Freewrite Day 439 Warm Water Bottle

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I do not care if water is cold when I drink it. I might even prefer it to be warm. I am not whatsoever picky. I just try to get as much clean water as I can.

I noticed a few posts this week talking about how people like their food or drinks at certain temperatures. I do not care about that at all and will eat any food cold or hot.

I am still obese at heart, even if I am thin in body now. Part of that is my miraculous ability to eat just about anything. When you are sneaking food to eat, you can't be going around trying to heat it up!

But I now try to stay on the healthy path and do that for the most part. All I care about in water is that it be “clean” without chemicals or additives. The temperature is the least of my issues.

In SE Asia they do not fluoridate most of the water which makes me happy. Only the big companies from the US bring the fluoride on and I avoid US products for the most part.

I also do not like to drink from a plastic water bottle that has been out in a lot of heat or sun. Who knows what's leeching off of that? I don't know, but I do not want it in my body if I can help it.

My post is for the freewrite daily challenge by @mariannewest. Freewrite is a great way to post on steemit when you do not think you have the time, or talent, or anything to say. This is a great way to start regular posting on steemit. I know you can do this too! Here is Marianne’s freewrite prompt post for today. Give it a try and surprise yourself.

It is that time of year when the fitness equipment is out and the diet books are being read. I lost "Half My Size" eight years ago by using natural methods, and you can too!

I am posting:

Please follow along or contact me directly if you would like some individual help. Anyone can do this if I did.

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Obese in heart sounds like greatness in heart to me. May your big big heart brings forth more greatness to you this year. I hope you are better already. Hugs.


Aw! This will be the best year ever, but I am burning up the wifi and going to bed now! {{{Hugs}}} back to you.

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I think water tastes best cold.


I'm way late to reply, but even though I know you are right, I will still drink it warm :)

When I was in Germany traveling around, this really nice English woman I stayed with said, "Have this hot tea. It will help cool you down on a hot day like this." Since then, I've stopped drinking ice cold drinks. In fact, I get steaming hot water from a Starbucks I visit whether it be winter or summer.

I care about if it is hot or cold. If I feel cold or during winter I like to have a warm or hot meal, hot tea (real tea). Warm water should be good for the intestines as well. What I can not stand is a cold (cooked) dinner. Already as a little kid I really hated my granny's meals for that (cold soup, cold rice, cold vegetables). "Funny" thing is I seem to be punished for that now. If I go out for dinner it is always cold (my kids hate it too, cold French fries etc). I mainly drink tea (no Ice tea) and my water comes for the biggest part of my own well. I never checked it but since we all are healthy I do not feel the need to do so and quit getting it from the drinkwater company.
In Afrika we mainly ate 2 meals of warm food/dinner and I still do. Today it was Turkisch pizza for breakfast, yesterday we had a soup of brown/kidney beans.

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I am forever obese in my mind too! 👍

Postal tip: Postage rates going up, send your cards and letters today 💌 (2).jpg

Howdy tonight fitinfun! I like certain foods at certain temperatures so I guess I'm picky. Except for water temperature but like the cleanest water possible. Interesting freewrite!