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eSports SteemBets is a way for steemians to bet on SteemIt gamers. We hold matchups in various games every Friday night (USTZ). Anyone is free to play with us, but only the people on the list below can be bet on. To be included in future betting find our announcement posts on Sundays.

The Matchup

This week we're betting on The Game.
Eat cells or die trying!
You are a cell, wandering around looking for smaller cells to absorb and grow. Larger cells, likewise, are seeking for smaller cells like you to absorb. Smaller cells move fast, larger cells are very slow!
Latest Streem
@rubellitefae0Latest Streem
@sykochica0Latest Streem

The winner will be the first person to get 1st place ranking, or the person who gets the highest ranking between 19:00 and 20:00 CST. If you are one of the players who streems, post your streem link in the comments below!

How Betting Works

① Enter your bet by voting on this article and added to the stake pool.
② Vote on (only) one of the players in the comments.
③ In 24 hours SteemIt will pay out the stake pool from the article and comments, less 25% curation rewards.
④ SteemIt will pay 50% of the stake pool to @thegame in the form of SP.
⑤ Of the remaining, 20% will go to the author—that is 10% of the original pool.
⑥ Another 20% will go to the winning player—again, 10% of the original pool.
⑦ Once a player has won, the final 60% of liquid currency from the stake pool (steem and/or $Ð)—30% of the total—will be divided among the winning betters.


① In order to prevent bot betting, you must have a reputation above 40 to receive a payout.
② Payouts only go to those who bet before the 24-hour betting period or when the matchup starts, whichever is earlier.
eSports Steem Bets is the brainchild of @rubellitefae, @sykochica, & @thegame.
Note: I couldn't get posting access to @thegame's account in time for this post to go up, so I'm posting to my account. That means the 50% SP will go to @rubellitefae's account this time.

Edit: Join the voice or text chat on Discord.

Rubellite Fae's verification seal
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Good playing with everyone, I enjoyed myself immensely.

Congrats everyone! I am happy to say that my post earned six times as much as this one and will be added to the pool. Thank you to everyone that has made our new idea an initial success! :)

Unfortunately the deadline to add your name to the list has passed. But, watch for the sign up for next week's game on Sunday! ( n.n)v

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