Another legendary in the daily rewards!

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With 3 more days to go, the seasos will end rapidly. This is the time that lots of bigger players will increase the number of battles trying to climb up the ranks with their second or third account. This of course makes it a lots more difficult to achieve your own goals!


Due to the fact that same cards will not be printed anymore anytime from now. I did visit the Steemmonster Discord server to ask what the circulation actually means. To my surprise I am also a member of their maverick house! This means that I am supposed to have purchased over 500 booster packs. I have no idea if this is the case or not. But it seems that the booster packs purchased from the steem-engine (BETA) market also do count.
Mmh, I am pretty glad that I didn't have any record of the pack purchased because that probably would result into a big negative ROI.
Or maybe not.
The value of my total collection is $619.06. So around 300 Booster packs!
Besides that I do have some spare legendary cards, which I am not planning to use (yet) but probably never. Like already explained this would mean that my summoner will have to reach level 7, which is a too big investment for me at the moment!

Another Legandary

Yesterday evening when opening my daily rewards, there was again a card which shacking before it revealed itself. A beautiful Legandary Unicorn did reveal itself! Always happy with a legendary, but my Unicorn is already at level 3. So, I will be kept as investment! You never know if Steemmonsters will attract more and more users, which maybe all do want a Unicorn.
The total value of the daily reward was $1.57, bringing the season total on $6.21!
But this is a though decision because if I would sell it now, I could bring my Mushroom sheer to level 6.

I also bought a new booster pack this morning, but nothing special in there. So probably I will have to buy the summoners I need on the market. It would be the cheapeast the bring my Malric first to level 6, followed by Alric. But I am hesitating to invest the desired steem!

Diamond III

I am getting closer. Only 45 rating points are needed. While this sounds easy, it is harder then it looks. With my ECR at 96% I will have some attemps today before I will receive a new daily quest! With 3 days to go, there is no rush!


This idea was brought up by @toofasteddie. I will try to reward all genuine comments with some !BEER tokens. I don't have the power to upvote comments and this is a nice replacement. From the moment that you do have 10 BEER in the fridge, you can do the same!


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Those are the choices you need to make. Malrics are fairly cheap so not a bad option. I managed to sneak into diamond III yesterday so now just to make a run for the top of I over the next couple of days.

Hi Niallon. Congratulations on an excellent win. Best of luck in the rest of the tournament.

Thanks @mattclarke it's never easy coming up against one of the better players but the lower levels help. Good game.

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Good luck with that! I did decided and invested around 75 steem into the game. Probably another 50 tomorrow!
Have a !BEER

You realize that as much as you postponed with the upgrades, especially on the summoners, they may cost you much more later.

When I was upgrading mine to MAX, I was a bit doubting what I'm doing and the amount of STEEM I'm investing. Now I'm so glad I did it, cause they are a lot more expensive. All of them Alpha.

Not trying to convince you ... not financial investment etc ..... :D

Same happened to me and when I saw the difference in performance, I FOMO’d into maxing them all out and even know I overpaid for some. However, the economics of supply and demand are on our side considering the future of the game as the developers continued to do pretty well adding content and attracting players. I think Mushroom Seer is another card that is reaching its max in circulation so get them while you can!

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I do have the Seer at level 6, thanks to the daily rewards of today. Got 3 of them. I did decided to invest but I am doubting what I will set as my max level. For the moment I will try to maxed out the cards according to Gold.

I do realize this! But due to yours and @newageinv 's comments I decided to invest. The investment was around 75 steem yesterday and I will add another 50 today!
Let's hope that it will be worth it!
Cheers !BEER

Oe a nice pull from just doing your quests there. And then the same question rises: what to do, and the luxury issues :D
BTW an account of $600 buck..Check on how much steem that is at the moment, crazy then right?

Yeah getting up a level higher at the end of the season isnt easy, everybody is like on full war modus to get the last points. You will get it...I am sure

Will be tough! 100 rating points to go. But on the other side, also 2 days or 48 hours to go. I just need a small winning streak. Probably a streak of 5 would do the trick!
Thx for the comment.Enjoy the !BEER


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A very nice (and useful) card. Good luck with D3!

Thx! Will need it!
Here is some !BEER

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Hey @borba, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

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