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In this fast paced modern world, every second counts. I either get it done, or there is someone else to take my spot. Either I get it or I don't. It's not easy to remain on the top and simmer in the sun for too long, anymore. Does slow and steady really win the race? Maybe I should make a dtube video about that.

What am I racing, though?
It took me long before I realized that the only competition I ever had was from myself. This is my journey, this is my hustle.
I cannot, in any way, compare myself to someone else's journey. Their life and situations are different than mine. Every leverage and every downfall is, in the same way, different from each other's.

This, along with many other thoughts, brought me to the conclusion that the race that really mattered was the race with myself.

Now, you may ask, what are the benefits of racing with yourself for excellence?

The answer to that is pretty straightforward.

  • No more anxiety.
    Comparing oneself to others usually brings in anxious thoughts. It's hard not to question myself if I am doing something wrong? Am I doing better than others?
    But the truth of the matter is, I am doing what is best for me.

  • Focused like a falcon.
    Focusing on what I am doing, focusing on my goals, let's me improve constantly. Why should I hinder my improvement by being obsessed with others and what they are doing. Focusing on my journey results in everlasting growth.

  • Attention levels maxed.
    I treat my business like a girlfriend. I don't I need to elaborate on how attention and girlfriend is related.

What I want to accomplish in life is primary and I fight to do better than I did yesterday. That's what matters. That's my reality.

Everybody is a winner, a winner in their own race.
Everybody is different, and so are our lives.
Everybody is in a race, against whom is up to ourselves to decide.
Make the wiser choice.
Be your own toughest competition.

It's the world against me.
Goodbye to the race against the world.
Hello to the race with myself.


That's one more blind spot from Blind's pot.

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Крутая статья. Одна из лучших,, что я когда-то читал на тему мотивации/самомотивации. Уверен, что Вы продолжите трудиться с той же интенсивностью, вы обязательно осуществите все свои цели.


Большое спасибо за комплимент
Я стараюсь на лучшее))

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You are one of the 5000, too. Thank you for for keeping me up to date!

Nicely said @blind-spot. It is something many of us need to learn. Each one of us is different, we should never compare ourselves to anyone. You will fail every time.


I am glad that you agree, too.

Yes, and the difference between us is what makes us human and gives our lives meaning.

Apart from just failing everytime, its just plain useless and an unnecessary headache to deal with

Everyone's life and situation are different. You're comparing yourself with someone, but you don't know the whole story. Instead, focusing on yourself is better. And I agree with you, @blind-spot.

I treat my business like a girlfriend.

By the day, does your girlfriend know that? If she did, you would be in big trouble. No one likes competitors, and a girl definitely NOT. lol...


I hope she doesnt know....and I hope no one tells her hahaha

no one likes competitors

It's amazing how true this statement is. Every second there is someone to remind you of that... you and I both have realized that.
But at the end of the day, competition is healthy

Solid post - it's important to recognize that we are only racing our self.

Excellent work on this post, @blind-spot. That's a great attitude and I think you are going to do well if you stick to it.

May I ask what's your nationality?


Thank you @trincowski. It is an attitude I believe in.

I am originally from Bangladesh


Ah, so you and @priyanarc already knew each other before going to Ukraine? I see...


no no not at all... i came to know him after coming Ukraine ..🤣🤣😂😂 Even first when we met i didn't know he is Bangladeshi..


What a freaking coincidence!!!


I have never been to Bangladesh LOL. But we got to know each other in Ukraine


What? How can that be?


@trincowski it is really big big co-incidence... hahahaha buddy

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Hi G.Q. take us on a shopping adventure vlog some day with Pri and share it!! I love shopping!

Oh, I am so happy you are finding this out at such a young age! It took me years and years to figure this out. I battled this for years and years, only to find that I was the only one getting hurt. Yes, since I have found I only need to compete with myself, things have gotten easier.