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From yesterday's topic, evolved into another interesting topic I am going to share with you today. My Steem buddy @crypto.piotr paged me and talked about votes and support, and he was delegated with extra SP in order to support the community. I would like to first congratulate him on that matter.

Now, back to topic. As far as I'm concern, Steem block chain is a self govern ecosystem. It is supported by fellow witnesses, and the top 20 big shots actually kill to get to the top so they can get more blocks and receive more Steem in return. I have no clue on how the blocks being allocated and how does it become SP for the witnesses. All I know is, the more SP people voter a witness got voted, the more allocation they get. So, SP is authority. Can't deny it.

About a month ago, I heard one of the largest SP holder which I do not want to mention name, had pull out from few of those top 20 witnesses and left them dropped below top 20. And some of those witnesses freaked out and start running for their votes. Once again, SP is authority. If any of you care to check and see who are the new top 20? Those are the new but willing to "listen" to what the "authority" had to say.

Was it too far away? Witnesses war not concerning you? Let's talk about how these authority may affect your income. By having enough followers, and your followers have posses enough SP, good chance is you'll be getting bigger upvotes from #esteem or #busy when you utilize their platform to author a post. You heard me right, followers SP is equally important!

You don't utilize both the platform I mentioned above? Talk about yourself, how much SP do you have? Do author a post? Or do you plagiarize to get there? Have you thought of why is it call author? That's because you own it! When you write a message, you post it for others to view it, that is author. When you have enough SP, you can use your SP to vote for your supporter! When you have big SP, people will be begging for your vote! When your SP is bigger then your body can't catch, even those witnesses come and ask for your vote.

In the end, SP is authority. How much Steem and SBD are you keeping in your wallet? Why not convert them into Steem Power? Are you ready to give up your authority? Or do you prefer to stay in the game. I like to see other people wallet. It's not about the dollar value, it's how many liquid Steem/SBD they kept. Power up your authority and start to contribute!

Once again, congratulations to @crypto.piotr on his delegation. He has been contributing to the community much with good discussion of AI automation and crypto related topics. I hope one day his authority is big enough to support the entire crypto discussion community.

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When you have enough SP, you can use your SP to vote for your supporter!

Sadly lots of people don't care about their supporters and delegate out pretty much all their SP to projects to get a return for themselves. That's fair enough if you've invested fiat into the platform. But for those who's earned SP from upvotes from others, and then delegate everything back out and for their own benefit and not supporting others ain't getting my upvote - not that it's worth much.

So much of truth in your words. We can't control what others do. What we can control, is our own influential token ☺️ As for myself, I normally have 50 steems or 50 SBDs juggle around for trade purpose. However, I try not to grow beyond 100 for security reason. Who knows one day if I got phished 😂

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Absolutely, people have every right to do what they want with their assets. Then its up to others on whether they support them or not.

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Salam sukses dari @itikna09

Terima kasih kerana upvote otomasi. Harap kamu boleh menyeleras masa upvote kepada 14menet supaya tidak bazir

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Saya masih belum pahami sepenuhnya steemauto,cuma separuh saja


不知道。你为什么会在这里? 😂

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Thanks buddy

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Yes I am! Hustle baby 😎

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