet with steemit. I make an efforts to boost in Tokyo.

Good news 👍
But this app in android is often error or slow respond 😥

keep up the good work!

Your posts are very good. Me and others would also like. May your work and experience be a new science for all of us. Currently I am @rebatesteem doing steemit and steem promotion in my new post to build a great community in ACEH. Hope you also join, upvote and reesteemit. Because this action can be a big difference and make my work or information better known.

Its work
I was update my esteem app for ios mobile,
Trims for your creations @good-karma

Awesome, it will go a long way to create uniqueness and enhance togetherness in steemit

As I await the release of a window version of this, am getting is set up of my phone as the moment

What languages would you recommend for iOS development?

that's a complex post. I appreciate your work! upvote back!

Thank you, looking forward to it... :)

Awesome news @good-karma, even though I'm an Android User. Is the Android App getting an update soon as well as it seems a bit slow and laggy lately. But otherwise it's a great app that I use while I'm out and about.


Yes, started next batch of features and improvements for Android, stay tuned! :)


That's awesome! Thanks for the update @good-karma.

There is esteem for PC?


Yes, but it is outdated, we are working on new release...

Hope it's still being worked on?

SteemIt is the best community around the globe so far. As of now the youth of today has been too busy wasting their time onto social networks that add to nothing except wasting precious hours of the day.

Whereas SteemIt is a total different story. You do what you like best BLOGGING and still get paid sitting at your homes.

You are the best Thank for your hard work

thank's for important info @good-karma. Upvote! please do the same :)

pleas folow and votes me.

Kudos for the hard work in developing eSteem! Really appreciate all the endless long night that you've invested in creating something that many will be able to benefit from.

Finally !!

It seems you improved the performance , It is much faster.


Thank you, few more things I am working on to improve memory usage. A lot of devices have lower ram and causing crash for some use cases, next release will handle memory better, cutting some unnecessary parts from posts to keep it clean and lightweight... ;)

Thank you for this post - I have the app and have just started using it - I found it didn't display my image from the phone itself but then I could have done something wrong, really glad to hear about the update.