This is just a fad story for the fans of cat meow meong

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  • This is just a fad story for the fans of cat meow meong :) Many stories of the cat who ever stopped at my house. There are stories of love and sorrow of the cat, not the owner. If made sinetron can ngalahin sinteron that up to 7 seasons! (~ ¯ ▽ ¯) ~ Even though it's just a village cat but their behavior is really funny (sometimes annoying sihh!) (╯(╰,) ... They like to sleep in the bathroom, upstairs stove, on top of the phone, above the cupboard, above the washing machine, wash in the washing machine, just where it likes. (⊙_ ◎) ... These cats are also diligently dipandiin same owners beautiful and kind (⊙ ‿◡✿) ... Yaahhh, I do not use animal shampoo, just use Luxapy soap, or never use Clear shampoo * (Dandruff times tuh cat!) (¬ ¬ ¬) ... So if eating problems, my cats likes to be given Whiskas * (with a note that the harmonious again not kere) but kal o again kere most given sardine cans mixed rice, fish cool, and the most extreme given bones used from his master .... hehehe, or kaloSi Bosen cats sometimes like to find alternatives for eating out, looking for variations aka ngacak - scramble the garbage can. (≧ ◡ ≦) ... Okay we started the story from the cat ...... (Lah, emang has not started the story yet, huh? Capeee, deeehh!): (⋋▂⋌) ...
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