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I have been on Steemit for just shy of a year now yet there is still one area of the blockchain that I haven’t really explored.

I am not sure I can pinpoint the exact reason, but I have always found something intimidating about Utopian.io.

It’s nothing they did and it is certainly nothing against the great content that is being put out there. To be honest, I think it is just lack of confidence on my part. The last time I did any coding was close to 20 years ago when I was in college. Developing a Dapp is probably not in the cards for me plus, I have a full time job that keeps me pretty busy. I don’t think I would have the time necessary to devote to an outside project.

With that in mind though, I started thinking the other day about how I can continue to be viable on the Steemit platform. There is a belief among some that once SMT’s come out it will be much harder to earn rewards by blogging than it is now.

My thoughts turned to how I might become part of a group that has something to offer in the way of SMT’s. What projects are out there that I could align myself with. I am a big fan of Steemit and if things shift, I want to be involved. I don’t want to be standing on the sidelines watching my account fade into obscurity.

After gaining some confidence from @slobberchops and @daan, I decided to look to utopian.io. I went to their webpage and that in turn led me to the github page. I am trying to do my best to follow the editorial template for the blog category. In the future I might hone one of the ideas to follow and post that in the ideas area.



This in turn led me to think about what projects aren’t on the blockchain yet but could be, or better yet should be. I thought of a few off the top of my head: A dapp that is like Twitter. Something where you can post a quick couple of sentences and a picture to Steemit. I know we already have Steepshot which I love, but I see that more as an Instagram. Twitter and Instagram exist in the same space, so why not a Steem equivalent? I also thought it might be cool to have a beer/wine/cocktail review app. Something similar to Let’s Eat, but just for beers etc. There is a huge following for the #beersaturday tag and having a quick and easy way to upload a review might be a real game changer.


Wanting to expand my options, I took to musing.io and I posted the question: What is a dapp you think steem needs that hasn’t been developed yet.

I actually got many more responses than I had thought I would. Apparently, some people were thinking right along the same lines as me.

If you read through the answers to my question, you can see there were a couple mentioning a Twitter-like dapp. There was also one mention of a beer and wine one by @mazzle. It’s crazy because if you read their answer, it is pretty much exactly the same thought I had. Great minds right?

There were also a couple of other really good ones. A dapp like Discord that is actually on the chain so people don’t have to leave the chain to make those interactions they currently do on Discord. Adoption for that one could be tough, I am a big fan of Discord, but I can see the benefit to having something native to Steem.

@itstime had a great list of dapps they thought should be developed including something similar to Udemy but built on Steem. Also some form of crowdfunding platform for Steem as well as a job board type dapp like Fiverr.

As I mentioned before, I don’t really have the time or skills to devote to developing a dapp. I want to be involved though and I want to seem Steemit continue to be great. That’s why I thought I would make my first ever post using the #utopian-io tag and throw some of these suggestions out.

We have so much talent on the blockchain and it would be awesome if we could make some of these things become a reality.

After joining the Utopian discord server and digging through their github, I have now come to understand more about how this works. As I said before, in the future I would like to post in the ideas area with some deeper information on a specific dapp.

For now though, this is the first and only post in this series.


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I have to admit I to havent been to active with Apps and have no even looked at Utopian, but maybe when things settle down for me a little it is somehting I need to look into


It is pretty intense. I fully expect I didn't quite follow the rules properly and I might get chastised, but we will see. I think I have some great ideas and I am really not sure of any other way to get them out there. I figured this was a good starting point.


I hope it is accepted it seems a good approach to get your ideas out there to me

I've never been to utopia.io. I'm not a coder, and it's not even close. I have a decent working knowledge of a couple of languages, but it's way more as a 'problem finder' rather than a developer for certain.

The closest I've come to being a coder was with Basic. Everybody that had a computer almost was required to be and THAT is what propelled MS Dos to the front of the pack. So it's been a while.

I think it's really really good to have a thrash at it. It certainly can't hurt anything going forward.... Good on you.


Thanks, I appreciate it. Ah yes, I remember basic. That was quite an awesome language. I did a lot of that when I was a kid. Mostly what I could copy out of magazines. I did a little bit of Visual Basic when I got into college.

A dApp that I think would be a good fit for the Steem ecosystem would be a podcasting app. I know that there is dsound but that is not the same as a proper podcasting app.

While I certainly don't want you to feel intimidated contributing to Utopian, I also have to point out that this post isn't quite a Utopian blog post. It isn't about an open source project.

As for the ideas mentioned, there is at least one twitter clone for the blockchain: @zappl. There's Steem Messenger working on duplicating Discord features on the blockchain.

I really want to encourage you to contribute to Utopian, but please read the guidelines and do some research. You're a good writer, and we need more of those. Utopian V2 will be all about good content.

I look forward to seeing awesome relevant content from you in the future.

Due to ineligibility, your contribution has not been evaluated.

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Chat with us on Discord.


It's all good. I was over in your Discord yesterday and Kowledges and Iamstan got me all taken care of. There was a misunderstanding at the start that led to this post. Moving forward I think I have a good idea of what I need to do. I have some reading to do first through all of the guidelines on the Utopian site. Thanks for the input and the compliment.


Knowledges and Stan are two of our very best folks, so I'm glad you got their help. Looking forward to your next contribution!

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Do you really think it will be more difficult to earn rewards from blogging after SMTs roll out, or is that just somebody talking? I can't imagine how that would benefit Steemit since most users will likely not be Dapp developers.


I still haven't decided yet. The person I have heard say that is pretty knowledgeable about Steemit and as a member of a witness group seems to have their hand on the pulse of the block chain. I agree with you it would be risky but as more people develop dapps there is definitely going to be a shift to the exciting projects. I guess time will tell.

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I think the only way that can work is if there are so many Dapps that Steemians have plenty of options for earning rewards apart from blogging. But then, what will happen to the Steemit blogs, and what about people who simply thrive on the written word?


I am not really sure about that. You should follow @exyle if you don't already. He has some posts every now and then about how he thinks SMTs are going to change the way people use Steemit. I still plan to keep blogging, but being involved in a project as well would be an extra layer of protection.

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I like @exyle. I agree that SMTs will change Steemit. I hope for the better. But the blogging is what brought me here. SMTs will have to add value on top of value to make me give up blogging.

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