Thank you very much, I knew you're a team player :) We have to spread the word and help eSteem!

When I click on the smiley vote button the number remains at 6. Do you think my vote registered?

It's unchanged since this morning. It might update once a day or I don't know. We're going to check back tomorrow to see. Thanks anyway.

When I clicked the number was 28 but it did not change. I'm having a lot of problems posting. I can post on esteem from one computer but not my laptop which I always use. I've tried every server.

The numbers are updated daily, as I see. When I posted my shout-out, that number was 6, at the moment of writing is 40 and eSteem has moved up 15 places which is great!

Now about your probleme regarding posting. Are you on Discord? You'll find an invite link on my footer, please join us so we can help. If you are not using Discord, let me know here in a comment what kind of problems, error messages do you get so I can get you help.

Thank you, Erika. I left a message in the help channel on Discord. Unfortunately, the error message disappears too quickly for me to read or to capture with a screenshot.

I just saw the message, someone is going to reply shortly. Good thing that you can still post.

Yes, good-karma replied with a solution. I have nothing to post right now, will try again in the morning - and yes, I can post from my other computer so it isn't critical.

I'm glad your problem has been solved.

Unfortunately, it hasn't.

Edit: now it works after many tries.

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