eSteem - iOS 1.2.2 released, Advanced login, Signup, Patch post edits, Photo inclusion on posts, New navigation filter

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I like the app for the simple notification feature.
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Awesome job @good-karma! Will check out the update soon.

@oaldamster, @good-karma sorry, silly me .. didn't notice the Steem facing another way.

Thanks, this is iOS update with signup addition to Android 1.2.1, but I have last few days of work in pipeline for 1.2.3 waiting to be submitted after my testing period, I will post new update as well. It is getting quite a lot of changes if I don't publish update for 2 days. To keep it short I am trying to update post every 2-3 days and iteration of updates are now every week new version, improvementss, fixes...

Had not seem the iOS there, so eager for the next update. :-)

You seem to be on Steem mate!

Will be patiently waiting...

@good-karma cool app
would check it out on the android

@oaldamster - awesome job for the logo !

Thanks, Yes he did great job with logo and there is refined original logo work which I intend to include in next update.

It is the original logo @englishtchrivy. I had a free go at it in a later stage. The credits go to @good-karma. ;-)

He is doing a great job with the App. And there will be more good things to come!

Thanks, glad you liked it! Let me know of you have any suggestions or improvements

Good work @good-karma...delighted to be waiting to see the update

Thanks, v1.2.2 is out for both iOS and Android. Later today, v1.2.3 will be announced, even more exciting changes to align with users feedback! ;-)

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Did I mention that you're awesom?

Thanks for compliment! The changes with some of your feedback is coming in next update. ;-)

Well done bro. I see improvements with every update, and you deserve more with regards to your rewards in my opinion.

Give that man an UP VOTE!

Thank you! Let me know if you have any improvements/fixes in mind... :)

Awesome! I am curious though, where do the photos get uploaded to? Do you have to enter the hosting site you wish to use or is it a set thing?

Right now using cloudinary as mentioned in previous posts, which offers fast and reliable service. It is not public, so as profile pictures, only link you get after upload will be known. And of course those links will always be available and saved in blockchain.

Oh ok, I must've missed that sorry. Do you have plans to make the upload site changeable or is that overkill? I'm just curious, I'm really not trying to criticize, and I apologize if you did cover this in a previous post I just don't remember reading about it.

Sure, But you can already set image url without upload. Upload is added for users who don't wish to hassle around to find place to upload and include in post. If you don't want to upload image, there is a Set URL option where you can specify image URL, preview right away, and post. If I didn't understand the question, please feel free to reply back... :)

Thanks a lot @good-karma for the regular updates. Was just wondering if any accessibility improvements are planned for the near future? Not sure if you remember, but I commented on your post a couple of weeks ago, mentioning that I am vision impaired and use the defalt screen reader on iPhone called VoiceOver. It would be really appreciated if you could somhow improve the accessibility of your app with VoiceOver. Here's the website where you can find information on making your app more accessible:

Thanks again for being so responsive to feedback.

Thanks Jimmy, yes I do remember and working on it. In fact this version improves the navigation. And I think in few iterations it should be fairly usable with voiceover, since more text will have to be restructured for upcoming multilingual support.

fantastic! Thanks again.

Nice advanced login! I am happy to use the app with the posting key now! This is the first post I voted and it works. Big ups!👍

Great, thanks! Please, do let me know of there is anything that can be improved.

Cool. But I've just tried version 1.2.2 on my iPad (ios 9.3.4), and it crashes at login prompt. Whayever keys I trey, once I try to loing it crashes.
Should be apeasy to reproduce. The device is Ipad Air.

I will look into this. Are you sure you have connection? Do you get any error before it crashes? Any detailed info would make it easier to track, thanks!

I am on 3g, so connection might be a little sporadic, you may want to do a thing like on openledger, where it shows connected, or not connected status with a list of api providers. Steemit is working correctly in browser though.
Nope, no errors, but here is some more info.

At first I tried Advanced and only using the posting key. It crashed, so I tried posting + active, and finally, I gave in and used the main key. Crashes on all attempts, I've tried maybe 7 times.
Unfortunately, no further info to help reproducing it.
Oh, since 3g thing was helpful, I usually have 3-4 bars on antenna.

Thanks that helps a lot! I will check 3g internet speed and optimize if connection is mobile data!

thanks a lot

Thanks for your work on this. Great tool!

Thanks, please do let me know if you have any improvement suggestions or found bugs...

Thanks a lot
The new features will make it much esasier to navigate the site.

Yes, although navigation improved more after Apple submission.. More on that tomorrow.

Thank you for your good news , it is already installed ! )

Great, looking nice... :-) please report if you find any issues