5 best things about FILM cameras and you must get one

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Photography has nothing to do with camera.
-Ansel Adams

Today we have smart phones and digital cameras so why pick up an old Film camera? Here are my Five reasons why.

1. They are dirt cheap!


Yup! You read it right, I got this baby for just $7 at a surplus/garage sale! Batteries will cost you a around a dollar. Not bad eh! They have a wide variety of lenses. The good news is if you got a DSLR or Mirrorless system, you can buy an adapter for a few bucks and attach the vintage lens. Well the new camera systems are expensive cause of those fancy auto focus and wide apeture. True true we spend a lot on films and developing pictures but they dont easily get deleted or corrupted. Keep on reading and I will tell you they are not the big deal.

2. Think before you shoot

Since films are limited you gotta think first. Recalling about photography basics the ISO, Shutter speed and Apeture. In my experience I shoot on my mirrorless camera and check my photos each time then I adjust my settings and end up having 20 or more photos of a certain subject and ending up having only one or two good photo. I missed a lot of time and better angle, cause i did not plan ahead of time. Goin back from reason number one, Pros study lights and begginers study gears. Cameras are like remote botton they freeze a certain moment as you ckick the shutter botton and they are sealed in photographs.

3. Makes you a better photographer than an editor

I'm a big fan of SOOC (straight out of camera) cause it makes me more fullfiled taking a photograph without or with minimal edits or post processing. People now a days depends so much on editing apps like photoshop. I understand they are good but it doesn't level up your skills. Most importantly not all of the photos can be salvaged on post processing.

4. They are build to last

As I've said my film camera are bought from garage sales. They are build around 70's and 80's (definately older than me). The new camera systems have issues for example DSLRs have limited shutter count since it's mirror tend to wear down in a matter of time. Also most of the film cameras are built from high quality materials. I observed that films don't easily get fungus on their lenses.

5. Retro style

The film fashion never gets old. In fact one of the biggest camera manufacturer revives retro style of 60's and 70's. Specially the dials feels good each time you change your settings. The dials and bottons are way faster than doin your settings on digital camera menu (of course based on my experience)

Film cameras are OLD BUT GOLD. Cameras are just tools to take a photograph, but what matters most is the person 6 inches behind the camera.


If you have comments or suggestions kindly comment down below.

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I'm mad about old lenses.

Yes, the latest 70-200, f/2.8 is super cool, but for that price, I can buy about 40-50 old lenses and unleash incredible creativity.

Besides Bitcoin, I think old lenses are a great asset to HODL :D

I'm a big fan of SOOC (straight out of camera)

Yes! I'm so pissed to see 100% dramatic sky, weird blue-ish moody white balance and clarity to the max.

Creativity and originality like hipsters. All of them "unique" but all of them the same

True, master photographers always say lenses are good investments than the camera body. True I am not a fan of those orange and teal. Too much editing also deteriorates the quality of the images.

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Digital bodies are... Problematic. During the last 3-5 years, not that much, but "digital rust" is still something very real. Especially if camera manufacturers finally embrace the tricks and tech from smartphones.

I really agree with this.

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Welcome back boss @fukumineko Have a nice day!

It's nice to be back!

It really is indeed more challenging to shoot using film cameras. But I can imagine the sense of fulfillment when you get awesome shots using these oldies but goodies gear. Do you develop the film yourself? Or are there shops within your place that develops film for photographers who have classic gears?

True it can be really challenging. We have some good shops here. I think I need more experience on shooting film and maybe one day I can develop my films. Instagram replicates films color tones. Films give you a different kind of fulfilment.

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