Calling eSteem Users To Action!

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It's not every day that I do such thing but now is the time to act! I'm calling all eSteem users to action! If you are really a team player and you're not here just to get an upvote from @esteemapp, then I need your help, we need your help "help is reciprocate"!

eSteem has been added to the list created by State Of Dapps. Thanks to @horpey and the other team members who are working hard in the background, eSteem's profile is complete now!



Here's what you can do. There's a question here:
Would you recommend this ÐApp to a friend?


You can answer that! If you really want to help @esteemapp, now is the time! Cast your vote, so that number can be way more higher than it is now!

According to the data, there are 675 daily users. Let's see those users in action!

I'd really apreciate if you could spread the word and let others know about this possibility! Let's support eSteem!

Thank you for reading this, happy holidays and Steem on!


Check out my #SevenDaysOutside Challenge!


These are the days and the categories:
#WindowMonday – Windows
#DoorTuesday – Doors
#RustArtWednesday – Rust
#GateThursday – Gates
#StatueFriday – Statues
#BrickSaturday – Bricks (bricks only, no pavement elements or cobblestones please)
#StreetlampSunday – Street Lamps

Make sure you write a description of the photo you are posting. Share as much details as you can, like where that statue is placed (in a park, at a museum), what it represents etc. Make it enjoyable.

Use the #sevendaysoutside tag along with the daily tag and tag me, @erikah!

Goes without saying that you can only use your own photos. No paintings, no drawings, no digital art please! There is no prize here, this is just for fun.


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Thank you for the call Melinda ;-)

My pleasure! I knew you would want to support eSteem! I hope our votes are counting even though the number hasn't changed.

Thank you Barbara! :)

Thanks Keith! ❤️

Many thanks Keith!

I voted, thank you Melinda and Erikah!

Thank you very much Janton!

Thanks so much!


Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)

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Many thanks.

Very important indeed! You can count on me!

Thank you very much, I knew you're a team player :) We have to spread the word and help eSteem!

When I click on the smiley vote button the number remains at 6. Do you think my vote registered?

It's unchanged since this morning. It might update once a day or I don't know. We're going to check back tomorrow to see. Thanks anyway.

When I clicked the number was 28 but it did not change. I'm having a lot of problems posting. I can post on esteem from one computer but not my laptop which I always use. I've tried every server.

The numbers are updated daily, as I see. When I posted my shout-out, that number was 6, at the moment of writing is 40 and eSteem has moved up 15 places which is great!

Now about your probleme regarding posting. Are you on Discord? You'll find an invite link on my footer, please join us so we can help. If you are not using Discord, let me know here in a comment what kind of problems, error messages do you get so I can get you help.

Thank you, Erika. I left a message in the help channel on Discord. Unfortunately, the error message disappears too quickly for me to read or to capture with a screenshot.

I just saw the message, someone is going to reply shortly. Good thing that you can still post.

I'm glad your problem has been solved.

brilliant, I am on board

Thank you, we need everyone :)

you're welcome, you kind of have everyone's support now

Thanks so much for using and supporting eSteem!

my pleasure, thank you for introducing me to it

Rákattintottam a mosolygós fejre, kiírta hogy köszöni a visszajelzést, de nem változott a 6-os szám mellette. Lehet valamit rosszul csináltam?

Köszönöm szépen a segítséget. Nem csináltad rosszul a szám a reggel óta nem változott, szerintem majd naponta frissítik, vagy nem tudom mi van, de ne aggódj, ha valami változik, majd szólok, és köszi még egyszer :)

Of course we will support and vote.

Many thanks my dear friend, I knwe I can count on you! :)

Thanks for using eSteem!
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Thank you for everything!

Of course! We will help eSteem. We love eSteem. <3

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Great initiative! Thank you @erikah!

Thank you @dunsky, happy to help :)

I voted! Sorry I’m not leaving this comment with eSteem, but mine is not working well today :-(

Thank you for voting. There's been some problems today, please go to settings and try to change theserver, try them all, till you find one that works.

steemd. worked, suggested by @melinda010100.

I'm glad to hear that. Also please feel free to join eSteem on Discord to get help if you need.

My pleasure.

Thanks so much!

I wanted to use steem but my cell phone works badly, but I still like the app and if I would recommend it to my friends! Can I translate this article into Spanish and publish it on my blog? that would help, no?

You can use the desktop version if your mobile is not good enough. You can find detils in my footer.
You can translate it, but please post a link pointing to my post. Any help is welcome.

So it will be, has my support, and I will start using the desktop version to see how it goes.

We (luigi and me)voted ! But the count reminds weird ?!

Thank you Barbara and Mr. Luigi as well, grazie mille :)
The counter is still at 6, maybe it resets daily, we'll see.
One thing is for sure, ranking is based on various factors among which is users recommendation. So every vote counts :)

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I will resteem this post.

Thank you for your help, it's appreciated!

Done... 2 days ago, right after the Crims' post:)
By that time, eSteem had 6 votes, and nothing has changed either after my vote or in the next 2 days. Maybe their vote counter is broken?

Thank you Erika, it's at 28 now, it looks like it's updated daily or so. And eSteem has moved up one place since yesterday, which is great. We have to work hard to bring eSteem to the top :)

Done. Voted, upvoted, Steemed... that was easy, thank you.

Thank you very much Keith!

Thanks, my friend!

howdy there erikah! Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

Howdy Janton, my pleasure and thank you for your help! We need to bring eSteem to the top :)

Yes Ma'am well I think it's growing well isn't it? I bet it won't be long before it gets to the top level!

Yes, the numbers are looking good, we already have 28 instead of 6 and eSteem has moved up two places in one day! It's awesome, teamwork!

howdy again erikah! oh that is very encouraging news, thank you!

My pleasure.

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Hey I would love to get you listed on , a global directory of blockchain decentralized applications (DApps) for All blockchain platforms in multiple languages. Please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you for the offer. Someone from the team is going to contact you asap. Happy Holidays!

Done. Also resteeming. 🙂

Thank you very much, I knew I can count on you! :)

I am very happy to add my support @erikah Have voted, and resteemed.

Thank you so much dear Trudee, your help is always welcomed, we have to get eSteem to the top :)

Did my bit to support esTeem now on stateofthedapps :) Start small, make waves, create a ripple effect right?

Thank you!

Hi @erikah.... Am always upvoting @esteemapp.... :), and thank you so much for this new idea of different topics for our blogs!!

Thank you @geetharao, your work is much appreciated! :)

Thank you so much for reading my blog, @erikah... :)

My pleasure!

I am like esteemapp

Glad to hear that.

I am on esteem side , I Will give my best. Thanks @erikah.

Thank you!

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